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I've had their damn video previews play in the background when I'm watching a show. I'm on the fence about just going back to pirating because it seems like these streaming services are losing their advantages over pirating pretty quickly.

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I always just used kodi. It just sucks when the servers don't bring back any sources but it doesnt happen a lot.

It's a bit of a pain to set up and sometimes there are no sources but I feel that that is my way of paying for it. The interface also isn't as nice as Netflix. I bought a Amazon fire TV stick on Prime day for $30 and it runs Kodi happily.

Do you use a VPN? I don't and I've never gotten a letter from my ISP.

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Never used a vpn ever and my ISP doesn't seem to care or notice. And a lot of that was during the time I was on a free employee connection because my roommate worked for an ISP.

Well Seymour, you're an odd fellow but you stir up a good drama storm

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Yeah it would be terrible if your children grew up to not be assholes who ree over two men kissing.

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He just complained about people "forcing homosexuality on kids". Basic dumb bigot shit.

Right? Don't even get me started on the Jewish cuisine part (I was never given a chance to drink any blood or eat any pickled foreskins so clearly I should be kicked out of the synagogue or something).

Also I like how he just skipped Central Asia.

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I was raised Jewish and the only horrendous food they ever made was gefilte fish. That shit is nasty.

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Honestly I never understood how people could eat that stuff! I always used to dip out of seders the minute the gefilte fish came out

Damn! Foiled again

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Just dont post pictures of your hiding place so we don't end up in an infinite regression of stolen scooters

It was at the start :(

(Don't mind me, I'm in season 2 of BCS and I'm dreading seeing how it all falls apart on him.)

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Fuck Chuck. I hate that guy, especially in season 2

He’s such a piece of shit. I’m on episode 4 and I know he only gets worse.

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Score hidden · 7 hours ago

I spent that whole season hoping he would get kidnapped and dumped in a power plant

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... and whatever the male equivalent of sploosh is.

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I'd change my name to crystaall for him.

Basically bummed around the house all day playing private server world of warcraft and reading on the porch.

My last day of peace before I start class tomorrow and then start work on Tuesday. I sure hope things work out.

"Foreign adversarial" nice qualifier. Say are we at war with them? No? So that doesnt count. Also "influence" you say? How do we know they were gaining influence?

These are your made up ideas applied because of your bias. It makes you feel justified in claiming they are different when they are not

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I'm sure hacking elections and poisioning citizens on foreign territory is all in good fun for two best buddy nations. Yup.

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The perfect way to prove your point is to provide no supporting sources and then whine about downvotes

He’s smarter then you think

Thanks for this

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Yeah he reads at a first grade level instead of picture books.

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I knew there was a reason I unsubscribed a while back. Their threads are either "feminism bad" or "why nobody let me be racist"

Does somebody being a Jew make them not white

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I mean, technically a lot of us are purely semitic which implies middle eastern descent but at this point you can't really tell.

Fukken Neo Nazis. They are ruining my favorite Spongebob joke.

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How dare you steal a balloon on free balloon day

2012: Don’t Trust the government, they lie about everything.

2018: Love Trump or your un-American!

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It's not that they don't like dictators, they just like their authoritarian.

Yeah sweetie we didn't even need your advanced technology to kick coloreds out of restaurants

Tobias Funke is an analrapist

Well Satan pays better so until Jesus introduces better benefits I'm gonna have to go with the red guy

Between chuck schumer and brennan we heard all that is necessary. Trump is right the deep state is going after him. Its not a theory anymore.

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So....john brennan is wrong because you don't like what he's saying. Got it.

Poor innocent trump with muh deep state making him look bad :(

John Brennan is wrong because he goes to chuck todd where he gets paid and not to the sebate with his evidence of treason.

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So you really have nothing. Pathetic.

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Good thing Trump's was revealing the minute he stepped into office. Oh wait, we already knew he was a piece of shit like 30 years before that.

I love DQ desserts but their food tastes to me like they went to a landfill with a hamburger shaped mold.

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I was always so shocked that DQ even did food that's not ice cream. Doesnt sound...appealing

Theres this weird assumption that because america is “first world” that it isnt really corrupt. It is

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Go to Appalachia. Then you'll figure out really quickly that we're not exactly first world.

100% TSA does not check for drugs. They check exclusively for weapons and explosives. You'd be surprised how many people try and sneak weapons in their carry ons on a plane.

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I guess that's the case because one time I flew to the east coast for a trip and when I got back I found an eighth of pot I had bought a few weeks previously hidden away in a small pocket in my backpack. It went through security and I wasn't even trying to hide it because I didn't know it was there yet they didn't say a word..

Then you're as much a money grubbing freak as any other Trump. You'd support and lend legitimacy to an actual fucking traitor, if it meant you got paid? No wonder we're losing here. Too many Americans are just as feckless and money grubbing as Trump. Disgusting.

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Dude calm your shit, I'm just poor and would be willing to suck off a rich guy for 1 billion dollars. That's the unfortunate reality of capitalism

Nah, thats the unfortunate reality of being brainwashed by capitalists into being willing to do anything for them if it means you get even the hint of a chance that they might give you money. You should be more willing to eat them than to ever willingly be a tool for their pleasure. Disgusting and pathetic.

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K have fun being dirt poor.

I like socialism but I can't eat ideologies. Food bought with money, I can.

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She consistently was the second least favorable nominee of any primary candidate on either side; she has been one of the most hated people in politics for the past 30 years and had a huge stockpile of viritol and scandals to throw against her.

She generally only polled positively against Trump in head to head polls against other Republican primary candidates. The only reason she even had a chance of winning the presidency was that Trump got selected.

She gave the appearance of just having whatever position was politically optimal at the time and being on the side of corporations at the end of the day (the TPP (was for it while she was part of secretly developing it and then not when it looked bad to be associated with it), the Iraq war, and gay marriage are the biggest ones in that regard).

I voted for her because she was the better of two poisons, but why she had problems motivating voters is not a secret.

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I'd wager a guess that the vitrol was generated by the right wing media machine. I agree that she didn't do much to win over voters but policy wise she was okay.

The whole "shes gonna start a war with russia" thing was bullshit though given that conflict with russia is inevitable and now we're severly weakened by the current Russian asset in fbw white house.

It doesn't matter who generated it. It's the reality of the hill she was trying to run up.

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No arguments from me there. We could have crushed it with a progressive candidate.

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