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I started listening to XXXTentacion, and I like him

When he died a month ago and everyone started posting RIP X I thought it was a stupid hashtag just for likes.

This generation of sadboy Xanax using rappers like Lil Xan, Lil Peep, etc was a bit newer for me (I grew up on 50 Cent and old school Eminem).

I assumed XXXTentacion probably sucked, but I had never listened to him.

Well I pulled his shit up on Spotify and started listening. He’s different. He’s weird. He’s a sadboy. But I like his shit.

My wife thinks it’s hilarious and that he’s awful. But I like his shit.

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Like his music, bit the guy himself. He was a proper fucking cunt. Deserved what he got.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 hours ago

Looked up what he did... the fuck? What a piece of work

i heard x for the first time like 2 years ago on "take a step back". i thought it was fucking trash but then i listened to moonlight a couple days ago and was in shock. had no clue he actually made good music now

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Original Poster1 point · 12 hours ago

Yeah moonlight hits hard. Idk what dude went through in life but I hear so much pain in most of his hits now.

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IsItBullshit: Chinese Foot Reflexology

It seems like bullshit that points on your foot have some link to various bodily systems, but acupuncture does this, and it’s covered by some insurance.

I don't doubt you enjoy a good massage, but claims of chiropractors masquerading as medical professionals are downright dangerous. I think this is a good topic for a "convince me otherwise" type of sub.

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Original Poster1 point · 6 hours ago

I can agree with that. It bothers me that they would call themselves “doctor”

To each their own is unscientific. Chiropractic is ineffective an unsafe.

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Original Poster1 point · 14 hours ago

My wife and I benefit from it. I don’t need a scientist to tell me I feel better walking out. Placebo? Maybe. More like the feeling of a good massage. It’s not gonna cure my cancer but for a 15 dollar copay to get a good muscle rub? I’m not trippin

Foot reflexology makes a lot of claims, that’s why I asked about it. It still feels good to have a chick rub down your feet and calves

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More of a fat rant Friday... but I figured y’all would appreciate this.

I recently went with my wife to visit my father in law. Both my wife and I are heavily into fitness/healthy eating. We don’t do CICO per se because we are pretty good at portion control and very active, so we tend to be able to lose/maintain weight without counting everything... my wife does put on weight quickly and has found various fasting protocols to be easier than counting every single calorie (obviously just another way to maintain a deficit).

My wife’s family are all overweight, as was she until around the time we met (at her heaviest, she was 185 at 5’1”, now she’s around 130). Both her parents have had lap band surgery. They lost weight after the surgery (this was long before I met her) but have gained some portion of the weight back.

My wife passed out at dinner one night and we went to the ER (not the main part of the story). Turns out she has lowish blood pressure, nothing actually wrong with her according to doctors, just told her to eat enough salt and if she feels faint lie down/stop driving, etc (this has only happened twice so it’s not a common occurrence).

While we waited at the hospital, her dad starts speculating about what might be wrong (dude is uneducated but means well).

He says “she probably has diabetes, it runs in the family, hell I probably have it and if I don’t I will eventually (he actually used to be diabetic before the lap band)”

I reply “she eats healthy, isn’t overweight, and exercises, I really don’t think that’s it (it wasn’t)”

He goes on to describe how “basically every older relative” of his died of diabetes related complications. Amputations, gangrene, the whole 9.

My wife and I talked to him about perhaps eating healthier and exercising, he’s retired and literally smokes weed, drinks Gatorade and sugared ice tea, and sits on the couch most of the day. He eats a standard American diet.

The gist of his response “I don’t have much time left (he’s turning 60 this year), and id rather enjoy myself than have my life suck because I’m not eating what I want and I have to exercise”...

My thoughts 1) my wife and I want kids (I’m 25 she’s 26) and I want him to see his grandkids grow up, plus my brother in law just had a 3 month old (both him and his wife are also very overweight and drink heavily... another story)


2) I don’t think he understands how not enjoyable the chronic illnesses he’s putting himself at risk for will be once they set in

And 3) he makes every excuse in the book about how he has no one to work out with, he hates “grunting jocks” in the gym, and can’t stand watching “geriatrics” peddle on exercise bikes. Perhaps he doesn’t realize the irony there.

