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Cream147 2 points

To be fair, that’s how I personally would’ve split it also, so I do agree with your basic premise. I just think it’s not a big deal - and there would have been moaning any way you slice it (in your scenario it would be Gold 3s moaning about getting the same as Bronze 1s). The goal explosions are just an extra, the main reward is supposed to be the banner.

DregenFley 1 point

But I’m getting a gold banner haha. I already have a gold banner for being gold. I don’t need one for being champ haha

Cream147 2 points

That’s why I say “supposed” to be!

DregenFley 1 point

Haha :P

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DregenFley commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Fox9720 78 points

Its tough to know what will satisfy the majority of a fan base. I feel they release season rewards early in order to get feedback. Something like changing colors of the banners is not something that will take very long. As far as I can tell people are unhappy with the colors and not so much the design.

As for the goal explosions, I feel they would be fine keeping the lower tiers the way they are then split diamond, champ, and grand champ into their own separate goal explosion. At those ranks the skill gaps become more and more apparent and it takes more work to advance.

DregenFley 7 points

This. This is all they need to do to make the rewards liked by a vast majority of players. Change colours and make champ 1,2,3 and grand champ get different goal explosions. Diamond 1’s are not the same as grand champs. Clear and simple!

lmfb13 1 point

Which monitor stand are you using

DregenFley 1 point

Dihl Three Arm Adjustable Desk Mount Bracket Stand for 13 - 27-Inch LCD/LED Computer Monitor Screen - 5 Year Warranty - (Adjustable Monitor Arm: Tilt ±45°|Swivel 180°|Rotate 360°)

[deleted] 0 points

Come back with the edit eh. They cheap as fuck and that name coke promotion is years ago haha

DregenFley 1 point

Doesn’t mean they are mouldy. And I know they aren’t cheap as fuck as I bought them

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DregenFley commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
DregenFley 7 points

This is true. I once licked an old remote control car thinking it had Coca Cola spilt on it... it was battery acid. Really didn’t taste nice and really hurt

DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
Folsomdsf 3 points

if you have a decent group, it's one of the quickest and easiest. Just take shade + marks + ironbreaker(with boss taunt) and one more, probably pyro for the knockback on ridiculous short CD. It'll make you able to run it ridiculously fast.When you kill allt he bosses in mere seconds with the second posing no threat at all, it's kinda silly.

DregenFley 3 points

I know it’s not hard to run. Just don’t want to repetitively play one map constantly. I like the variety of quick play.

Tiuny 4 points

Just gotta only play skittergate.

DregenFley 1 point

I enjoy the randomness of quickplay. I don’t need emperors. Just think it’s kinda bull crap that I have been sexually abused by ranald so much recently xD

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DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
saltychipmunk -8 points

thats pretty generous ... its better to day the flame sword does ... some damage too armor .... in practice its pretty horrible dps

and you really should never need to use melee for cc as sienna unless you are deliberately using a garbage staff

DregenFley 7 points

There is no garbage staff.

Every staff is viable. Only staff I find very hard to actually use effectively is the flame staff. So I might agree with flame staff being bad but every other staff is good!

darwinianfacepalm -2 points

Whats hard about it? Hold fire on waves while team guards you. Thats it.

DregenFley 4 points

I know that. But that’s what makes it hard sometimes. Pubs it can be very hard. And elites make it very hard to use sometimes. I just think it’s the weakest staff.

I guess it’s just I feel very limited I what I can provide to the team when normally sienna provides nearly everything. Just isn’t my play style.

DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
ForceHuhn 23 points

Noobs are (most of the time) actually more pleasant to play with than people of middling skill who overestimate themselves. Because usually they are willing to learn.

Tell a noob he made a mistake and how to do better and most of the time he's gonna take the advice and get better. Tell some mediocre guy he made a mistake and more often than not he'll get pissy, call you names and talk some shit about him being better because of green circles.

