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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
Petemcfuzzbuzz 6 points

Have had the pleasure of reading your back and forth with /u/HawkUK, and now i think i'll join in.

i need a clear answer please

No you don't. You want an answer to your loaded question, to try and prove a point that no one is making. The choice to leave the EU is simply that. No one is advocating a membership of some made up union with the US, China or Russia. No one is saying we would be better off speaking Chinese.

This straw man you are constructing is in your own head, and does not deliver a single point of merit or value other than to give fuel to your imaginary fire.

most of the british see the EU as a ultimate evil

No, they don't. Unless of course you have statistical evidence of some sort, or a poll where a statistically valid group of British citizens were asked 'is the EU the ultimate evil?'.

but the reality is that you are looking for a union of some kind

Nope. We have a union, one that has worked well for us for many a year. It is called the United Kingdom.

just look at boris asking for support from the EU in the case of the nerve gas

Oh look at the EU talking to it's current co-members of the EU, the body of which it is still a member of at this time, and has deep security involvement with. We also talked to Australia, USA, Canada etc. Last time I checked they were not members of the EU. think the list you are looking for is called NATO predominantly.

The UK contributes over 27% of the total EU spending on defence. So if Russia attacked one of the other 27, guess who they would pick the phone up to call first?

also you are looking for deals from the eu and not leaving straight away

We are looking for a different relationship from membership of the EU - which goes completely against your argument that we see the EU as the ultimate evil. We like your club, we like that you like your club, we just dont want to be members anymore. We want something else which suits us better. Maybe that isnt for everyone, but its what we want.

personally is would chuck you out the door in a second and be done with it

Ah look that lovely friendly understanding supportive voice of our EU neighbours. Which country is it you represent again?

but i guess the eu wants to save face and its taking the long way

The EU is trying to save the EU. It is in the fight for its life, and being seen to lose this one could be the final death nail.

DrManhattQ -5 points

i believe this is the very definition of triggered :)

[deleted] 2 points


DrManhattQ 0 points

i`m just going to leave this here...

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
mahaanus 9 points

Everything you said is valid, which is why Parliaments around the world are composed of people with different backgrounds.

DrManhattQ 1 point

so if what i said is valid how come i got so many downvotes and you got so many upvotes?

mahaanus 3 points

What people get from your post is "Politicians should make laws in spheres they are ignorant of", while my post is "The governmental body is made of people with various backgrounds, thus they are not ignorant of it."

DrManhattQ 0 points

Politicians should make laws in spheres they are ignorant of

i`m not sure what you meant here. or shouldn't?

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
Occidentarian 10 points

What do you intend to convey by leaving that link there? In your link I see one British man (Nigel Farage) making some unfavourable comments about a former President of the European Council and his home country of Belgium. How is that at all related to the actions of another British man (Boris Johnson) in his capacity as British Foreign Secretary as detailed in this Guardian article?

DrManhattQ 0 points

hello stalker :)

Occidentarian 0 points

Me? I don't think I've responded to a comment of yours for weeks prior to today. I look at many posts about Brexit on this sub, so if you make comments in such posts there's a significant chance I'll end up seeing it!

DrManhattQ 0 points

i you have a brexit obsession...interesting..tell me more...

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
DrManhattQ 7 points

thats some communist corrupt shit going on there. very sad to see this kind of behaviour going on in 2018.

you guys need to have a special institution to deal with this high level corruption. like the romanian DNA which is very good at sending to prison very rich and powerful corrupt people.

FlegonBogon 4 points

We have multiple such units, like NAKA and Anti-Corruption Burreau, but they are all under control of the ruling party, so they do nothing against them and are even used by them to harrass their opponents sometimes.

DrManhattQ 5 points

well then you dont have democracy, separation of powers , independent justice, a rule of law. seems to be a very common thing among the ex communist european countrys.

DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
DrManhattQ 1 point

this is just epic! life is not without it`s ironies. you dont even dream to make up stuff like this.

if i would be the EU i would give some public statements of support for the uk but behind the scenes i would through the uk under the red bus just to show the other country's what can happen if you are a cunt.

DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
HrBan- 5 points

drivers do you want to abolish red lights and pedestrian crossing?

the fact that ypu used this as an example and that you dont trust common sense in people is more worrying

DrManhattQ 1 point

common sense? like in the one in the case of the grooming gangs? where was the peoples common sense then?

common sense doesnt work mate! thats why we have laws!!!

HrBan- 6 points

so you think the majority of UK is rapist and they would allow it ?

seriously that is your argument ?

DrManhattQ -1 points

no. i just used the grooming gangs scandal to show you that common sense fails. and it fails a lot. because common sense varies from culture tu culture.

also what is perceived as common sense is not always faire,true or just. for instance in dubai a woman that is raped does jail time for extra conjugal sex. not long ago in uk women didnt had the right to vote and it was common sense at that time. so stop it with the common sense and get a grip on reality, truth and facts

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
DiscreteChi 18 points
DrManhattQ -1 points

i wouldn't blame david for the referendum. he only gave you what you wanted, just like the mp`s who know that brexit is a catastrophe but didnt vote to repeal it because they feared losing their seats. you people are the ones who voted to leave in your blind hate for the EU.

remember those voters who the very next day said that it was just a protest vote or that people voting because of straight bananas or the ones who googled what in the eu after they voted to leave.

also i do expect to see a statue of nigel in trafalgar square next to nelson. faradge is the great liberator of the british people!!!

DiscreteChi 2 points

I had no idea Putin was so short. Do you think he should start wearing high heels like all the other Russian men do?

DrManhattQ 1 point

will of the people? take back control? red, white, blue something something shit?

DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/ukpolitics
Bitblockchaincoin 10 points

Don't read too much in to his messages. He was unable to make friends whilst in the UK, presumably because of his attitude and has become hellbent on throwing around brexit at every opportunity - even if it is unrelated.

What is clear is that he is increadably racist, which is unsurprising considering he comes from one of the most racist countries in Europe.

DrManhattQ -2 points

hello stalker :) glad someone is following my posts. about me not making any english/british friends while in the uk i realise that was quite impossible. i`m not a absurdly rich russian/arab, i dont do drugs, i dont get blind drunk, i love truth and facts and i dont believe on things written on the side of a red bus.

how is a guy suppose to make friends in the uk if he is not abusing women in parliament, if he i not a member of the wide spread grooming gangs or he is not laundering dirty money through the london real estate market to drive house prices sky high!

Bitblockchaincoin 3 points

"i love truth and facts" reads rest of post which is based on lies and generalisations

The truth of the matter is you are a angry bitter racist with an inferiority complex.

DrManhattQ 1 point

sure mate. i`m a liar. the uk is the greatest country in the world and it is practically paradise!

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
[deleted] 0 points


DrManhattQ 1 point

i am very confused why the uk hasn't left already! i mean the very next fucking day after the referendum you took down the flag of the EU from everywhere in the uk.

so why the fuck are you still in the eu???

Bitblockchaincoin 1 point

I honestly don't remember doing that. I wondered why my wardrobe was stuffed full of flags. I must have been drunk.

DrManhattQ 0 points

woohooo!!! cheap trolling!!!

anyway chop chop go brexit yourselfs into the sunset!

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DrManhattQ commented on a post in r/europe
Greekball [M] 3 points

If that's how you feel.

It's still wrong though.

DrManhattQ -2 points

wow that is some cheap trolling. a behaviour not worthy of a position of authority like a mod.

you are suppose to be on point, to give a detailed explanation, be considerate and not a self important troll.

Greekball [M] 3 points

I am not going to waste time arguing with you when you obviously start from a position of bad faith.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't actually get paid by Soros to mod. We do this for free.

DrManhattQ -1 points

damn you speak like the politicians from my country. talk a lot but said nothing. gg sir.

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