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I remember being the only one in my group of friends that knew this song and video was the inspiration for FOTC's "Inner City Pressure" and they were wondering why I kept laughing way after the skit was over.

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Haha I have both of these in my library and always get them confused.


Therapy is too expensive, and it seems like I've done all I can do.

I try to improve myself little by little, but I don't feel anything when I make progress. I've grown a lot as a person over the past year and a half. I do well in school, I'm moving up in my work place, I'm saving money, but I don't feel happier or accomplished about it. Just nothing.

I barely have any friends and I've isolated myself for so long that I've become distant from people. I barely talk and can come off as dry. I've lost the ability to correctly express myself.

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I have this recipe that I like to make, but the problem is that after and hour or two I get hungry again.

The recipe:

1.5-2 cups of rice

Various vegetables that I steam with the rice

Sauteed mushrooms

Cooked chicken breasts

And some butter and cheese

Basically I cook all of it separately then combine it all to make a good size bowl. It's a lot of food that fills me up for a short time, but it never lasts? Any tips??


I've just discovered the wonder of pinto beans in stirfry to make them waaay more filling. Any bean helps but pinto are about 50 cents a can at my store. Black beans or lentils (if you've got the patience) are great too!

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What do you mean the patience?

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When dealing with not-so-obvious numbers look for "shortcuts", by shortcuts I mean round numbers that are close to those you are dealing with.

For example, when calculating 2018 - 1995, it might be easier to first do 2018 - 1990 (28) and then do 28 - 5 (23).

When it comes to really small numbers, like 7 + 3, that will only come with time and practice, but eventually you will memorize most of the single digits operations.

Hope this helps!

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Kind of weird, but for 2018-1995 I work backwards. I figure out how far apart 1995 is to 2000 (5), then add together 18+5.

In TLJ, how did Finn drag Rose's body to the front gate miles away? And without any of the First Order spotting him.

One thing that helps me is cleaning as I go. When I walk from my room to the kitchen I pick up any messes on the way. I clean as I cook, I wash dishes immediately, and I sweep afterwards.

I use to live in a messy house, and I've made an effort to not have to deal with tripping over garbage constantly. Don't make cleaning a project. Cleaning isn't hard and it doesn't take as much time as you think it does. Put on music and dance as you clean or make it a game. Just keep doing it everyday so it doesn't pile up where you have to spend hours on one room.

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One time I got pretty high and began noticing every time a rapper would take a gasp for air. Now I can't stop hearing it in songs.

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Uhh I've noticed that whenever I go to a church and they sing hymns. Everyone takes a synchronized gasp of air.

Listen to Dead or Alive by him. Pure fire

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No no no no!


I like to sit upfront in lectures. I also move a lot when I'm in a seat, so I'm a little paranoid that I might be distracting the people behind me.


What are they going to do if they see a tattoo? Be irrationally mad for an hour, then get over it? It shouldn't ruin their vacation.

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I see what you’re saying but sometimes it’s just easier to not have it seen. My family is Mormon so you can’t have tattoos. And if they found out about a tattoo they’d probably would be a little disappointed.

I think we do and this is what influences our choices in mates. I think we've just gone so far from primal instincts that we don't pay attention to something so small anymore

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I see what your saying but we don’t have pheromones exactly. You may be thinking of things like how someone’s natural musk or the way their house smells

Do you have any other achievements, hobbies, or volunteer experience? Also ask your friends and family. A lot of people get referred by a friend who works there. I’ve gotten 2-3 jobs from being referred by a buddy of mine.

They provide cover for your pee-pee


Saw a post about black hole at the edge of the Milky Way, and was wondering why we spend the time and money looking at things like that.


Soak a little olive oil on it. It’ll peel off after a min or two


I have trouble doing what I tell myself. Like I make plans but cancel for something dumb. Is there a way I can actually push myself and train.


God this is so perfect. First Kimye, now Kyvis


I'm a junior that lives off campus (but close enough to bike). Recently, I've been feeling trapped since I'm confined to only go as far as my bike can go. I can barely go anywhere without having to plan a small trip.

I've been offered a promotion at my job that'll help me save money, but I'd have to work 40 hours a week. I'm also going to school full-time and really don't want to balance school and work.

What are my options? Should I go part-time at school and be in school longer? Just have to wait until I graduate to save up for a car?


Try using your tongue too

I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles. It teaches you to think outside of the box with words.


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