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Landlubber77 2 points

That's quite the feat, there were a shit-ton of songs written about her in Kenya in the 90's.

DrewDraioi 0 points

You Kenyan?

shalala1234 4 points

God dammit with the super shitty titles

DrewDraioi -1 points

How would you have phrased it?

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DrewDraioi commented on a post in r/Kenya
IfYouPutItThatWay 1 point

Yeeeessssssss... so, who do you think the bones belong to?

DrewDraioi 1 point

Elizabeth's mum that Red murdered... It's about to get a whole lot interesting.... We should make a Telegram group and stan Blacklist

IfYouPutItThatWay 1 point

That is a rather obvious guess... I don't think they belong to her. Assuming Red did not lie in season 2 when he told Liz he can never lie to her and that he is not the dad, I think this bones thing is part of a long con by Red.

DrewDraioi 1 point

Come to think of it you're right. Itt also appears to be something really dangerous, that even got Tom killed. And btw, let's see how Red cops without Mr. Kaplan

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SparkMyke 1 point

Well............I make music. I mean, I used to. Nothing mainstream but purely experimental. Many positive feedback from foreigners mostly and a few locals. Most of them just curious producers full of questions. My Soundcloud uploads If you have questions as to how I made those sounds, I'll be obliged to help.

DrewDraioi 1 point

I make music too. We can link up. Let me listen to the song.

SparkMyke 1 point

Drop link.

DrewDraioi 1 point

I haven't posted yet, cause I wanna get to a point where the music is undeniable, but I can email you.

Confozedperson 1 point

If you take a look at how Africa is portrayed in Mass media, including Nat Geo, or commercials for aid, such as the Christian one "for ten cents a day" you'll find that most of them only show grass huts, tribes, starving children and generally just underdeveloped areas of the continent.

For most people, that's the ONLY thing that they know of Africa, and assume the whole of Africa is like that. It's almost not their fault, but it 100% is. A lot of Western education glosses over 80-90% of what Africa has achieved or not achieved.

Most of my world history classes spent 75% talking about Europe, Asia, Northern Africa (and by that I mean Egypt really) and America. Everywhere else is just a foot note. In 9th grade we had one chapter on Africa and it only talked about the slave trade. That was our only talking point. We had one page on Nelson Mandela and apartheid.

That's why people commenting were surprised.

DrewDraioi 1 point

It was appalling going through the comments, but what the hell?

LotusPrince 2 points

Because, for whatever reason, the stereotype of Africa is that everyone lives in grass huts and has no technology. In the United States, our idiot President actually publicly made some comment about Nigerians living in huts.

DrewDraioi 1 point

You ever been out here?

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