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cuntalophagus 4 points

How low did you need to get your FIS points to qualify? Which disciplines are you skiing? Do you need any equipment, skis, waxes, guards, anything of the sort? I tore my ACL recently, it looks like my Olympic bid is officially over (at least until 2022) so I won't be needing it but that doesnt mean I can't help a buddy out!

ERIALPINE96 2 points

In order to qualify I need to get 5 finishes under 140 in SL and GS. I will be only skiing those two events as I'm not allowed to ski speed after my knee surgery. I feel ya buddy, it’s not a easy road to recovery but hang in there. I did my ACL, MCL and medial meniscus two years ago and I feel your pain. Just make sure you don't get lazy with your rehab exercises that your physiotherapist nags you about and keep working hard. Be super patient with your timeline and take every small accomplishment in recovery as a plus. It will make a huge difference down the road. Wishing you all the best in your road to recovery!

cuntalophagus 1 point

By when do you need those 5 finishes? Have you gotten any as of yet, if so then where will you be getting your starts? Sorry for all of the questions!

ERIALPINE96 1 point

I already had all my finishes within the pts minimum by April of last year. I no longer need anymore starts, but I have been competing and will be before I head off to Korea

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