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Have you ever watched Eddie The Eagle?

ERIALPINE96 1 point

I haven’t, but this is definitely a movie that’s on my list!

Cody610 1 point

Congrats! I just feel bad I've never heard of Eritrea...I'm 24.

How do your peers and family feel about you going to the Winter Olympics to represent your country? Well not just your peers but what seems to be the overall attitude towards you making it to the Olympics?

Did you have anyone who didn't support you? Or maybe just not see the point of what you were doing at the time?

ERIALPINE96 2 points

My ambitions have always supported my family, friends, and teammates when I first started skiing for Eritrea in 2011. Occasionally, my teammates have cracked jokes and tease me about a one-man team, but NEVER have they discourage me and always had my back. My family and many Eritrean are very proud and happy that I will be representing Eritrea in the Olympics; this especially important for my father. During the war of independence, he lost several members of his family including several of his brothers and both his parents. I remember before I moved out at the start of my Olympic cycle, we had a heart to heart about why I was skiing for Eritrea and he got emotional when he told me that it reminded of him of the loved ones he lost; that was one the very few times I’ve seen him cry.

I have yet to come someone who has personally discouraged or hasn't supported my goals.

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