Gustave Moreau - L'Apparition (1876) by frleon22 in museum

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Newfields Director Charles Venable on Why Art Museums as We Know Them Cannot Survive by stevegiovinco in museum

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space faring spitfire by Murdoch_TT in ImaginaryStarships

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I think that artist must have a lot of paintings that he did "just for him."

So I'm running a D&D campaign based on DS9, and it's glorious! by FatChalupa in DeepSpaceNine

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Had a little trouble with your link and noticed there was an extra http on there : https://imgur.com/a/DlFvK

Giotto (1270-1337) - St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata by straycast in museum

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Hey, just fyi: don't use link shorteners. Reddit filtered this comment. I've approved it.

My son made this falco sounding song ... comments ? by [deleted] in 80sElectro

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Sounds like something Flula Borg would enjoy.

Cult of the Machine by [deleted] in museum

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I just offered a new job position without an interview, should I be skeptical? by [deleted] in careerguidance

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Phone numbers can be spoofed. Have you called the number yourself and talked to them?