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Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/summonerswar
qp0n 66 points

This should be fun, where my popcorn at?

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 4 points

Popcorn? I have 3 gourmet flavors for you to choose:

  • Bacon Cheddar
  • Truffle Parmesan
  • Spicy Cheese

All of them with real cheese and not the powder stuff. What would you like?

qp0n 1 point

It's always hard for me to turn down bacon, but spicy cheese popcorn sounds delicious right now.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 2 points

I personally really like the bacon the most! I used 5 year cheddar, shred it finely, and then mix it with popcorn when it’s still hot from the microwave. The cheese gets slightly melted and the bacon will stick to it better ☺️

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DopestDope42069 1 point

Some self proclaimed sushi eater that probably orders Cali rolls and calls it sushi downvoted you. I got you bro. Rolls are shit in comparison to sushi and sashimi

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 2 points

I agree! The only good rolls are the traditional maki (the smaller rolls) that all they put in is just fish and nothing more ☺️

DopestDope42069 1 point

It is. You can tell by the color of the tuna. If it was light pink you can tell it's probably an all you can eat. That dark red indicates it's blue fin. Which is amazing.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 1 point

Wow, you’re good. It is indeed blue fin!

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barakabara 1 point

Was this is japan? Where?

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 3 points

It’s at one of the stalls inside this Japanese mall called Mitsuwa in Illinois. There’re a few Mitsuwa branches all over US. ☺️

Xephia 2 points

Looks like cake to me.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 3 points

Yes it is cake indeed 😊

Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
Takes2-2Mango 656 points

I don't understand what he wants out of this.

I would bet that he's agreeing to separation but not divorce, because he's not sure if the other woman would have him. He's keeping you because you're the safe bet. You need to talk to a divorce attorney. Living in misery WITH a child, will be much worse than the unhappiness you're feeling right now.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 67 points

Also he doesn’t want to pay child support.

oapster79 5 points

Oh I'm pretty sure you'll be "going big" allright.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 1 point


oapster79 3 points

I hope you enjoy your day reddit friend.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 1 point

You too friend! Stay full and stay happy 😊

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Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
VROF -351 points

Why should the wife know about this child? Her husband had no legal right to see or know this little girl. OP made sure of that before she decided to let the wife know. So what is the wife supposed to do with this knowledge?

The only reason to tell her is to wreck his marriage. If that is her intent then fine; but she didn’t really need a Reddit Post to do it.

And speaking of what people “deserve” to know, don’t you think this girl deserves to know her father?

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 218 points

Technically the guy himself already wrecked his own marriage by cheating behind his wife. OP was just misled.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
applekins20 64 points

First off, I’m sorry for your loss and the overall weight you currently have to carry right now.

As you move forward remember that much of what is going on is temporary. And 3 years from now it’ll all be a distant memory that may make you annoyed to think of from time to time.

But a word of warning. My family is a weird mix of being workaholics and big on family (so I have an idea of what both sides are thinking and made mistakes). And feelings have been hurt because one of us has chosen work over family. Sometimes it’s understandable. Sometimes it’s really not.

Look at your sister’s text. It’s pretty telling that the pallbearer freakout is from pent up frustration (not this sole situation). It’s clear this isn’t the only major family thing that’s happened where people have had to step up and take your place. You can change your job, but you can’t change family. And they will remember that when it came to life/death situations you can’t be relied on to support the family. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been there for them when they need you.

So when this all passes and you move to your new job, I would recommend you spend that spare time (and sanity) being more involved with your family. Because it sounds like some damage has been done.

And honestly, 10 Years from now what will really matter to you? Knowing your were there for your father’s surgery? Or knowing you made sure some product was launched on time?

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 30 points

This OP. This comment has foresight in terms of overall family dynamics. As much as everyone (including me), cares about our career, we only have one family.

I personally regret not spending enough time with my father before he passed away, and still to this day I live with the regret and it can never be fixed. But that doesn’t mean I can’t change for the future. Now I put more emphasis on family and friends.

I still have a good career in engineering, but I don’t allow it to take up all my time, energy and soul.

You have a right not to be a pallbearer, however it sounds like your family has resentment towards you that started way before this incident. That’s something to keep in mind.

Zedyy 1 point

Is the one in the bottom left of the right box red velvet? It's calling my name.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 1 point

Yes it is! I actually did eat that one lol

RocielKuromiko 4 points

I live 45 minutes away from this place. :)

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 2 points

Hehe so that means Chicago? 😊

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Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
oftestroksy 64 points

Neither :(

A friend did reach out and say he’s been posting like normal on his Instagram (I don’t have it) and Facebook (I couldn’t find his name in searches- I thought it was just a glitch). On New Year’s Day he posted something about going into 2018 “filled with blessings”, and today, he posted a picture of our cat from about 6 months ago, saying that he missed him. Someone commented asking what was wrong with the cat, and he said that he was overnight at the vet- so not true, he’s right next to me! A few people commented on his Facebook post where he said he was “looking forward to a 7th year” with me, asking where he was, what happened, if he was OK, and he deleted the post. Then, he posted a picture of him and the cat from a month or two ago, and captioned it “My one and only.” A friend of mine messaged him directly, and he blocked her.

That activity has all been non-location tagged, and from yesterday, so nothing recent or explanatory. Just more confusing and making me more bitter.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 29 points

Wow he blocked her? That’s shady. I can’t find any good explanation for this, but question is, are you ready to walk away from this?

You deserve to be with someone who treats you right. I personally can’t see how you can recover from this without feeling resentment for the rest of your life.

Personally, I would have some self dignity and dump him instead waiting for him to respond. Yes, 6 years is a lot of “investment” but don’t fall into the sunken cost fallacy.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
Crimlrd 35 points

The dress doesn't have a train and it was a formal event, held at an expensive hotel.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 18 points

Do you happen to be tall and skinny? That dress is lovely. While the fabric and color may not attract attention, it’s very form fitting and it takes certain body types to pull this off elegantly. I don’t think the upstage part comes from the color or style but more to do so with the body type and maybe the bride is projecting her own body insecurities.

I think that could be it unfortunately :(

Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/relationships
Eat_Around_the_Rosie -3 points

Just another food for thought, have you thought about getting rid of stuff, reduce clutter in house and implement some closet/ house organization? I starting to do that and it made a huge difference in my life and it makes it easier to clean.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie commented on a post in r/JUSTNOMIL
Yonderen 22 points

Hmm.. Cold.. cheese.. hipster pizza joints.. How's Wisconsin otherwise?

..I'll just be over there in the corner don't hurt me..

Ok, I'll be cereal now. As others here have already said, you deserve better than this. Leave. Take your family, go home, and don't ever return until you sincerely believe all parts of any apology that comes your way, and until you feel damn good and ready to return. If ever.

Eat_Around_the_Rosie 6 points

I was gonna say Chicago because of the tree and the library lolll

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