I don’t know what to do. Her whole family has this attitude that “fuck it YOLO no point in worrying about health”... they literally laughed that I was FLOSSING after dinner... saying “you’re one injury away from being disabled” when I said I wanted my body to be healthy for another 50+ years.

Anyways... I’m worried about them, but what the fuck can I do? Can’t change people who don’t want to change themselves.

True. I just gave up fighting MMA for this exact reason. I think we are going to start see the consequences of MMA sparring/fighting once a lot of these guys start hitting their 40s

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Yes. The reason I asked this question was because I’m a kickboxer and we do hard sparring twice a week. After seeing Max Holloway last week it raised this question for me.

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It’s serious shit bro and no one in the sport wants to talk about it.

I’m glad Joe Rogan has been bringing it up on his show but even then...

I’m sure it’s a tough call for you man. Idk how old you are or how deep you are in the sport, but I hope you can figure out what’s best for you.

I was only 1-1 in amateur so I’m hoping I don’t have any permanent damage. Haven’t been knocked out but have definitely survived some sparring wars.

Ultimately no one really gives a shit about you and your fight career, even the legends pass some day as just another name in the book. But you’re stuck with you brain, however damaged it may be, and that’s a burden only you can bear.

My kid developed encopresis as result of a dairy and chocolate allergy. For his first 3.5 years, we fed him as anyone would feed their child - milk, cheese, chocolate, ice cream were all allowed. Pizza followed by the ice cream shop was a favorite treat for us.

When he started preschool, he still couldn't control his bowels, so we saw the doc. After a ton of allergy tests, he was diagnosed with the allergy.

Within days he stopped not only shitting himself, he stopped completely. The allergy had gotten his pooping muscles used to the soft bowels, so he never had to squeeze. He got very serially backed up, so we had to do two enemas a day for a week to flush him out completely. We had to use a laxative for 6 months in order to train him and his muscles properly.

Encopresis is more the inability to control your bowels than anything.

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Is feeding you kids pizza and ice cream all the time normal now?

When I was a kid that shit was a treat.

Pizza followed by the ice cream shop was a favorite treat for us.

when I was a kid that shit was a treat.

So.....this is kinda awkward, because that's what I said. Where'd you come up with the rest of your question?

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Ahhhh, my mistake, I misread your comment. I read it as “we normally fed our kid pizza and ice cream”

I believe it is. I’ve taken it a few times and have noticed pleasant effects that I could see being addictive.

If you really want proof, check out /r/quittingkratom


Am I the only one who thinks Cardi B's baby name "Kulture" is a stupid name?

I'm not someone who typically gives a fuck about Entertainment News etc.. but I really like Cardi B as an artist and I think naming her baby "Kulture" is one of the most stupid names I've heard of from celebrities lately, and if anything it shows a lack of "culture" (whatever that means anyways).

I think (edit:wrongfully assumed) this trend of stupid celebrity baby names started with Kanye West, but I assumed that was just Kanye.

I think Cardi B is a great example of someone who came from nothing and hustled her ass off to get where she got...

I still like her as an artist...

But "Kulture"? Really? Like wtf?

EDIT: I guess she’s not as well known as I thought she was (perhaps this sub has fewer Americans idk)...

She’s an American rap artist at the top of the charts right now, here’s one of her #1 hits


Upvote if you have seen this post too many times

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

Salty no one upvotes your shit

Is this sub just for people to ask questions? Because why the fuck would you possibly think that you'd be the only person to think "Kulture" is a stupid name? And why are you afraid to ask this elsewhere?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

Don’t want to be accused that someone will tell me I’m culturally insensitive

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My question is... why didn't you just have sex with them?

Are there really that many women who are willing to grind their junk on your junk but won't let you penetrate?

Edit: I take it they were all from the same woman... I'd say no, it doesn't count

I have a torn miniscus thanks to this guy yanking on my ankle when I had his back sinking in an RNC

The problem is no one talks about policy anymore. Ranting about SJWs isn’t a political discussion.

Let’s talk about how our president put a coal-industry advocate as head of the EPA. Dismantled environmental regulations. Cozies up to Vladimir Putin (trained in turning idiots into Russian assets).

Ranting about political correctness, whether for or against, does nothing to further a discussion about the actual problems with this administration.

It's not hard to see why people led by Breitbart/Shapiro types don't talk about policy or anything which requires much expertise. Not really their wheelhouse is it?

