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Man I miss WCW.

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1995-1999 WCW is elite entertainment.

I don't re-read fiction, usually. Most of the books I re-read are books about history, mythology, archaeology, etc.

They're on other networks, too. They're an international brand. They're on Fight Network and Game TV in Canada. They're on Spike TV in the UK. They're shown on Africa's largest sports networks, SuperSport and Fox Sports Africa. Impact airs on EGO Total in Israel. They air on 52MX in Mexico. In German-speaking nations like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, they are on Ran Fighting. They're on Sony Six in India. Fox8, Fuel TV, and Main Event in Australia. They're shown on ABC in the Philippines.

You can find Impact Wrestling your local TV if you live in Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Chad, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Australia, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, United States, and Canada. Of course, some of these stations are available outside of the countries mentioned, making Impact's reach a lot larger than some people realize.

They do, but it's very delayed. Weirdly (and counterintuitively), they don't get the online/streaming numbers until MUCH later.

I watch using YouTube TV, for example.

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Illegal streams and illegal uploads make up a HUGE number of people watching Impact.

Stone Cold was basically David Schultz + The Sandman.

Shows, or online. Choose.

Post your commercial advertisements elsewhere. They are not welcome here.

Best Blondie song of them all

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The original versions (recorded before the '76 self titled LP) of Platinum Blonde, Heat Wave, Attack of the Giant Ants, Rifle Range, Euphony, I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear, Rip Her To Shreds, Kung Fu Girls, In The Sun, Contact In Red Square, and A Shark in Jet's Clothing are all contenders.

Where can these original versions be found?

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I have a few live sets from 1975 and 1976. Basically, what you want is Blondie live sets from 1977 and before.

Like this:

What's wrong with this?

What's wrong with you?

Anyone know why she has a wolfsangel tattoo?

There are none. Just like Mormonism, this religion was founded upon the lies of a con man and a deceiver. Mormonism is clearly a man-made religion that is historically inaccurate in almost every way.

I pity people who believe in magic, and reject known science and history in favour of stupid fictitious stories.

2 points · 22 days ago

Hahahhaha, I had a good laugh at this, this is some copypasta level shit

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I get these kinds of messages following me all over reddit. That lunatic made a post in /r/Scientology that was crazy. I suggested he seek some professional help. He has since written this entire false narrative about me, and spams it everywhere. I triggered this fragile, broken, pathetic person by suggesting they were mentally ill (in a post where they're proclaiming mental illness doesn't exist), and they've been obsessed with me ever since. It has been over a month, maybe two months, and they stalk me on reddit and comment in threads I post in with novel-length lies about me. Hilariously sad and pathetic.

I have to wonder if he thinks the voices in his head are me telepathically speaking to him. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when this idiot sits down to write about me. If I had to guess, it's bipolar and perhaps schizophrenia. He's clearly in a manic state right now.

That's uhhhh, pretty strange... Kind of feel bad for the guy :s

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He's awfully dedicated to his brand of crazy. Sorry he's tagging you. It'll stop in a few days if you just keep ignoring him.

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TEW2016 is the best one that exists, and will likely remain the best until Grey Dog Software releases their next TEW. The rest of your question is answered on their forums.

DrakusColt commented on

For future reference, please include more information that matters, such as the year of the release, the format (theater/TV/VHS/DVD), when you saw it, the language of the film, etc.

The opening bout was very fun! One of the better mini matches I have seen in the last few months. Some very good chain wrestling and "basics" on display. Favourite moment was the very short "ear" pulling spot.

Does Stardom World accept PayPal yet?

2 points · 23 days ago

Not yet. I think that's coming in the fall, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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I hope so. I would have bought my subscription tonight to watch this trios match.

Read this:

If you cannot solve your problem after reading the above link, contact Grey Dog Software's Scott Vibert

Give him details of your problem. Ideally, you should include your license code or, if you don't have this, your name and the last four digits (last four only!) of the card you used to purchase the game.

I don't like this rendition anywhere near as much as I like the original.

I liked the opening track. Stands out like a sore thumb. Would be impressed to hear you play it live. It's sorta like a 70s rock opera song, and I mean that in the best way possible.

The next two songs were really good melodic punk. Reminded me of some of the better offerings from the late 90s skatepunk scene. Could totally imagine these songs on a Fat Wreck Chords or Bad Taste compilation. Ya'll can play.

Not my personal cup of tea, but pretty decent nonetheless.

