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Also, the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor.

I am not a very emotional man, but I choked up and cried a single manly tear when my ship pulled into the Peir right next to the Arizona and we rendered honors.

I am also not a very spiritual man, but I'll be damned if I didn't feel...something...wash over me. Very sureal.

I wish to visit Peace Park and also the 9/11 memorial before I die. I think I would think less of myself as a human if I didn't.

Edit: Auschwitz Memorial as well.

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When I was in DC the memorials that hit me the hardest were the Lincoln Memorial and the African American History Museum. It was impossible to get tickets before but now they take walk-ins on weekdays. Make sure you get there early because you can easily spend an entire day there. The basement is one long time line starting before Columbus and ends with the present day. It starts with the beginning of the slave trade and somehow manages to get worse.

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aw shit you done gone and made dwight go to the warriors

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Dwight for KD, who says no?

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Okay that's awesome, a neural anetwork generating cards?

And this one, not bad at all is it? I kinda want to see something like this printed, but in a way that it's a creature that should cost more mana, but you have to jump through hoops to get it ahead of the curve, like killing a creature of your own.

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Check out the rest of the twitter account's posts. There are some terrible and goofy cards created with it. The ones that actually work though are the funniest though.

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Him stuck there is probably a factor in Avengers 4.

Yep, it is. Before they send Scott in the Quantum Realm during the post-credits scene of Ant Man and the Wasp, Janet warns him about time vortexes. She says something like - "be careful not to get sucked in or we won't be able to save you". I think Avengers 4 might open right where Ant Man and the Wasp left off, with Scott trapped in the Quantum Realm. He'll escape through a time vortex which leads him to the future where he gets caught up on everything that's happened.

That whole scenario of Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm and having no idea what's going on is pretty messed up. In Ant Man and the Wasp, Hank was in the Quantum Realm for a short time and he was already losing his mind. I wonder how long Scott will be trapped in there before he finds a time vortex.

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Hank also has had more exposure to Pym particles than Scott and Hank took off his helmet.

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Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.

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The only exception to that is when you have standards with faster mana. During Khans/Zendikar standard you had access to both allied fetchlands and allied duals with basic types. A lot of decks were running 4 colors. You could run WG and RG fetches and use the WG fetches to get WG and RG, and use the RG fetches to get WG, RG, and RB. It was a really crazy time.

I’ll be that poor soul. What this be?

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Anime pornography featuring chicks with dicks.

Comment deleted1 day ago


>using cuck unironically

Dead duck. Holt got caught stealing between 1st and 2nd.

Looks at Milwaukee

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At least they have the Bucks? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hands down one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but God damn when it was funny it was really funny

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I could tell it was going to be shit when I saw the trailer and the Predator wasn't cloaked. The whole point of the Predator is that he creates tension by being an enemy you can't see as he picks off the humans one by one. An uncloaked Predator is just another generic monster.

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Lol I run [[epicenter]]. I have yet to resolve it though. I have enough "play lands from your graveyard". And stuff like [[worldshaper]] [[amulet of vigor]] that it doesn't affect me and I just kill you landfall triggers.

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To be fair, Epicenter would cause so much collateral damage against the other players that they would counter it or kill you in retaliation. What you need is specifically nonbasic land hate. If you're going to punish his greedy manabase, make sure that you don't target other players too.

For starters, replace Epicenter with [[From the Ashes]]. Not only is it cheaper to cast, it doesn't require threshold, and it punishes greed but not Timmy with his mono-mountains goblin deck. From there your next choices are basically all the best sideboard cards from Magic's history punishing greedy mana bases.

[[Blood Moon]]
[[Back to Basics]]
[[Destructive Flow]]
[[Magus of the Moon]]
[[Price of Progress]]
[[Primal Order]]
[[Wave of Vitriol]]
[[Burning Earth]]

Then you also have the less effective single target land removal like [[Stone Rain]], [[Strip Mine]], [[Ghost Quarter]] or [[Avalanche Riders]] but which are still very effective from locking him off of certain colors.

Look through here and here for more. I hope this helps.

For the people like me who play mostly online, you can already get almost every card on that list minus the walkers and inventions for real cheap. Some of them though are not going to decrease because they already see most of their play in Commander or Modern and not Standard. If they don't go down in price post rotation I would say to bite the bullet once they rotate and before they start to rise.

As for which cards are true staples and likely to go into many decks, I would say Mirage Mirror, Scavenger Grounds, and Disallow.

