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You can see all of the Silly Hats and more at:

No cost, no ads, just a website that exists to make people smile.

This cycle (5year period), the deity Diarianegthy has inspired her followers (the Kinomenet, a wolf-esque beastfolk race) to attempt to assassinate the Demi-deity daughter of Draco-San-Deiko (of the draconic pantheon) of the draco-saurien (dragon-folk).

This attempt will likely draw the ire of the entire Draconic pantheon, who will inspire their followers and their allies to take action against the Kinomenet.

This could be the tipping point of a fragile peace, and lead to war between a dozen civilizations. Ultimately result in the death and enslavement of many Kinomenet, and Diarianegthy losing quite a bit of her power from her worshippers.

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You can see all of the Silly Hats and more at:

No cost, no ads, just a website that exists to make people smile.


After this week’s request, I finally put all of the silly hat pictures of my girls in one spot.

No ads, no sales, no costs to you. It just exists to make people smile.

Just all the Silly Hats in one spot for your enjoyment. Feel free to share with anyone who needs a smile, loves dogs, loves hats, or wants to laugh.

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In my game, where each player plays as a deity who’s created a race, there are equations when races meet each other for the first time.

There’s a confidence index that gets modified by a physical differences index. The confidence index is built off of the races physical and mental traits.

So you take each races confidence scores, modified by the physical difference scores, and that typically dictates how the first meeting will go.

So two lizardfolk meeting each other will likely get along better than an initial meeting between a lizadfolk and humanoid race.

Some races are built to be more trusting or understanding, and others more calculating and reluctant.

Once the initial meeting takes place, as long as it’s not hostile, the races can then start to learn about each other, and potentially work together.

Is there a full album with all their hats somewhere?

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I got the first 40 some done, will do more later.

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Not yet, I’d like to put together an album somewhere, but I don’t have anything set up yet.

The horror that keeps everyone (not just children) scared, was a murderous puppet king named Paz.

The smartest and trickiest member of his race, and also ruler of his people, whose soul was put into a puppet made from the corpse of his greatest enemy. Told by his deity to perform stage plays showing what not to do, to teach the people how to act the way the deity wanted.

“Paz-formances” included:

“It’s not nice to beat emissaries to death with their own arms” In which he removed the arm from another race’s diplomat and beat him to death with it.

“It’s not nice to torture heretics” In which they tortured the non-believers on stage across multiple cities.

Paz rules his nation converting his populace and the neighboring nations into zealous worshippers of his deity, through persuasion, or force.

And many, many more....

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Met a young lady named Cathy at Target the other day, looking at the Funko Pops.

We chatted and walked around the store together looking at various things, and the silly Hats came up.

We walked around the store together for about half an hour, and this hat was the one she picked out for my girls.

More like, 'we are cuuuute!' right? :)

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I should have used that one..... it’s way better!


After the last update, my afk account (used near the automated farms) gets stuck in the AFK pool on the slab because of the new water mechanics.

Anyone have a workaround yet?

Thanks in advance,

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