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Ha. Jokes on you. I work for the military as an anthropologist.

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My first degree is in anthropology. Were you involved with the Human Terrain Teams?

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No sir, I wasn’t part of that. What’s your second degree in?

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I went back to school and got BS in nursing. No advanced degrees. I applied for the human terrain teams but they wanted a Masters.

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It takes a very gifted director to make a sex scene with Jennifer Connelly nauseating. That was hard to watch.

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She also had a somewhat disturbing sex scene in House of Sand and Fog.

Why is this not a thing? Love swimming hate running in formation.... would they make us swim in cadence?

Dammit Johnson quit drowning!

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Synchronized swimming is an Olympic event.

It would also be way cooler if we didn’t have anymore wars. I think everyone prays for the day where our biggest problems are just small engagements that we could pull out of the next day if we wanted to.

You know who is a surprisingly “Yeah, I’d fucking re-up if shit really went down again.” group of people? The Hells Angels. One of my buddies is a member and they got some real hooah hooah vets in their club.

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When I was in the police academy we had classes on outlaw motorcycle gangs motorcycle clubs.....supposedly they were originally formed by WWII veterans who were bored with life when they got home from the War. Viet Nam veterans were recruited to fill the ranks of the clubs.

Oddly enough, I was recruited by a MC when I was at Polk. I don't know what they were thinking, when people look at me they don't think "motorcycle gang" member. Although, that may have been the point.


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You forgot the hashtag!

10 points · 1 day ago

This. He could essentially ice her out of all local JAG offices if he gets strategic about this.

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18 points · 1 day ago

In the Soprano's, Tony went to see all of the lawyers in the area so his wife couldn't find a divorce lawyer.

1 point · 1 day ago

Walk down to the police station an ask, they should be able to look you up.

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3 points · 1 day ago

Look up the arrest warrant.

1 point · 1 day ago

Do you get a warrant if you were arrested in the act?

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You get a warrant for not showing up to court. I've had people in cuffs and then let them go only to get a warrant for them. If there's a mob of people who are going to riot because you are arresting one of their friends you can let the guy go. If you have all of his info you get a warrant and pick him up later when there aren't 500 people around. Picking them up at work is pretty easy.

Even modern Italy and Europe there are amazing buildings in the centre of old cities that have either very shitty or no lifts. This means an amazing multimillliondollar apartment where you have to trudge your shit up to the top story every time. Or, pay one of your dudes to do it for you!

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I saw a fourth floor apartment (top floor of an old building) that had an electric winch on the balcony. They would use it to hoist up their groceries and stuff. It look like in would have been strong enough to lift furniture and appliances if needed.

Did it kill you? You’re welcome, Sir.

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You’re welcome, Sir

The LT is welcome.

AP credits in high school. Many high schools have an arrangement with nearby colleges so students can take classes senior year. Credits for military training. Life experience credit. CLEP.

-10 points · 2 days ago

I call bull shit.

"including a laptop with his schoolwork and assignments on it'

He faked it because he forgot about a midterm or something and wanted an extension.

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My wife is a college prof. From the stories she tells me that sounds about right. My favorite was the student who couldn't afford class supplies because she got a tattoo with the money her parents gave her.

278 points · 3 days ago

Townsends, on Youtube. A bit different than the rest as it's an 18th century cooking show. Pretty fascinating.

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I wish I could just hang out with that guy.

Visited and met Jon, he is as pleasant and lovely in real life as his videos suggest! He even did an impromptu guest video with my good self for my tractor video channel.

18th Century Tractors

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Thanks! I'm not surprised, he seems very genuine.

I also blame our overall image. Super out of touch.

The only thing people see about the Army is free fall jumps, ops core helmets and laying down the scunyun on a bunch of 3rd world degens. That’s ridiculous. Case in point, the 101st can’t even get 80 percent of their oxygen thieves to be air assault qualified. How the fuck is everyone supposed to be qualified to jump at 17K AGL into the ocean?

I’m just saying, be realistic. Show the average soldier. Show a dude fucking around on his phone for 6 hours a day, with no real responsibility. Show him getting a 4 day weekend. Show him never deploying or only having to do some time away from his family for field exercises. Show that this doesn’t have to be a career and it’s cool to just be in it for the college money. Show that sometimes it can be wack as fuck but you’re going to be okay at the end of it.

I’m just saying make it marketable. Tell a fucking story or something. Stop all this hooah hooah bullshit.

