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I use that line on my kids but instead of Africa I just say the name of the shitty part of the town we live in

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I'd pick somewhere else. Eventually they'll probably interact with someone from there and it will be awkward.

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I’m all for rich people spending obscene amounts of money on stuff like this. I mean it still ends of benefiting the not so rich too. Think about it without those rich people tripping over themselves to be the first ones on the block with the first Tesla roadster we wouldn’t have the possibility of Tesla today changing the car market forever. Those changes could benefit millions of everyday working folks.

Let them spend and show off.

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And it's not like those sintering machines don't have other uses. I'm all for them selling fancy faucets if it allows them to explore a new area of manufacturing.

I'm calling bullshit. Why does he have his dog with him if he's working on a pole? Where is his reflective vest and other gear?

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Probably. The next most likely is probably fire runes.

Not sure if it works with living people (and I don't really want to know), but the principle is sound. Pig lard and other animal fats smell rather strong when burned, but it works and have been used among as candle fuel.

Unless you have excessive lint quantities, you should go for strips of cotton clothing instead though.

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The short answer is no, you cant. Human bodies have too much water in them to burn right away. You would need to render the fat out or dehydrate it to the point that it could be lit. That's why crematoriums have such high temperature ovens. You need a chamber to reach like 1500°F in order to vaporize all the water.

Yeah we also don’t use google per say. There are search engines geared towards the medical community. One of the biggest is UpToDate. It is essentially all the most current guidelines and peer-reviewed information available. Since Medicine is constantly changing and evolving it is imperative that physicians keep updating their medical knowledge. But yes a patient looking up things in google can be very difficult to deal with.

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Just FYI, it's per se, not per say. It's a phrase in Latin.

I run Zacama and it is SWEET.

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That's just gross.

God damn Spoilers!

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It was in the trailer.

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or boston or minnesota

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Boston being next to the ocean mitigates a lot of the severe cold weather. We get a lot of big winter storms still, but they don't drop as much snow as the ones in the Midwest.

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Toronto media is much worse than SAN Antonio. You don’t see it in the US but most media for all of Canada is based in Toronto, so you end up with 10 different tv, radio and newspapers all covering the same team. One of the reasons Vince Carter left was the media onslaught about his questionable injuries and leadership.

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Then there was what happened to Phil Kessel.

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I used to always listen to Jalen Rose a few years ago on his podcast/grant land YouTube show (maybe 2014) and he talked about cities players want to play in. And reasons they don't want to play in others. He played in Toronto and said even though it's in everyone's top 5 favourite cities to visit, the tax was the reason people don't want to play there.

I don't really remember the finer details, but he said you have to pay taxes to both America and Canada. He said the % might seen small but when you're talking about millions of dollars, that's a lot of money you're losing by paying tax in 2 countries.

Tl;Dr - Americans playing for raptors pay extra tax and Jalen Rose said it makes people not see it as an ideal destination.

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The way America works in regards this is that they tax for money you make in Canada and then Canada taxes you locally. America is pretty much the only country that does this.

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that's the joke lol, that's his award, it's like putting TIME's 2006 person of the year on your resume

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I can't believe that was in 2006. I felt like that wasn't as long ago as it is.

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i still laugh when i hear the word "adversity" used in sports. Nah Gandhi faced adversity. These dudes at the end of the day are still putting a ball in a hoop while getting paid handsomely.

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Players can still face adversity. You don’t have to reduce everything to extremes.

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I'm glad you said this and that people seem to agree with you more than the parent comment. One person facing adversity does not negate another's adversity just because they had it "easier", completely leaving aside the fact that some people struggle with different things and what is easy for one person may be really hard for someone else. This argument accomplishes nothing but keep people down. I would just like point out that I've seen this same reasoning used to tell black people to stop complaining about injustice in America because segregation is no longer legal. And I'm sure that they said the same shit in the 50's and that they should stop complaining because they're no longer slaves.

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No because 99% of the time that wouldn't work in terms of money and the Warriors would never offer that much for Lebron. Like you've pretty much just said you need a kings ransom to get one of the top guys. That means without hugely unused cap space or ludicrously underpaid players you could never match the value they'd be giving up.

A deal for Durant would have to be something stupid like Durant for Hayward and Brown and maybe a few picks. This almost leads into another point which is even guys that are said to be untradeable are tradeable. Ainge is everywhere saying that Tatum and Brown are untradeable but if there was a deal where they could get Davis with a commitment to re-sign I think it would be very very hard for Ainge to say no to giving up one of Brown/Tatum.