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It’s so much more fun to be mean and justify it as “facts and free speech” than it is to acknowledge that the system genuinely fucks some people over worse than others.

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He didn't say he would've, he say he might have. But why would you want to hear about that? Peterson and Harris aren't experts on public policy, I don't get why you'd care about their political opinions.

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I want to hear about it because he’s hinted at it, plus I recall a video of him at least in passing discussing the possibility of running in Canada. Anyone with a following as large as JBPs with political overtones deserves to have this sort of thing flushed out.

With video titles like JBP destroys leftist etc how can you not argue that there is political undertones.

Plus, these days being an “expert on public policy” really has no bearing on whether you will discuss politics.

JBP speaks on the same events as people like Candace Owens. You’re playing dumb if you claim JBP doesn’t have political undertones.

I have the right to wonder whatever I want about what Peterson thinks... that was the point of this thread

I agree they have political undertones, and you can wonder what he thinks all you want, my point was that I doubt his opinion on US politics would be of value to you. How much are we going to learn from a Canadian psychology professor? I'd rather hear them discuss something they both have a level of expertise in, it'd make for a way more interesting discussion. I would assume most of his political ideas wouldn't be great. Candace Owens is a complete moron, I would have no interest in asking her political opinions either.

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Fair enough and I take your point. I wouldn’t want to hear 3 hours of it, but it would be worth flushing out his opinion for 10 minutes.

I definitely think he needs to be picked apart on what he actually believes. He sure pulls from the Bible a lot for someone who isn’t proclaimed Christian. Why not Norse myths? Greek myths? Etc.

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Wanted to comment since this was my original post.

I am personally not upset with the mods of /r/bjj

Parsing threads is a bitch and I personally will admit that I did not report the comments as I should have.

The overwhelming majority of posts have been positive and supportive and enough people have thanked me for sharing that I’m not sweating the trolls.

Some people sadly get their rocks off trolling online. Its sad that people enjoy doing that to serious topics, obviously there is ample room for humor but some people have not been personally damaged by sexual harassment etc.

Honestly the main reason I posted this is IMO it’s a good fricken story and I would have enjoyed reading it had someone else posted it. Drama with a (moderately) satisfying conclusion. My wife honestly cares less about reddit than I do but she did give her permission to share the story.

Thanks to the /u/uncleskippy for doing the best he can, and to all the trolls and red pillers, I hope your life is more fulfilling than your comments would make it seem.

Keep grinding, keep rolling, and keep getting better everyday, as individuals and as a community.

I actually don't think you're faking at all, nor do I say so anywhere, however given that this is a sensitive topic I can understand feeling the need to react without actually reading what I wrote, at least you didn't go on a tirade like the guy underneath here. What I actually said was that you posted in the other reddit because you didn't want to face the prospect of anyone else disagreeing with you or making light of the situation.

While these were general fitness gyms and not martial arts clubs, I have physically ejected 3 people from gyms I've run or been employed at for considerably less then what you've said. Once for an employee who was getting too "hands on" with his assessments, once for someone who got a little grabassey with a female trainer and once for someone who let loose with a rather disgusting strong of words about what he was planning to forcefully do to another member of the gym. So I get it, this sort of thing needs to be dealt with, quickly and efficiently and it is important to the future of the sport and fitness centers in general.

However, maybe this is just me not understanding the younger generation and pandering to internet echo chambers, but I wouldn't go about posting it only in places where "a crowd would appreciate it more". I wouldn't bang on about how I'm a big tough MMA guy who could have dealt with it but I'm also an armchair psychologist who had to make sure my wife confronted this guy at a bar for her own empowerment (because escalation is always a great idea, I'll make sure to add "go confront the guy in person at the bar" as the first step next time I'm developing a WSD curriculum). Go on about how everyone applauded my brave stronk wife for being a shining example of the #Metoo generation etc. There's a post on my facebook from about 10 years ago that read something like "Tossed an asshole out of my club today for grabbing one of my trainer's asses, anyone else gets grabby and you get tossed just as fast." That's it. I say nowhere that your story is false because I don't believe it to be false, however it sounds embellished to appeal to a very particular crowd known for melting in the heat. I do however understand why others might think you are making it up, and why they might want to take the piss. But like I said, maybe I'm just getting old and out of touch with internet culture these days.

