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Drbaitmanz commented on a post in r/VeChainTrader
karakota 16 points

I wholeheartedly agree the “show” has been on for too long. Lots of speculation over the months over who might be the big whale until everyone now almost knows that it is the foundation itself. I have been a rather big investor since October and I will continue to hodl for the sake of Thor but I understand how this will set off a lot of little to medium players!

Drbaitmanz 6 points

Sunny wants it low for enterprises to stock up. Vechain will continue to drop the price to entice more whales. He had the choice to either target mass adoption by average users or target few large corporations and enterprises. He chose the big boyis.

aogarciag 2 points

So you bought at 8.5? Idiot..

Drbaitmanz 0 points

I bought at $10

infamz 1 point

Looking at post history you should sell and find yourself a good quality moon coin. Check TRON fam.

Drbaitmanz 0 points

Well looks like I was right. This coin wont moon, not looking for it to moon. Stating the obvious, pure manipulation.

ptip562 2 points

it just gives me time to get more

Drbaitmanz 2 points

Yeah, always nice to stock up.

xf3lixdcatx 1 point

Whales are manipulating the price by putting up buy walls/sells walls back and forth. Look at a depth chart for about 5 minutes and you’ll see it. It’s been like this for the past week or so now.

Drbaitmanz 2 points

These new walls are insane..

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ProfRBcom 8 points

They are involved with the Bodog brands on the Pai Wang Luo Poker Network. They are legit, pay out quickly, have a good supply of most of the games they offer, and have soft games due to the anonymous tables and lack of rakeback.


Currently Ignition is the largest brand available in the two countries it services. i.e. America and Australia.

Drbaitmanz 2 points

Thanks for feedback.

Drbaitmanz 4 points

Thanks for the feedback.

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