"lol you got hooked, don't tell me how to play the game"

"lol look at the scoreboard nub"

"I decide when I need to heal", after drinking our only healing draught at 80% hp

DregenFley 4 points

This, this is it. Some mediocre people turn out to be the worst people to play with. If you make a mistake that could of been avoided, just say sorry, no one is gonna care.

But so many people think they are great and are the worst teammates.

If someone is chill in the chat or just chill. They are a way more pleasant teammate than someone who is great but thinks they are ‘above you’

Darkbain 2 points

I’m a Legend player that is mediocre, but not completely bad. I love it when people call me out because I do wish to better myself, and I make a joke when I get hooked because I can’t see Hook rats in hordes because I’m a support dwarf main (Ironbreaker and Ranger)

DregenFley 2 points

Yea, people who are chill who actually give good pointers are the type of people I enjoy. I personally do the same and try to help / support my team as much as possible.

DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
DregenFley 1 point

I think it’s more the beam staff doesn’t need to have back up. Like it can fit into any team. Other staffs need help from your team. And when it is a team game I don’t see it as a problem.

Flame staff, just needs help separating black rats from hordes and it clears hordes.

Conflag staff is very supportive with how it staggers basically everything. It will stagger which allows people to help take out chaos warriors or patrols.

Bolt staff I think is mighty fine and doesn’t exactly need the team to work around it.

Fireball is very good too, with the spam and control it adds to hordes.

teraflux 0 points

Sure, you can fit someone on your team that is incapable of dealing with specials, assuming someone else has the ability to do so. You could pencil someone in that can't deal with bosses, or hordes, but why? Choosing another staff means you're effectively making the conscious choice to handicap yourself and now your team will have to make up for that handicap by filling in the gaps.
My point is: we all want to use the other staffs, however we'll never get there if you join a map then get insta booted because you're a sienna running around with a flamestorm. And you can't even blame them either because why would they want a Sienna that is choosing not to pull their weight to the best of her ability? I'd rather play with a bot using beam than a Sienna with a flamestorm.

DregenFley 1 point

I again disagree. I personally never kick someone based on there weapon unless it’s a lvl 5 dwarf with a pick axe. Even then I probably wouldn’t. Plus I see every staff as viable and can contribute very well to the team. The beam staff does everything well I get that. But it’s not the best at most things. It’s the best staff because of it’s variety. But I still highly think every staff is good and useable. They could use a buff but I don’t think they ‘need’ one even though I wouldn’t be surprised if they do get a buff.

So my thoughts are all staffs are viable and I really think you need to watch some videos on some good players using some different staffs, see how they use them and how different staffs really benefit the team. Because if you do that you will think of the staffs differently.

P.s trust me I know beam staff is the best staff, but the others aren’t bad. They are all good

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DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
sharp461 3 points

She could use her close range bow to block. Even add a push and maybe stab with an arrow too.

DregenFley 3 points

I think there is already too much of a “range” meta going on. Plus I think all elf classes are in a really good place right now and don’t need changed.

I just personally don’t see the need for 2 bows.

sharp461 1 point

True. Or maybe she can still use melee but only that class has the option of using that close range bow, so you can bring two bows if you want or just a melee still. The close range bow would be considered a melee weapon.

DregenFley 1 point

I really like ideas of having the choice of two melee, so why not two range? Except I feel that it will make the elf a lot more vulnerable and have real problems with no ammo. Plus I feel like a lot of players could be really bad with 2 bows, I already get shot in the back enough haha

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DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
DregenFley 24 points

Outline the character in purple instead of green when they are stealthed, would help a lot

Twad_feu 13 points

THat's simple and fit the purple special bar color. Makes sense. Easy to figure out whats going on. Add purple outline that to all chars who's special have a duration (IB, WHC, Slayer ect)

DregenFley 5 points

Exactly, make any class which has a duration of an ultimate have a purple outline when in ultimate/ability

DregenFley commented on a post in r/Vermintide
DregenFley 5 points

If you know someone’s intentially joining over and over again like your situation. Just go into a game, kick him and change the game to private. (Press tab and then at the bottom right there is a box to make the game private) and then if unprivate the game if you think that person will stop joining at that point.

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