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EPalmighty commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
themariokarters 923 points

They’ll add a blue one at 100 and a purple one at 125.

EPalmighty 1 point

We really don't need that many traps. I think a normal 100 trap is fine. It doesn't need to be complicated.

EPalmighty commented on a post in r/trees
DarkChurro 1,078 points

Those vape pens keep me perpetually faded. I'm still not sure if it's an issue or not.

EPalmighty 3 points

My grandma in Californi let me use hers when I visited and it's perfect. It got me the right amount of how.

EPalmighty commented on a post in r/videos
funkyloki 275 points

Yeah, he's a thirteen year old kid, a minor. Wouldn't the parents had to have signed a release for his face to be shown like that? Don't these shows usually blur out the face of the minor? Anyone of the people he knows at school can see this. It will follow him around forever. If his parents allowed his face to be seen, that's beyond fucked up.

And as you said, there are obviously underlying issues. This kid might be bipolar, or manic depressive. No scare tactic is going to be long term effective against that.

EPalmighty -1 points

Of course it's not long term. He could also just be a normal punk kid that needs a good lesson. And maybe he needs to be embarrassed

funkyloki 4 points

Oh yeah, sure, let's just shame him with a video on the internet that will follow him around for the rest of his fucking life.

EPalmighty -3 points

Lol this isn't going to ruin his life and leave him scarred

EPalmighty commented on a post in r/askscience
HyacinthGirI 2 points

Why exactly is it more sensitive than the rest of the body?

EPalmighty 2 points

More sun exposure, more hair, more precise senses nearby (smell, taste, hearing, sight, etc.). It needs to be sensitive to weed out any danger that might enter the body. Plus, the brain is only behind 3 defenses, with the skin being one of them.

So, you need a strict a security that protects the VIPs.

Rather_Dashing -1 points

How does oil on the skin protect the brain? Do you have sources for any of this?

EPalmighty 3 points

I'm saying it protects the body, which the brain controls, from harmful things.

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