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Riftus 1 point

Hey buddy, try not to steal next time.

Ehenderson5400 1 point

Oh yeah my bad. Because I go back and read 63d old shower thought posts. But good to know.

Ehenderson5400 3 points

I get that most people don't put their actual birthday. I just feel the need to do it for some reason lol

Ehenderson5400 commented on a post in r/personalfinance
firematt422 36 points

Buy a bag of bread and a lb of lunch meat and pack of cheese. Assemble the entire sack of bread into sandwiches, put them back in teh bread bag and into the fridge. 15 minutes, lunches for a whole week.

Ehenderson5400 3 points

I am lazy and I can never force myself to pack a lunch. This is eye opening. Now I need to take it a step further and buy a mini fridge for the office so I don't physically have to bring the sandwich each day.

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Dyna-White 496 points

Please ignore the dodgy alignment for the monitors. I had to get an adapter for the Asus monitor on the left which is why it is slightly higher, but it suits me when I'm sitting up close. The HDMI cable is about 3 inches to short to go through the Mount's tubing also, which is why it is sticking out the back. I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out though!

Edit: Thought I would update this to credit the creator of the wallpaper(s).

Ehenderson5400 1 point

Curious how you get sound from the ps4 into your Astros? I want to hook up my consoles to my pc but my benq doesn't have an optical out option.

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Ehenderson5400 5 points

If there is one streamer I can not stand it is Moe. Always yelling and blaming others when he is getting wrecked. Plus he should still be banned.

Ps. Don't install cheats on your computer..

JonyTones 1 point

Moe had cheats? When did this happen?

Edit: Just did some research, are you talking about this?

Ehenderson5400 1 point

Can't watch your link right now but I think that's the correct link. He was banned for a while from it.

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