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Drukarya commented on a post in r/nevertellmetheodds
Danyol 4,676 points

Imagine dating someone


Drukarya 1,898 points

Hey, friend! Turn that frown upside down!

Draik09 3,214 points


Drukarya 2,601 points

Listen here, you little shit.

Drukarya commented on a post in r/powerlifting
Slumer1can 2 points

Alright, thanks for all of your help man! Will definitely look into this further.

Drukarya 2 points

For sure. Do you have an IG? I would like to follow your progress. Anything that helps a fellow PLer

Slumer1can 2 points

Sure! My username is bullyasf. Will follow back!

Drukarya 1 point

Yeeeee I got you

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ninja996 3 points

Cut straps, have buddy floor it, then slam on brakes aimed at water

Drukarya 7 points

“My name is Drukarya, and this is jackass”

meohmy13 12 points

If you drive the truck into deep enough water it will float right off.

Drukarya 6 points

Brb buying snorkel

[deleted] 2 points


Drukarya 2 points

Thanks for coming back!

Yeah I’ve noticed that about some of the SHW too. Ray Williams, Vanilla Gorilla, and Kelly Branton all have 900+ squats but their DL are ~100 less than that.

Later on in life I hope that I start seeing more of an improvement and a larger gap from my S and DL... it’s weird, I don’t know if it’s technique or strength that’s holding me back. We’ll see.

[deleted] 2 points


Drukarya 2 points

OOOOOOH my guy making big numbas! Awesome awesome. Our hips are from the gods hahahha

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Magic_warlock0- 2 points

That was a close encounter on your squats, good work grinding out the last attempt! It looked like you were loose at the start, but you got your stuff together in the hole and pushed it up strong! So glad you managed the weight and got whites!

Your bench looked solid on your third! Sucks about the butt movement, but you came back and nailed that lift pretty dang easily! Great speed and control throughout the press!

Nice comeback on your deadlifts, way to make them look solid! That second attempt definitely was light weight for you, and you had no trouble in your setup!

I know it wasn't the day you were looking for, but glad you got your feet wet competing, and that you got a good experience! I know that you'll pull all of this together and have a stellar meet going forward!

Drukarya 2 points

Thank you thank you! During my walk out phrase of my squats I noticed that I was trying to get right but lost balance. My feet were not in line with each other so I tried to bring my right foot back, in which got me to be off balance and catch myself. Also, I’m not used to being tight in the hole. If you watch my other videos I use my momentum from the bottom to bring my self to mid point, that’s where I succeed in squatting (I’m not a professional or a coach but this is how I feel IMO). So I need to start programming paused squats and tempos.

My bench is so bad haha. I changed up my set-up a little bit that meet so I can get tighter in my glutes. 242 was easy on the second attempt, however, since I missed it, Liz wanted me to do the same weight for my third. Bench is finally being where I want it to be (in terms of lack of pain in my shoulders).

The deadlifts was my favorite lift this training cycle. I have never done paused DLs before and it totally helps me to keep tight and pull the slack well on the bottom of the lift. As you can see I’m very momentum based, so i have to take my time for my setup. The third attempt was very much a strength issue. Time to get back to the drawing board!

Gonna do some more meets in the future. This meet has definitely humbled me and I shouldn’t compare my gym lifts with meet lifts, lmao. I’ll try to go 9/9 next time around haha.

ChuTangClan 5 points

Your squat and dl crush my numbers - ok to ask what sort of programming you gravitate toward?

If you don't have time congratulations on the solid performance either way during what sounded like a great experience

Drukarya 2 points

Lmao technique technique technique brings you a long way.

I usually go for programs that have somewhat variety and lower hypertrophy. I ran JuggerCube 2x and both gaining 25-45lbs on my total. However, in this meet I got a strength based program from a PL buddy of mine (TSA powerlifting intermediate program). I personally did not like this program. Lack of variety, lack of deloads, and overall very boring. I might not deviate away from JTS or Kabuki for a while. I love science-based lifting. We’ll see..

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Drukarya commented on a post in r/powerlifting
Drukarya 15 points

I haven’t seen anyone comment about this, but IG lifters that always write a novel and a half on what happened each rep for each set on each post, then have a shitload of hashtags that want them to be seen as “v cute” or “LUL WILKS XD”...

Also, I’ll be honest, I’m that Asian guy but with a shit wilks. Lmao

acox90kg 7 points

Doesn't look like my ohio power bar..almost all Rogue bars have a snap ring end cap for easy disassembly/cleaning. That's a pinned sleeve so I'd be cautious as to whether or not you CAN remove it without busting it. That being said, you should be able to stand it up and put a few drops of 3 in 1 oil down the sleeve and spin it to bring some life back into the sleeves.

Drukarya 3 points

Yeah I found out it isn’t one and I got bamboozled... oh well, got a beater bar out of it haha... I’m going to do that instead of remove it... I haven’t found any link to see how to remove them... thank you

acox90kg 3 points

Ah well, live and learn. Just means you get to be rough with this bar! Hope you're able to get your hands on a good power bar soon. Happy to help!

Drukarya 1 point

Hahaha I’m gonna make this bar my bitch! Thank you for your help

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expander2 2 points

Why don’t your feet have an arch?

Drukarya 1 point

I guess filipino ogre feet genes

joelupi 3 points

My buddy wore these, day glo fanny pack, and retro mtv logo tshirt to an 80s night thing a couple of months ago. It was a huge hit with the women there.

Drukarya 1 point

Hol’ up... I have the fanny pack and an 80s windbreaker. Time to find a gal for me

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dpas0 4 points

this has happened to me a few times and its usually an error on the postal services part. if the package was insured you should get a refund if it was lost. you need to contact the postal service first to find out whats going on and open a ticket with them, then contact the seller because they have to escalate the claim with the postal service. make sure you checked everywhere they could be first though. check with neighbors, superintendents, etc

Drukarya 1 point

Alright, thank you. I haven’t been though this process before however I’ll definitely do it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help

[deleted] 2 points


Drukarya 1 point

Damn. I want to die... thanks for the input doe

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