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Ehenderson5400 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Ehenderson5400 1 point

Nobody is going to mention selfies? Like is it that socially acceptable ? You don't need to take selfies. Especially with the flash on while you are eating in a public restaurant. Idk. Makes me cringe though. Or constantly making your kid take selfies. That's another one.

Ehenderson5400 commented on a post in r/Libertarian
StewartTurkeylink -5 points

Kinda hard to catch an armed and active shooter unaware with a no knock raid isn't it?

Ehenderson5400 1 point

Kinda hard to catch him if all the cops get fucking shot busting in the door too...

Ehenderson5400 1 point

At least in the first picture there seems to be a strategy

Ehenderson5400 commented on a post in r/Audi
husbandoftheyear2028 4 points

I'm really wanting a 2018 Golf R but they are apparently never coming to the US. So I test drove this 2018 S3 and loved it! Now I started looking at used and found a few with under 20k miles for $32-33k. Is the 2018 model that much better?

Ehenderson5400 5 points

Shit I wish I could find as s3 for that price here. In washington state. Although I still can't decide on s3 or s4. Or just say fuck it because I'm not rich. And get an a4/a3 lol.

Ehenderson5400 commented on a post in r/GlobalOffensive
Ehenderson5400 6 points

Well in my opinion. Counter strike is all about experience. If you have played since the 1.6 days. You are always going to have game sense over people who are new. Picking it back up usually isn't too hard. Just getting your aim back takes a little time.

MidFlightRiot 2 points

That's what I was thinking, thanks

Ehenderson5400 2 points

Yeah. When I quit and came back it was sort of hard because they changed the sounds and spray patterns. But if you have played since then I don't think it should be as hard.

Riftus 1 point

Hey buddy, try not to steal next time.

Ehenderson5400 1 point

Oh yeah my bad. Because I go back and read 63d old shower thought posts. But good to know.

Ehenderson5400 3 points

I get that most people don't put their actual birthday. I just feel the need to do it for some reason lol

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