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DrMonkey7 commented on a post in r/chicago
DrMonkey7 2 points

Why is JB being treated like a Republican?

DrMonkey7 -10 points

lmao. Take your sorry ass home Biss. Go JB!

DrMonkey7 -14 points

I didn't vote, what's the point. I don't even complain about politics. I've just excepted its all beyond my control and whoever I vote for won't ever make that big a difference.

okc-profile -5 points

bumbleapp = whitney wolfe.

She has too much free time on her hands because she hired male programmers she would never consider dating potential to do all the real work for her.

DrMonkey7 -3 points

why the fuck does bumble need a presence on reddit? Their app treats ugly people like shit and makes them suffer form depression. greedy bastards just using the database for adverting.

UnderratedNightmare 20 points

Cant call you a shitty fan when your not even a fan

DrMonkey7 -14 points

Wow, your IQ is like 160.

[deleted] 13 points

He meant what he said boy

DrMonkey7 -11 points

who the fuck wants to watch the Wizard play GS tonight? GROSS!

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