Isn’t the point of punk not being slave to trends?

What was the joke about one guy kicks over a trash can and says “that’s punk!” The second guy kicks it over and says “is that punk” and the first answers “no, that’s trendy!”

I get what the op is going for but if the core of the philosophy is being true to yourself just listen to it and if you like it why give a fuck? We’re not the Catholic Church or something. If it rocks queue that shit up!

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Isn’t the point of punk not being slave to trends?

What the fuck do genre labels have to do with trends? They are used to categorize and organize. Nothing more. It's this sort of stupid-as-shit thinking that makes morons in /r/punk say stupid shit like, "Nirvana is a punk band" and mean it non-ironically.

if the core of the philosophy is being true to yourself just listen to it and if you like it why give a fuck?

Who said OP wasn't doing that? They simply asked if the band was a punk band. They didn't ask for your fucking permission to listen to that band, or ask if they couldn't be a punk rocker if they listened to a non-punk band.

You've filled in the blanks with your own false narrative.

Genres exist as a way to categorize. If you're too stupid to realize that's all they are, that's your fault. I understand your sentiment, but you don't seem to have thought about this very hard.

but you don't seem to have thought about this very hard.

Kemosabe, I guarantee you I've thought about this very hard.

Though I was pretty tiny when it all started, I've lived throughout the entire genre and I can tell you that back in the 80s NOTHING sounded like Punk did. It was pretty clear what was Punk and what was not because 80s rock was pretty friggin tame by comparison.

Thirty something years later the lines are not so clear. Hell, the only thing we truly need for evidence of that is the title of this thread, and the multiple threads around reddit going "Is this punk, Is that punk?" the fact that you can't tell is that music as a whole has mutated to a point where the lines are pretty blurry. People like their pigeon holes because they're comfortable, but it misses the point.

If it's so close to the point where you have to ask "Is this Punk?" It's probably close enough not to make any substantive difference. If It's wild, rebellious, loud and fast, queue that shit up. As I said this isn't a religion. If you're glitching over the minutiae like it's the difference between kosher and non kosher food you might as well trade the Doc Martens in for some Hipster wear and hang around with all the other trendy douchebags. That shit is categorially not important.

So frankly, fuck your genres and categories, I couldn't give two shits less.

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1 point · 24 days ago · edited 24 days ago

The whole point of this discussion is whether or not the band fit into the genre classification or not. Not about the credibility of the listener. You turned it into that by projecting your own ideas into the subject. YOU basically accused OP of only wanting to listen to this band if they're punk. OP didn't say that, nor did they even insinuate it. They simply asked if band XYZ fit into genre category ABC, probably because they would then want to seek out more bands in genre ABC.

I've also lived through most of the punk scene's life, and I could pull out my Punk RockTM measuring stick and make your dick look tiny in comparison. I've played in numerous bands, travelled around, met people. This post is about NONE OF THAT.

The post was about whether or not Killing Joke was a punk band, not whether or not it's okay for punks to listen to Killing Joke. The fact that you've derailed the entire thread with your petty bullshit is ridiculous for someone your age.

If it's so close to the point where you have to ask "Is this Punk?" It's probably close enough not to make any substantive difference.

That's just stupid. Some people think thrash is close enough to hardcore is close enough to streetpunk is close enough to oi is close enough to glam... Does that make thrash and glam the same genre? Close enough to be the same, with no difference in aesthetics, subject matter, playing style? Nonsense. Genres, and subgenres, exist for a reason. That reason is because we need a way to organize music into specific categories. It makes life easier for those of us who care, or are at least intelligent enough to see the merit of such a system.

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The Briscoe Bros.

Dragon Lee

Marty Scurll

Chris Jericho

Michael Elgin

Davey Boy Smith Jr.


Joey Janela

Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago


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That dude made an anti-psychiatry thread in /r/scientology claiming schizophrenia and bipolar dont exist (he might suffer from both), so I naturally called him crazy, and ever since he's been stalking my posts with this made up story about me. None of it is true. He's seriously mentally ill. I've reported nearly a dozen of their accounts to reddit admins, but he keeps creating new ones. This has lasted for months, and he does it to prove that he's totally sane and not a crazy fucker who should be medicated and locked away.

It's fucking insane how this random stranger is obsessed with me.

You need more Lexx in your life.

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After watching this gif for about two hours without blinking, I accidentally noticed a B-Team fan who owns a DeLorean in the audience.

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