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Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 2 points

Sat at my desk hating my job like usual, but on lunch instead of eating I went to a used bookshop that I found on google maps and got a copy of a good Stephen King novel to read at my desk. Then I visited my parents and promptly remembered why I like to usually see them minimally lol.

SuperSomethings 1 point

Which novel?

Drakefoxaroo 1 point

Pet Semetary

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 1 point

it happens, you sleep like not at all and you feel fine. You'll crash later. At the very worst of my insomnia I'd stay up for days at a time and it was around 24 hours of no sleep that that feeling would kick in. About 12 hours later I'd feel worse than ever though.

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 3 points

That sounds nice, I miss having a deck. Nowadays I live in a big apartment building and I usually avoid the balcony so I don't have to be seen by my neighbors or hear the geese picking fights in the pond near the building.

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/depression
Drakefoxaroo 2 points

People act like I can just magically make my life better then after I list off all of the things that are actually objectively going on with me they say it's an "attitude problem" and im not "working hard enough" then blame me for everything.

Gee it's almost like getting a better attitude doesn't magically fix shit.

autistic_rhino 3 points

No kidding my parents do the exact same thing to me EVERY DAY!

It sucks how they think they the meds will turn you into a perfect subservient little kid. They honestly don't get it and I can totally relate with you

Drakefoxaroo 3 points

I honestly think the worst thing was when I announced I was no longer taking them and they were all "what about us?". I got pissed because it's not fucking about them, and pretty much with that statement they implied that they don't want to deal with me unless I take pills that make me sleep 12 hours a day and throw up a lot.

autistic_rhino 2 points

Honestly i don't think they even care most of the time they just want us out of the way. And it really isn't about them! Why the fuck do they put you through that?

Drakefoxaroo 2 points

I dunno, if eating those pills is the price I have to pay for people to want to tolerate me then I have even less reasons to live than I thought I did before.

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Drakefoxaroo 1 point

Having worked as a telemarketer, the best thing to say to get them to go away is "nope he died".

If they press me I usually just continue with, "actually he died just a minute or two ago right before you called, do you want me to give him the phone?"

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
thewritingtexan 1 point

That sounds really stressful man. And I'm no expert. But having looked for the answers to my problems in a bottle before, I can tell you I definitely did not find any good ones at the bottom.

Drakefoxaroo 2 points

Welllll nothing else makes me sleep without dreaming. Unfortunately I have to serve 18 months of probation for a minor offense starting next month so I'm banned from drinking. I'm allowed to still smoke pot, but only because I have a medical prescription for it.

thewritingtexan 2 points

That sucks man. Personally if youre going to self medicate every day I would prefer people use pot. Alcohol can be so tangibly destructive.

Drakefoxaroo 1 point

Yeah I used to be a hardcore alcoholic and I think I'd prefer a year of only being able to smoke weed to a year of not being able to do anything. At the very least maybe I can lose some weight and have less headaches.

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Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/writing
flyingpimonster 9 points

I'm working on a free, open source app called openworldcrafter. It's designed specifically for writers to keep notes on characters, worldbuilding, and anything else related to storytelling. It's sort of like a personal wiki for your universe, but in app form, offline, and super easy to use. I've been working on it for a while, and I'm using it for my own writing. If you want to use it for your projects, you can download it here. It's available for Android as well as PC/Mac/Linux.

I recently updated it to look much better and have fewer bugs. If you try it out and have any feedback or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Drakefoxaroo 1 point

Saved post to come back to later, I've been just randomly assembling jumbled notes.

Drakefoxaroo 1 point

I've been working on story notes for the last week. I thought it would start as just 5 pages of random stuff but it quickly expanded into 40 pages of full page notes. It's just a lot more dense and complex than I originally thought.

The hard part is gonna be actually putting words on paper. I think I'll just start with transcribing this stuff to google drive and editing these notes to be more coherent. Hopefully I can actually start something by Sunday (then immediately delete everything I wrote out of embarrassment)

ageekatwork 7 points

You should really start looking for work now. If they are starting to mass fire people for performance issues it is a good sign the company is going down the tubes. Frankly with the stress it is causing you it is better to start looking now anyways before the stress causes you problems.

Drakefoxaroo 3 points

I'm trying to do so right now, it's just hard to land interviews when I work till 4:30 on weekdays. I can't keep taking off time to go to interviews for jobs I probably won't get, especially since I'm already taking off lots of time for family legal matters. Is there any way around this?

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 6 points

I just lie to myself about how I don't need anybody so I don't get hurt at all by other people. It works and it doesn't at the same time but it sure is better than investing time in people who will eventually leave.

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 1 point

I'm 24 and I've never hated life more. Maybe it'll get better and this is just a downhill slump (5 years and counting) but honestly I'm just starting to think this is the way adulthood is.

YaboiDC3 1 point

Ever try to turn your life around?

Drakefoxaroo 1 point

And how? I have no money, no job prospects, no college degree, barely even a place to live, and bills out the ass. There's no magic wand I can wave to just "turn things around"

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Drakefoxaroo 1 point

I work in credit repair and I think half my problem with this job is the overwhelming negativity. I like talking to people if we're having a friendly conversation about what needs to get done, but half the time people are just rude and insulting to me. It really gets me down.

Drakefoxaroo commented on a post in r/iamverysmart
Lordidude 119 points

As soon as someone generalized large portions of a society like "smarter people" "dumb people" or "average person" they put themselves into a shelf that in my eye is worse than what they are accusing others of.

Drakefoxaroo 10 points

No, mostly I'm unhappy because I'm not smart enough to change or fix anything and I'm shitty enough to deserve every bad thing that happens to me lol

forfoxsakeman 2 points

I feel like we have a lot in common?

Drakefoxaroo 3 points

We must be really smart

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