Am I way off base with this stuff?

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Saturday Night Live did a realistic version of a Navy recruiting commercial one time. Swabbing the deck, cleaning toilets, peeling potatoes, busting rust........

140 points · 3 days ago

Some cadets were talking about going to a Halloween party. One of them said he didn't have a costume. The PMS said to him, "Why don't you just smear peanut butter around your mouth and go as an asshole".


Probably a dependent.

119 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Oh and LPT, these don't have to be real mistakes. People will believe anything you say about other people most of the time. So if you are on the outside, in trouble, or not doing well, just make someone else the bad guy. Creating your own fictional monster to slay is psyops 101.

I totally haven't been on the receiving end of this before, and it totally didn't take a huge psychological toll as I became more and more isolated while I began to stand for something I am not. No idea why you would think that. I just like to sit alone and think by myself alot. I'm fine, really, I'm fine.

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Curse you, Dale Snitterman.

People who tell you Fort Polk suck mean that their month field problem jrtc sucked. This post is super chill as a duty station. There's Houston, New Orleans, and various other towns within driving distance.

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I don't know which sucked more Ft. Polk or the 5th ID. In the 80's Polk was the French Guiana of the army. If your crime wasn't serious enough to get you sent to Leavenworth you got sent to Polk.

Ft Jackson is Coed. He's balls deep in a female Private in the back stairwell right now.

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25 points · 3 days ago

Hey, this is 2018! Someone could be balls deep in him in the back stairwell.

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There were two times where I "lived clean" both times I knocked up my wife. Well, I think it was me.

For the first time ever, I will probably be getting taped at our next APFT coming up shortly. I'm about 6'3 (6'4 on a good day) and just weighed in at 211. I'm by no means fat, but I'm worried that my skinny neck will cause me to bust tape.

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15 points · 3 days ago

Stop consuming iodized salt. Get a goiter. Neck thick.

LOL. All jokes aside. Pull up a seat.

I have some absolutely fantastic stories that involve me and my shitbag friends when we went through Goodfellow. But I will share the one that most fits your dilemma.

We were all drinking. A lot. We were all underage and we were all shitbags. Article 15s and constantly singled out by other people in the platoon for being a “shitty soldier”. We really just didn’t give a fuck. It showed.

For context, this was before the day of mandatory formations and whatever crazy ass curfews you have now.

Fast forward to the night of this story. We’re hanging out in the room and drinking. Everything is cool. We get done drinking, and my 2 homies go back to the room. Fast forward a couple of hours. BAM! Random breathalyzer formation. We all line up. 4 ranks of people. They call out the 1st and 3rd rank. Your boy is in the 2nd rank, good news for me. My 2 homies are in the front rank, not good for them. They get breathalyzed and they pop. Immediate pull from class, and field grade recommendation. I walked away from the night, free as a bird. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the PSG pulls me aside. He asks if I drank that night, and I’m caught in a moral dilemma. Because I respect the fuck out of this man, but I also respect the fuck out of not getting fucked with UCMJ. I tell him the truth, and he tells me that he’s gonna choke the fucking life out of me in front of my mother if I so much as breath wrong for the rest of my time at Goodfellow. I believe him and I scurry away. My 2 buddies get 45/45ed and reduced to E-1, then reclassed. I graduate. I got lucky, they didn’t. A simple act of chance altered years of my life.

End of Part 1 of that story. Stick around for what happened to my buddies once they got reclassed.

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I’m caught in a moral dilemma.

"He can't use your honor against you"!!!!! Former 2lt Rapone.

20 points · 3 days ago

Offering free enemas is a great way to make friends.

STFU! let me enjoy my Black Rifle Coffee Company Coffee in peace. I deserve it after deploying 18 times in three weeks.

Not a pilot, but I've heard horrible things about trying to fly in the guard/reserve. You don't get enough time during drill to remain current on hours, so guys end up needing to come in unpaid during the week just to stay current on your rating.

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We used to be able to do Additional Flight Training Periods (AFTP). We had one scheduled for Wednesday nights that anyone in the unit could come in for. Everyone got paid. At my civilian job I worked the weekends and had two weekdays off. I used to be able to do 2 AFTPs a day (1 AFTP was 4 hours or 1.5 hours of flight time). It seemed like I got more flight time in the reserves than on active duty. I got paid for all of all of it.

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