Anyway you came here and responded, so I'll take you at face value about the snowflakes thing, and assume it was as you say, just posting to a more receptive audience, and I do apologize if I came across as calling you a liar, even though I didn't actually do that anywhere or even come close to it, but I'm Canadian and it's what we do.

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7 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Apologize for the misunderstanding, I guess I read “embellishing” as “faking,” I’d say they are in the same ballpark of accusations. The story is literally told as it happened, but I’m fine if that bothers you and you’d do it differently. You do you, glad you handled things the way you did in your situations. No one is asking you to be a big tough guy, and I really don’t think most people read it that way. Idk if you read my original post but the predator literally wouldn’t roll with me because I would dominate him, once I started tapping him 2+ times a roll he would turn me down, I’m not claiming to be some MMA tough guy, but I was furious and I did feel like fighting the guy, and yes, I know I’d win, he’s like 45 and out of shape and I just came out of fight camp. The fact that I didn’t do that should be testament to my character, but I get where you’re coming from. It’s not my intention to be some internet tough guy. I’m not a great fighter in the grand scheme of things but I know what I know and I’m fine with expressing that. Enough people said they were glad I posted what I did that I have no need to sweat that some people don’t agree with it or would have done something differently/not posted. That being said, I think we are on the same side here.

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Yea every black person not a liberal is paid to do it because only liberals are not racist.

Fuck fuckity fuck i hate this logic.

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There are plenty of smart, educated black intellectuals on the conservative side (Glenn Lowry for example)... Owens just repeats canned one liners and offers little to no actual policy.

I’m not a liberal, but I can smell an opportunist when I see one

He’s great sometimes. I appreciate how he called Candace Owens out when she claimed she “didn’t believe in global warming” (again she’s just making money because she’s a black person shilling Trump one liners, she didn’t even discuss policy, apparently hating SJWs is now the basis for a vote)...

But then Joe makes bank selling supplements with no proven benefits (I’m sure an ONNIT sponsored trial is valid /s). Same with Ben Greenfield. These days anyone with a six pack can make a health claim and people will buy into it. Notice how every time Greenfield tries some new thing there’s a convenient affiliate link in the bio.


My Wife Came Forward About Being Groped in Our Martial Arts Program, Leading 3 More Women to Come Forward About the Same Individual. He is now Banned.

Hi TwoXChromosomes.

TLDR: A well known member of our martial arts community escalated predatory behavior over the years towards my wife. She confronted him, he gaslit her, she told the coach, coach investigated, other women came forward, predator is banned.

Update: I was informed by another coach in the area that the culprit attempted to train at his school. He claimed he wasn’t learning at the original school, but the coach was already warned by myself (I drop in there from time to time)... the coach called me and I gave him the full lowdown. Not sure what will happen but the coach said he does not want that shit in his program.

I thought this would be a good place to post this in support of all women coming forward about being sexually harassed.

My wife and I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), a grappling martial art involving close contact. We have been doing it for several years and are heavily involved in the BJJ community. We are both "blue belts," the first colored rank in the art, which although low on the totem pole, signifies significant commitment to the art.

An older individual who had been in our program when we started took interest in helping my wife (then girlfriend) get the basics, a pattern he repeated with pretty much every woman who joined the program. My wife is pretty strong and muscular for her size due to weight training, and they sort of developed a joke about how she's "strong like a man."

It started with seemingly innocuous comments about her arms/bicep muscles being strong/developed. My girlfriend thought it was funny and even enjoyed the compliment to a degree. Personally it wasn't my favorite thing but at first it wasn't uncomfortable for her, and it wasn't my place to tell her how to take it (how I felt at the time).

Flash forward a year and the comments got weirder, one of which was "God you're so strong like a man I should check down there to make sure" (I was not aware of this comment), and she noticed various odd "touches" when he showed her moves; a light pat on the butt, a pinch when rolling (rolling is the term for live training with a partner), etc. Because the art involves such close contact, she wrote the touches off as just part of the rolling, and the comments as "Oh thats just how he is". Red flags for me, but it sort of remained a joke to her.

The last straw that made her completely realize he was a predator was 2 weeks ago. He had her in a certain position where his hands were crossed in front of her chest. Rather than clasp his hands together as the position demands, he grabbed her left breast and squeezed hard. She immediately scrambled out of the position. Right after the roll, he said:

"Wow, you are like a man, I grab your chest (he's foreign and speaks improper grammar) and there's nothing there!"

