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234 points · 2 months ago

Because they've already realised it and it gets their rocks off. Evil people don't care that they're evil.

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Or they are hiding something.

Details man, details!

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

SRF Prime Rib Roast. 6hrs in wood fired oven at 225 to an internal temp of 130. I then seared it in the same oven at 500 for 10min to crisp the outside.

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It's beautiful, nicely done!

I will always upvote this.

Poor kid. Look at his face, just wants to go to school and not deal with these idiots and instead he's on the internet.

Gotcha. The sugars in the steak sauce burned during the searing process, creating the blackened char that you probably had to scrape off (or it flaked off) to eat. That's less than optimal, in my opinion.

Are you open to suggestions on how to season, marinade and toppenade your steaks without burning char or overpowering the flavor? I happen to have decades of experience marinating - I really geeked out on it for a long time. I still occasionally marinade, though I've been working on rubs and simple nakedness for awhile now.

Anyhow, I'm not trying to be rude. The love of steak and cooking takes many flavors, and I'm not intending to belittle your own.

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Not OP but please suggest away or create a new post!

Dude or dudette, that's looks fucking great!

Congrats! Does your grill look black or is that the lighting?

It's the 2018. Nice truck but I do not care for a car that I do not control while driving.

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What do you mean by a car you don't control?

Killing someone just because they have a mental disorder isn't right

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I know, like the death penalty.

Any toy recommendations, actually asking for a friend...

Congratulations, you look amazing. On a side note, your hair looks legit!

I cannot figure out where one would wear that shoe you linked. A business casual 5k? It's almost impressively hideous.

Also, those prices are just not great for shoes made in china with leather of unknown origin.

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A business casual 5k?

That's awesome hahaha

Does it make sense to flee the scene of an wreck, then run back for your drugs and cash, then run away again?

Yeah it does actually. Can't get charged with a DUI if they have no evidence you were fucked up at the time. The punishment for running from an accident is a lot less harsh than a DUI and EVERY good defence lawyer would tell their client to do the same thing.

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Please don't ever give advice you Don't Know it All.

YSK if you're ever hung over, find your nearest Pho place and indulge in that warm comforting soup.

If you need to leash them, tie a rope between two trees, then put their leash on the rope. They can travel along the rope, you decide how far they can roam.

Driving the speed limit or slower in the fast lanes.

Calf cramps are absolutely excruciating. I get them randomly while I'm asleep sometimes, I have no idea why, but the pain will wake me up screaming. It's so bad. My mom would always tell me to bend my feet up which works, but I'll have to try walking backwards once.

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I've heard it's due to some sort of potassium deficiency.

I've never detailed anything before and just happened to come across this sub. I'm saving this post and using it as a primer. Nice work and thanks!

Thanks all! I think I'm going to fit right in as I tend to have a slight perfectionist streak in my bones that detailing seems to require.

Deviating and not trying to be a jack ass, but isn't 75M 75,000.00? I've always thought million was MM (75MM).

Chance of regret vs guarantee of regret.

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2 points · 1 year ago

Anyone have experience with these bags? I like the concept, but never heard of them before.

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