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I got it on PS4 during a sale and I think I'm somewhere at the 2nd or 3rd mission and while I like the gore, it feels very repetitive.

I hope I can finish it but I just keep postponing it as I have other, more fun games to play.

I played on hard and sure it was challenging... But it's more of the same in every damn room.

edit: sorry if this is a bit exaggerated, I realize it is but yeah the game just isn't clicking for me.

I somewhat knew what I was getting into and I'm not really regretting my purchase either. I'll finish it and seeing as I'm not that far in... There's still time to change my mind!

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I think this is something people forget. Doom is also on consoles and is a completely different experience. I feel like everyone praising Doom is a PC player because it’s so much easier to control and fast passed on PC.

When I see posts like this I realise how uninformed people are.

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Explain how I’m wrong

I already have. I’m not wrong

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It's always weird for me to think got those places having Christmas & New Years in the middle of summer.

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As an Australian it seems strange to me that Christmas is in the winter. Isnt it damn Cold and shit?

Where do you set up the barbequeue?

Do you all stand around in your Shorts and tshirts drinking beer in the snow?

And how do you swim in the pool in such shit weather?

Live sports. It's so hard to get live sports at decent quality with cutting the cable. That is the only reason I have to keep it around still.

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its 2018, Noone watches sports anymore

Ok im back everyone, Sorry got stuck in there for a while.

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This is the correct answer.

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Whats new Pussy cat on repeat.

the issue that you really have is that a normal person thinks it magic and too hard to figure out. That's me. I don't want to take the time to learn about it, or even invest in it. If there was a program that I could push a button and then buy and sell, that would be awesome. The other issue is if I want to take my money out, I have to wait. I should be able to push a button and an auto sell happens and then it gets deposited into my account. It's way too hard for us normal people to figure out.

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By the time theres a 1 button program its too late and youll be buying in at prices with everyone else who thought it was too hard to figure out.

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He should be made to eat whole strawberries.

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3 points · 4 days ago

American here. Are Australian strawberries massive or am I missing a reference?

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Various fruit producers and media outlets have launched Smear campaigns against Strawberry producers by posting Fake stories that Strawberries are contaminated with Small sewing needles. This caught on and people started making more fake posts and putting them on facebook etc. This lead in Tons of Strawberries being wasted and disposed of. Its a tragic example of the Media causing a Huge problem and impacting hard working farmers livelihoods just to make a quick Buck off advertising revenue.

At this point it doesnt even matter, there May have been a cases of a Needle in a Strawberry packet somewhere. But the Media caused a chain reaction that could result in farmers losing their farms etc.

This article explains the scope of the problem.

Calm down hitler

23 points · 6 days ago

Typically if you’re stressed about something in the first place, it’s because it’s going to have some impact on your life that will last longer than a week.

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I feel like noone really stresses about things unless they are potentially Life changing.

What would be an example of where someone would Stress about something that is short term?

As someone currently unemployed I can tell you everyone is going to find fucking something for work or high hours volunteering because otherwise you want to kill yourself. Work is one of the only social interactions humans get, or opportunity to see progress, people will either have to replace that or go fuck it and back to work.

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I cant relate. Working full time for the past 10 years, i feel like I want to kill myself, the weekends fly by and every morning I wake up feeling like im i ground hog day, alarm goes off, get up and get dressed, go to work.






Id give anything to be able to do what I want to do and be able to Afford food while doing it.

9 points · 6 days ago

I totally agree with you. Upvoted.

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I dont hold "Karma Killa" Downvoted

An extra tax is coming for people who have non-NBN Broadband, eg people on TPG's FTTB fibre network in apartments, as well as Spirit and BigAir customers. So I say, bring on the non-union member coat-tails tax!

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What if there is no union in your industry?

Then Unionise!

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2 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

You trying to get us all fired?

In all seriousness though. How could someone start a union withought the boss’s finding out ?. You’d need to get a majority of the employees on board before the company found out. This is the software development industry by the way. Do you have any resources I could look into for starting a union?

At the moment we bargain for our own agreements so I wouldn’t think a Tax on non unionised people would be very fair on us.

Well.. one, I suppose.

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Some of them are designed so the front doesnt fall off at all

662 points · 7 days ago

I would if they sold them anywhere!

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I dunno I keep finding strawberries in packets of sewing needles.

Would you not then be trusting whoever's index you use?

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It’s decentralised. Anyone can store their own index

... You eat honey sandwiches?

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Are honey sandwiches not a thing in the US?

You know there were no AU dollar then right?

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The ad says "48 Australian Dollars"

Looks like her bikini bottom is below the knee...

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I mean thats how I wear mine

This is nice, however, its not open source. Thus, it is not trustless or decentralized.

Centralized code and trust is needed.

Also, please don't tell me for users who only trade crypto, that KYC scam is needed for EOSfinex too? that is just sad if you also freeze account and then also call it trustless / decentralized. Please clarify if its similar to BFX in that regard. Thank you and congrats

P.S BitShares(EOS precursor) is decentralized, the exchange, crypto etc is all open source. No need to trust anyone you can verify all the code. Maybe BFX can list BitShares?

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BitShares doesnt even do free delivery. My local Pizza shop does Free delivery AND they have the best prices in town.

Theres no way im using Bitshares unless they can compete with my local Pizza shop.

When Litecoin Cash? When Vericoin? When Vertcoin? When Nano?

We want new coins that do not suck. Please Bitfinex listen to your customers.

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Lists shitcoins noone has heard of

We want new coins that do not suck

161 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Good luck pitching that one to your boss.

You: "Hey boss, I think we can get as much done in 4 days as people did 10 years ago in 5. So can you give everyone 3 days weekends forever while paying us the same as we made for 40hr weeks?"

Boss: "...HAHAHA!!"

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Luckily I get less work done in 5 days that most people do in 4 so. Think I’m winning.

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