I was not at class that day, she came home and told me. A bunch of us were going to the bar to say goodbye to another teammate who was moving, and the predator would be there. I told her she had to confront him about everything or I would, (I was furious at the time, and I am a mixed martial artist who would have no problem beating the crap out of this guy, so I thought it best that I stay cool and let her do the confronting, I am aware that the law frowns upon retaliatory violence, plus I felt it would empower her more to do it, and since she was the victim that was important, I supported her 100% but did not want it to seem like she needed a man to do this).

She confronted him hard and he could barely look her in the eye. Long story short he told her "you're wrong, I'm a married man, you're like a sister to me, if I wanted to cheat on my wife I would go to a bar (to me a very awful thing to say in of itself)." She replied "well I hope you didn't grope your sister" and "you are the reason women are scared to do martial arts."

She maintained her position and he continued to gaslight her. She told the coach the next day and he was furious, he confronted the predator at the next class, and he continued to deny it.

The coach started investigating, leading several other young women to come forward with similar stories. They even thanked my wife, saying they were too embarrassed/scared to come forward, and told her we need more women like her who will stand up.

Interestingly, the older married women in the program said they never had this experience, which led the coach to realize he picked his victims specifically.

He will now be banned from the studio we train at, and everyone will be made aware why (I hope).

The hardest part was some of our closest friends admitted THEY DIDN'T BELIEVE MY WIFE until the other women came forward.

I posted the story when it happened to the /r/bjj reddit. Most comments were supportive but some were absolutely abhorrent and disgusting (ie "well are her tits small?" "she probably liked it" "you got cucked" etc)

To all women. I urge you to call these fuckers out immediately in any situation, who knows how many women were scared out of our studio on their first class because this guy "showed them the ropes."

I now understand why it's so hard for women to come forward about this crap, if anything it's been a learning experience for myself and my wife.


So so glad about the ending to this story.

It's really surprising sometimes, how many bad people there are in the world, but unfortunately it's the reality. The commenters making abhorrent remarks are the same types of people as the predator. They're really sad individuals, who are deeply unhappy and try to offload it onto others as reprieve. Pity is a more appropriate reaction to people like that.

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Original Poster2 points · 10 days ago

Yeah there’s definitely some off comments but then again there’s entire communities on reddit based on that same line of thinking. I’m happy in my marriage and I prove myself on the mats and in the cage, I know exactly how tough I am and how tough I’m not. I get smashed at practice all the time and get beat up by pro fighters on my fight team routinely, there’s nothing some internet troll can do to me.

That being said, I’d rather share this in a community that cares more about this kind of issue.

Is this in the Portland region? If you want to remain anonymous I understand but we have a similar situation here involving an instructor who grew up with the Gracies (famous BJJ family for readers who are curious) and thus has some gravitas. I’m not personally involved in the community but I know women who are and I would love to see that guy get outed.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Na California. The coach asked me and my wife to keep it to myself until he can have his choice words in person, at which point I may reveal more. I don’t want to break any forum rules however.

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Listen to Joe Rogan’s #1109 episode with Matthew Walker, a sleep scientist. From his perspective, and the literature’s, it is EXTREMELY detrimental, especially for athletes, to get anything less than SEVEN hours a night.

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This episode changed my life. I basically decided to quit weed because I realized I wasn’t getting REM. Now I dream like a mofo.

Same, not the weed part, but the sleep prioritizing. It was truly scary to hear about the results of not getting enough sleep.

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Yeah, I train mma and I realized I probably wasn’t ingraining the drills from that day’s practice as well as I could have. It’s definitely a problem in our culture that getting more than 5 hours of sleep is seen as being lazy. It’s like a badge of honor to get no sleep rather than a serious health risk.

I agree too man I do MMA to deal with bipolar disorder and when I can’t train due to injury it suuuuuuucks.

"It's bloody well complicated. Do I want hot water, or cold water? Throughout human history, water has come to symbolize heirarcical constructs. Hot water being chaos, with the molecules bouncing around like mad. You also mix in tea or coffee into hot water, representing the tremendous potential for creativity in chaos. On the other hand you have order, represented by the cold. And that's something like icecubes creating a lattice of the molecules. So do I want to ingest more chaos, or order? Or maybe the answer lies somewhere in the middle? I think that might be the answer to the deeper meaning behind the question."

Waiter:......."so tap water?"