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Definitely Brown. Tatum is the future after LeBron and the Warriors dynasty is over. He's another one of those "untradable" players for a different reason. He is both the short term success and the long term success of the team 10 years from now.

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somehow beat the Lakers in the playoffs next season,

lol take me to this timeline. Than Kawhi will go to LA because Lebron needs more help to beat derozan.

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Then LA unseats the Warriors. In /r/nba's darkest hour there is only one team they can count on to beat the LA superteam. The Lakers oldest and greatest rival once more must win another championship.

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It is Wednesday my dudes

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Really missed an opportunity with that code. Should have been MYDUDES.

Huh that's actually surprising

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Not really. The Venn diagram of people who watch the NBA and hate Trump is pretty much a circle.

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18 is 81 backwards or something. Sean Marks white mamba confirmed.

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We all know Scalabrine is the real white mamba. He also put up 16 points against Toronto.


Good to know! I actually didn’t know about this

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My grandmother is now legally blind due to macular degeneration. Over the last few years she has slowly lost more and more of her ability to see. She can still see bigger shapes but no fine details so if people next to her don't speak she can't tell who is who.

The dinosaurs have become a plot point to move the story of the humans along

It's the same shit that made the live-action Transformers movies complete garbage.

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The first one was pretty good. Everything after it is straight garbage though.

Betting on a time paradox like that is ballsy, but I really like this!

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3 points · 4 days ago

Damn you I am SO tempted!

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There were a few leaked set photos from one scene being filmed and what was shown basically confirms some general plot elements of the movie. There's a good chance that this information will come out in the trailer, but this is still a huge hint for the die hard fans trying to piece things together. And if it isn't in the trailer then this is in huge spoiler territory.

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I mean round picture probably isn't best option, even just one of the dozens of black athletes would have worked fine. Usain Bolt as one of the fastest ever runners side by side with someone who can't even run a Republican campaign in a Republic safe spot.

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That meme is actually kinda racist, or insensitive at best. There was a long history in the US of claiming that black people were only fit for physical labor and too stupid to look after themselves, so the slave owners were doing them a favor by giving them a purpose in life. It's still a very touchy subject here.

If you read he has a kid with her. While I agree she may just need love and support, sometimes these things end up being a balancing act between “love and support” and “I don’t want my kid exposed to drugs”. I think the best thing he can do is remove himself and his kid from the situation before it gets worse, THEN give her all the love she needs.

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Leaving and telling her to get her shit together is love and support. The worst thing you can do for an addict is enable them. Forcing them to accept their drug problem and fight it is the best thing you can do to help them.

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Well this was before Boston- his desires may have changed. Alternatively, he might value friendship or a dope city more than finals appearances after so many of them

(I hope not though. Big stage Kyrie is so cool)

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That's because older people 'worked for their pensions' and everyone else is just 'entitled lazy dolescum'.

My partner's father is a beacon of this kind of doublethink.

When he was employed, everyone on the dole was lazy scum milking the system and living in luxury funded by him.

When he was unemployed, well, he deserved it because he had worked hard.

When he realised how hard living on the dole was, well, it's because he doesn't know how to milk the system, because he's honest.

When one of his other kids was blatantly milking the system every single way they could, well, you don't mind if it's one of your own, do you?

He also voted leave, despite that his new job in food distribution relies heavily on trade with the EU. No one was surprised.

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I see the same thing here with Trump. A lot of people at my company love Trump, despite the fact that we work in manufacturing and depend heavily on NAFTA. I don't how the machinists can applaud the trade war when there are tariffs on steel and WE MAKE THINGS OUT OF STEEL. Even if the steel isn't the majority of our business, our sister plant in Mexico is not. If that relationship falls through the company is fucked. They'll need to change their entire business model.

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Not necessarily indiscriminately... Someone often has to be actively trespassing/breaking and entering/stealing...

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Doesn't matter. What happens when your house catches fire and a fireman rescuing you sets off the landmine on your porch?

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I set the fire and didn't want to be rescued. As a free person, I should be able to end my life along with my property.

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Fire doesn't respect property lines.

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1.9k points · 5 days ago

Map looks similar to Bostonians’ idea of the United States circa 2018, too...

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Here is another map that was posted to /r/boston a few years ago. The only thing it's missing is heroin.

13 points · 5 days ago

The methadone is there.

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Yeah but it should say HEROIN stamped over everything east of the dragons.

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