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Very good service from service plus Or connect on Adelaide road Newtown.

Although both instances were covered by insurance and parts were installed day of arrival, Hope this helps

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Sounds like it could be an issue with your logic board (was the same issue I had) although it wasn't covered in my case and it was a 1000+ fix.

But you can always order the part yourself and install if you are determined.

If you're worried about your data, you can always retrieve your internal ssd and have that data backed up somewhere. Most places will charge you for this but if you have any IT friends it can be done for free :)

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From my experience , the system is pretty broken. Whichever service you reach out to they will take some time to "book you in". Going through the public health system to receive psychiatric evaluation / sessions takes months and you need to be considered as someone who is really struggling mentally and is on the edge from what I've gathered. Going to the gp will put you on the right direction to receive services from the public health system but it will not be an overnight fix.

Otherwise you need a lot of money to see psychiatrists/ psychotherapists in Wellington and the price is through the roof if I recall correctly it's $200 + for initial consultation and evaluation and that's just the start.

Counselling is a bit cheaper but takes time to book in also. There are various places in Wellington. You can reach out for counselling through various services , although it's a Thursday and you will most likely not be able to get booked in until late next week.

If you're working or a student you might be able to receive 3 free counselling sessions from vitae (enquire with work place / tertiary provider)

You might want to try some of the phone services that are available as the most accessible and would be a good starting point in your situation to let your thoughts in your head be verbally expressed and hopefully you will feel some relief.

Whoever you are I thank you for reaching out to us. I want you to know that things will get better it might not be today , it might not be tomorrow but whatever problems you are having stay strong.

Both my parents died when I was 14, my brother committed suicide when he was 24 a year ago. I was quite shocked when I also was at some what of an edge and tried to reach out and was led through a number of appointments and visits to find out I was able to receive nothing. 1 year later and I have never been happier, I have settled down with a partner and it's our 1 year anniversary tomorrow and we've been living together for sometime. The things that helped me the most were exercise , eating habits , positive friendships, self love , journaling , To name a few.

Sending you love and positive vibes from a stranger in Newtown xx

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Good luck buddy, know your show commands and read the question at least twice before you answer, Cisco will trick you process of elimination is key.

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Congratulations man. What show commands would you say get overlooked?

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Trp got me a girlfriend after 7 years of being single, and I learnt the art of conversation with random women through trp. Now I am living together with my significant other for the last 10 months.

How society had programmed me to act towards women did not get me anywhere, once I began to understand biology of the female sex and how they function it became very clear.

Good luck

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you're welcome.

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