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I heard this entire post in JPs voice... fucking epic


Critique my kick/recommendations for stretching/improving

Here is a photo of me landing a left kick in my last MMA fight. I really wanna be able to strike like a Thai fighter when I fight (will soon be switching to a well known Muay Thai gym)

Off the bat it looks like my posture sucks and my head position is off, plus my right hand is a little low. I believe this is probably because my flexibility sucks and I need more work. What stretches should I do so that I remain more upright when kicking high and is there anything else I should work on?

I try to time my left kick with his jab... usually 1-1-2-step with head movement-kick

I don’t do a ton of switch left kicks

I wish I had a good video but in the film the ref is in the way when I kick him.

Timing is key, and if you've got that down then the technique is the easy part. I don't know how much time the average pro spends stretching. I stretch before and after each workout and I'll take a minute or two periodically throughout the day to stretch anything that feels particularly tight. I also do weekly yoga and pilates as part of my fight training. I'm not the most flexible guy in the world, but on my loosest days I could kick myself in the head.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

yeah I've been with a very legit gym for a year and the drills really focus on timing, returning punches and combos, and range. We don't spend as much time on kicking techniques specifically, but its MMA so we have to budget our time between striking, wrestling, and BJJ.

Im moving to Tucson Arizona and will be training at Chris Cariaso's gym (not sure if youre familiar but hes very legit), he's starting an Amateur Muay Thai league there and they have both beginner and advanced classes, I plan to compete in as many Muay Thai bouts as my job, time, and injuries permit

Yeah I know of him. That's awesome though man! Muay Thai is crazy fun. I finally started fighting this year and I'm hooked. I'm now dealing with a rib injury after fighting this past weekend and not being able to really train is killing me.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

Injuries are rough but part of the sport. I tore something minor in my knee doing strength work (oh the irony) the day after I accepted a rematch against the guy who knocked me out in round one of my MMA debut (I was with another team that was fucking awful and basically wanted to just watch me get my ass kicked, by the time I realized how fucked I was I didnt wanna back out)...

Good luck with the rib man I wish you a speedy recovery!

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I just love how much fun they appear to be having. It’s like they aren’t even worried about pain or damage and just legitimately flow in the moment. Beautiful!


With Increased Legalization of Marijuana + Increased Acceptance, There Will Be an Increase in Unfulfilled Lives

Before anyone tears me a new one: I fully support legalized weed. I believe the consequences of criminalized marijuana vastly outweigh the consequences I believe will happen. Okay... here I go.

There are plenty of people who can smoke casually, here and there, and not have it affect the course of their life. I was not one of those people... did it ruin my life? No, but I did fail some crucial courses in college that changed my degree from an engineering degree to a social studies degree that in reflection was because I cared more about getting high.. nothing wrong with that, but I didn't end up becoming an engineer. I took a trade job instead of using my degree (again NOTHING wrong with working construction trades but it wrecked my body and ultimately was not what I wanted to do)... I justified smoking weed by pointing out that I had my own place, paid my bills, had a relationship, was fit etc.

I actually did better than a lot of my friends who got into the stoner lifestyle and had it derail their original plans or overtake some other things that people want in life. Again, my life is fine, great even (and I don't get high anymore), but at 25 years old I am looking for a job that I could have gotten 18 out of high school, and I am not using my degree (partially my choice, but again that path was largely because a career with my degree would have required me to stop using weed).

Before anyone just says "oh your opinion is tainted because of your experience," I have witnessed this pattern over and over again in other individuals I know, both friends and family (older and younger). Generally speaking, everyone I know who uses marijuana heavily has at least one or two aspects of their life that are severely diminished. Maybe they lack a solid relationship and are lonely. They may lack fulfilling hobbies. They may have many friendships that would vaporize (no pun intended) if either of them stopped smoking weed. I have an older cousin who is in his 40s and single, and has been a lifelong stoner, he complains about how his life is unfulfilled, he wants kids, wants a relationship, etc, and I personally think his constant pot use is the chief reason he lacks that (he's very successful in what he does for a living). Like I said, he is not the only one I've witnessed this pattern in.

Again, nothing wrong with smoking weed, but for every person who can use casually and have no effect on their life trajectory, there is someone who will make it a serious part of their life, to the point that it may overtake other things: social/relationship, career, health/fitness, or financial success.