Panharmonicon, Anointed Procession, Aetherflux Reservoir, Lifecrafter's Bestiary, Paradox Engine, Inventors Fair, Metallic Mimic and Walking Ballista are staples for their archetype.

The rest can go into more narrow decks just fine.

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off the top of my head [[Nimble obstructionist]] the thing is he is seeing eternal format play now so he might not dip much.

Its a really nice card that is potent in EDH, A 3/1 Flash flyer makes for a nasty surprise blocker, and being able to stifle and cantrip is really nice, a great versatile card with a sometimes relevant creature type.

Recently he has been going in most of my decks that run blue.

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Also Walking Ballista.

Wizards does not promote its players well.

This is something that SCG does very well. I can name some prominent SCG players and can recognize them on stream instantly. Most PT players I have absolutely no idea about.

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SCG coverage is also way better than WotC coverage. I would much rather watch Cedric and Patrick than anyone WotC can find. Even Marshall and LSV aren't as good as those two.

Nah. It's pauper which means uncommon commanders. There's 57 choices in the kamigawa sets

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I missed the pauper part, but you missed that it's Tiny Leaders, only 3 CMC and under. There's 10 choices.

Aha! But you missed the part where it was kamigawa BLOCK. Not just champions, which is the only set in your search results.

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It is Kamigawa block. Check the set symbols. Scryfall can search by set or by block.

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Quick, someone 'shop Josh Gordon on to Nick Fury's pager.

Moderator of r/nfl, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 3 days ago · Stickied comment

This was the first. I quadruple checked.

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At first I thought you had to check if it was the first game that they won.

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If the opposite of 100% is 0%..... what's the opposite of %50?

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And packers fans are mad because they have back to back hall of fame quarterbacks with only two super bowl wins between them.

Packer fan here, yea I’m fucking pissed we don’t have three with Rodgers.

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Pats fan here. Kinda upset we lost to the Eagles. The Sox and Celtics got me through the off season.

I’ve got a sweet card draw deck that combos with teferis puzzle box and psychosis crawler. Add consecrated Sphinx for maximum grossness.

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WE CAN'T HAVE MORE OF THEM DIE. What will Kaladin do then?

(Incidentally, my personal theory is that the Fourth Ideal of the Windrunners is something along the lines of: "I will let go of the past, in order to protect the future," so I wouldn't be surprised to see more bridgemen deaths to drive this point home)

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IMO the fourth ideal is acceptance that they can't save everyone.

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I came here to ask how they got their dogs to walk normally

If I put booties on mine, he won't stop walking like the floor is lava

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You train them as puppies to walk in the them and they adjust to it.

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Eric extremely upset in the tunnel, slams the wall heading into the locker room. Someone with the White House yells “Eric come on, grab them by the fucking pussy!” [It] was Donald Trump.

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>implying he actually speaks to any of his children other than Ivanka

Cool, now do Chains of Mephistopheles.

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I want to see Balduvian Warlord.

Remember when Hangarback Walker was spoiled and it was underrated because it was clunky and expensive and an X/X for XX was below curve? And when Walking Ballista was spoiled and a lot of us thought it was worse than hangarback because it was just one body and so much harder to grow?

These weird X artifact cards seem like they've been really difficult to evaluate. This seems worse than Walking Ballista, but that last ability looks like it can be very relevant in Standard. You lose flexibility in pinging but in return pay half the mana later instead of paying the XX up front. This can come down on turn 2 and shoot for 2 the turn after. Walking Ballista isn't a 2/2 until turn 4.

I can easily see a 5 color deck (base 3 colors and 2 splashes) that uses this as one of the effects it's splashing for. When the game goes long, this is an effect that keeps coming back and can ensure you have something to do even if you're drawing lands. You can hold up removal/counters, use the return if you didn't need it, and cast it while still holding up mana.

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You don't even need to splash, you just need green dorks that tap for any color.

Wow, what a shocker. The mtg community underestimating a card that's way better than previously respected cards. /sarc

I do remember seeing an mtgsalvation thread that was mostly "woah" with a few people grasping at straws.

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I remember when Pack Rat and 6 mana Elspeth were "unplayable".

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Gotta sting even worse that he got boo’d so hard at a concert while performing his Eminem diss song ... While opening for Fall Out Boy.

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Oof. Opening for Fall Out Boy and getting dissed by Eminem. I wonder what 15 year old MGK would think about his future self.

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This is the highest class shitpost I’ve ever seen

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This guy managed to make rakija sound classy. That is quite the accomplishment.

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