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I wish I had an attractive feature

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Your heart

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This one right here, officer.

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Hello! My cousin did a cover of Ten Crack Commandments and has a really old-school type flow with witty and wholehearted personality and attitude.

He’s a rapper out of San Diego, CA.

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So Obi wan then Ashoka ?

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Ewan McGregor is my favorite Star Wars character

He wouldn’t have the chance to say thank you to the bus driver.

I saw “Filipino Christians...” in the title and I prepared for the worse...

What I didn’t prepare for is the overcoming of joy for being proud of my people!

This still seems so bizarre to me. I've had people do the overly firm handshake with me, and I always ask them what the fuck their problem is. Never gotten a good or accurate answer -- and I don't understand why they think it's intimidating. Catching someone offguard with inappropriate physical contact doesn't show dominance, it shows you're an asshole who can't be trusted to follow social norms in a professional setting.

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I give a pretty good amount of firmness in a handshake, but the problem I usually have are fistbumps. Training in martial arts and being an avid lifter, my pain tolerance and knuckle strength is very above average. So every time someone gives me a fist bump, they get hurt because we hit at the perfect spot. I don’t mean to be an asshole :(


It's ya boi back at it with another meet report! This meet I participated in the 90kg men's open.

Instagram/videos: valerospl

For this prep I was programmed by Christopher Gai (Tampa, FL).



212.5kg (468.52lbs)- Good lift

227.5kg (501.59lbs)- Missed lift due to depth

227.5kg (501.59)- Good lift


115kg (253.55lbs)-Good lift

122.5kg (270.1lbs)- Good lift

127.5kg (281.1)- Missed lift


227.5kg (501.59lbs)- Good lift

247.5kg (545.69)- Good lift

255kg (562.2lbs)- Good lift @ RPE FastAFboi

Another meet in the books! This meet I went 7/9 only missing my second squat attempt (due to depth) and my last bench attempt. This time I participated in the men's 90kg open and gahd damn I didn't even know I placed! This meet went very smoothly with my attempts.

For my attempts at squat we decided to go conservative due to a slight herniation in my L4/L5 region. I tied my meet PR which is fine by me. Our goal was to hit 517lbs for my third attempt but i decided to retake my second attempt (which I missed due to depth).

For my bench attempts we opened at 253lbs. This is a comfortable weight that I hit in the gym at RPE 7. My second attempt was 270lbs, 5lbs below my gym PR, which flew up at a pretty nice rate. On my last attempt at 281, I flared too early and the bar was brought back to my face where I couldn't recover it. I wasn't bummed out, I'm happy hitting 270lbs at that speed.

Lastly, my DL attempts were one of the best attempts I've had in my lifting experience. I've been using an OPB for all of my gym lifts and pulling on the Texas DL bar was easy as pie. In my videos, my third attempt almost ended with me getting off balanced on how fast it was. Very happy with these attempts and how controlled/easy they were. Definitely had 10-20lbs more in my DL.

Things to be changed/fix: My coach says that the only thing we could’ve done was go heavier! I prepped really well for this meet and the only thing holding us back was my herniation. This was supposed to be a conservative meet but I decided to go all out before rehab programming (he's in graduated school for DPT).

One last thing: My friends showed so much support at this meet and the environment was great. I messed around, danced, made faces, and smile throughout every attempt. One of my best meet experiences I've ever had. Rick Simmons said "it's always a pleasure seeing you at [SoCal] meets. Never change."


My last Meet Report

Edit 1: formatting Edit 2: grammar


Great meet man! That bench and deadlift flew up. I competed as well and thought it was a great crowd. The place got especially loud for those heavyweight guys. You have any tips on generating bench leg drive with your feet so far back? I set up on my toes similar to you and I think it's the one cue that I can't get down.

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The crowd was definitely awesome (especially when ya dab after every attempt ;)) .

I’ll be honest, I don’t generate as much leg drive with my bench setup, however, I usually put my feet back for bench stability. Alfred from TSG explains this really well: leg drive is a good factor for getting it off your chest, but afterwards the feet setup compliments the stability of the arch and pinned shoulders.

One tip I would give is right when you’re about to get the bar off your chest, try to press your heels to the ground while imagining doing a leg extension. My toes are almost sliding out of my front of the shoe. This helped me a lot and visualized it better.

Let me know how it goes! Also, we should follow each other on IG, can help us out together hahaha.

Lmao that was forever ago and I can barely remember yesterday!

Dude sick shit for fighting through potential injury. Are you doing anything special for it rehab-wise, or just paying attention to what your body tells you?

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Since my coach is in school for DPT he’s gonna put me on special rehab programming. I’m excited for it. I have some experience from being a PT intern so I’m going to do the things I was taught. Gonna bodybuild for a while doe hahaha

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You know what? Fuck you bro. I can’t fucking believe that you’re gonna FUXKING day this shit. After 14 fucking years of waiting for the anticipated Incredibles 2, postcurser to incredibles 1 featuring Mr. Incredible, father of all incredibles, that you’re gonna tell me that shit, bro? After fucking 14 years, you know what else came up in those 14 years? Obama leading ISIS bro you can’t just drop that shit on us and spoil that shit. Fuck bro you can’t just tell me after 14 years that the incredibles are gonna be like that I’m done. Nothing personnel kid.


My cousin gave me an Intel Core i7-3820 from one of his clients that has a LGA 2011 (x79 I guess?) chipset and I don't seem to find any motherboards that have reliable reviews. The only ones I've seen on Amazon are these:

[Beyang Intel x79 ATX Motherboard](

[EgalBest X79 ATX Motherboard LGA 2011](

If you guys have any other recommendations please let me know. Thanks!


Bruce: inhales deeply


All day today I didn’t know what today was until I watched this video. Thank you.

Why are we here? Just to suffer?

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It’s okay, get on my big green tractor. /r/boottoobig

Same here ops brother, same here

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Why has god forsaken us

My OPB comes in tomorrow... I haven’t been so excited about a package since ever haha

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Imagine dating someone


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Hey, friend! Turn that frown upside down!

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Listen here, you little shit.

Alright, thanks for all of your help man! Will definitely look into this further.

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For sure. Do you have an IG? I would like to follow your progress. Anything that helps a fellow PLer

Sure! My username is bullyasf. Will follow back!

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Yeeeee I got you

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I would love to use my Tech Deck on this

Cut straps, have buddy floor it, then slam on brakes aimed at water

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“My name is Drukarya, and this is jackass”

If you drive the truck into deep enough water it will float right off.

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Brb buying snorkel

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NANI?! (Not yet.)

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ear screeching sounds

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Welcome, all. I hope you have a good time.

My Snapchat: hashtagyolofish My instagram: kikoy_sauce

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Thanks for coming back!

Yeah I’ve noticed that about some of the SHW too. Ray Williams, Vanilla Gorilla, and Kelly Branton all have 900+ squats but their DL are ~100 less than that.

Later on in life I hope that I start seeing more of an improvement and a larger gap from my S and DL... it’s weird, I don’t know if it’s technique or strength that’s holding me back. We’ll see.

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OOOOOOH my guy making big numbas! Awesome awesome. Our hips are from the gods hahahha

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