I fully support legalization, but I believe it WILL increase this pattern of unfulfillment I see in a number of people.

1 point · 18 days ago

Is this James alssup?

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago


Yeah, but Cheezy Puff stocks are going to fucking skyrocket.

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago


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I don't drink because I hate being hungover and don't enjoy drinking unless I get a major buzz on, plus I hate the extra calories and it fucks with most fitness goals.

I literally have to justify this to people all the time, which generally leads to an argument. Its like dude, I don't care what you do with your body, don't make your drinking about me.


At what point will the Southwest desert (ie AZ Mexico border) become inhospitable due to climate change?

basically I’m considering purchasing land down there to build a sustainable dwelling (something like an Earthship, maybe more conventional)... will this area become absolutely inhospitable due to global warming and if so over what timeframe? I’m 25 now and this is something I’d be doing in my 40s


My Girlfriend was Groped at BJJ Last Night and the guy blamed it on Jiu Jitsu

My girlfriend and I have been training for several years at the same place (we are both blue belts). There is a man who trains there (4 stripe blue) whos notorious for going hard on women when he rolls, to the point that some women wont roll with him. On the flipside, he wont roll with me or other guys who he knows will steamroll him (he was blue when I started but I train wayy more than him and can now dominate him easily, he turns me down everytime I ask him to roll).

Anyways my girlfriend is the type who isn't afraid of rolling hard with big guys and knows what to expect when rolling with him. The thing is, he also has a history of "touching" odd places, especially when showing a move, for example, "move your ass a little to the left" and then a slight spank or something. Other women have expressed the same thing.

Last night, he grabbed my girlfriend's breast (i believe he had her back) very aggressively (she is not the type to whine about physical contact so I believe her when she said it was a grope not a normal lapel grab)... she was initially gonna just write it off, but after class he commented "wow, youre like a man you have nothing there!...

I wasn't there because I have a minor knee injury but she came home and told me about it. I was furious, he's been like this for awhile but we would always jokingly write it off... not this time. We were meeting up with a bunch of jits people that same night, including him, at a bar. I told her she had to call him out or I would.

She confronted him at the bar, he immediately stopped making eye contact and insisted it "wasnt like that.. thats just jiu jitsu.. and we have a joking dynamic anyways" he also said "I'm a married man if I wanted to cheat on my wife I'd do it outside of jiu jitsu".. she said bullshit you know exactly what youre doing and he said "well I'm sorry you feel that way but its not like that thats just how jiu jitsu is"... the thing is, my girlfriend has rolled with DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of guys at all different schools and has never once felt that they were trying to grope her or anything. Other women feel the same but generally they dont call him out.

She messaged our head coach on Facebook but we haven't heard back yet.. In my opinion this guy should not be rolling with women, and perhaps shouldn't be allowed at our school.

TLDR: Older large blue belt who routinely goes hard on women but wont roll with the younger killers gropes my girlfriend, comments on how her breasts are small, then blames it on BJJ when confronted.

EDIT: For people saying my girlfriend is insecure and why am I posting this... this is a BJJ Reddit and this is about a very important issue that can arise in BJJ.

UPDATE: Our head coach called my girlfriend and talked to her for awhile. He knows her very well and trusts her judgement. The individual in question will no longer be allowed to roll with the (3) women at our school and depending on his attitude may not be allowed to train there any longer.

Update 2: my girlfriend really appreciates all the positive support. It’s really frustrating to see the guy laughing with all our teammates (mostly males) carrying on etc drinking with the team when we know deep down he’s a creep. Her biggest desire is that other women would come forward should a situation like this occur to them.

Thanks /r/bjj

Update 3: Not sure what planet some of you guys live on, but generally speaking “beating the shit out of a guy” after the fact (I was not at that practice) or even at the time is not an option in this society. To me that would show supreme lack of maturity and would likely get me put in jail and ruin my life. It’s very easy to be a tough guy over the internet when you have nothing on the line, so all you keyboard warriors please get real.

My girlfriend asked me not to confront the guy. She did it herself and chewed the guy out so bad he could barely look anyone in the eye after. I have nothing to prove to you guys. I make my mark in the cage and I have no interest in proving how macho I am outside of that arena. This is an issue for the head coach to deal with as it happened in his school.

Get real.

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Thanks for the advice man!!! I take it you’re a Pro title holder!!!

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good for you brotha!!

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