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Polo with the meatball on your chest would have been more practical :)

In complete violation of the rules, I will say this: I am a democrat, and I agree with this poll. I prefer a society where parts of the government are socialized.

I don’t want firefighters choosing the rich house over my house just because they pay higher dues.

Ok, I’ll be off now, and enjoy my ban or however you guys do things around here, but I’m definitely open to discussion.

I’ve got a 4 year old daughter. I’m really dreading the day she has to leave her Montessori school. As it is, at the end of each year when she knows some won’t be coming back, it’s pretty painful.

It’s a massive and a ridiculous waste of money and the timing is obviously intentional. But it’s not like the military will turn on the citizens.

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I've had enough enough "that'll never happens" turn into "that happened"s in the last 2 years.

We've had children raped in concentration camps because of this administration. That's a reality of the US now. The military turning on citizens is not more farfetched than that. Fuck, look at Kent State. It's happened during less turbulent times.

You think our current situation is more tumultuous than the country during the Vietnam war? That’s flat out wrong.

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You don't?

We have someone who all signs point to be a foreign appointee in the white house. We have a congress who refuses to reign him in. We have a Supreme Court where the majority was literally stolen from the Democrats.

Shit's worse than the Vietnam war right now. Whether or not there are more protests, we're in dire straights.

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He should revoke mine as well... it's only Secret, but I'm very much in the "Fuck Trump" camp.

We want the LugenPresident arrested.

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I had this problem with CK2 once, and it was because I alt-tabbed our during the loading screen.

We've gone from hero releases every 3 weeks, to... what, every 2 months? Hero trailers, skin dumps, etc.

Yeah, and they said they were focusing on reworks. Which they've done. Less content? They've done several events with plenty of event specific skins at a more frequent rate than they ever have. Doesn't look like they've cut anything, just readjusted priorities.

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reworks. Which they've done.

Right... a rework takes just as many resources as a new hero.

And they're coming out every 3 weeks, too, right?

Actually yeah, if they are testing reworks I wouldn't be surprised if it takes awhile to figure out how it affects meta. There's a ton of heroes in the game now.

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So those 3D modelers, voice actors, and other creatives were just repurposed into doing balance work.

Got it.

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HERM EDWARDS. I’ll let y’all decide if that means we win or lose.

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I came here to make the exact same post.

What did you play, Tomb Kings?

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High Elves

Then you're fine. They're largely all still playable, and though they are fragmented, you can still field any of the subfactions (Swifthawk Agents, Order Draconis, Phoenix Temple, Eldritch Council) except for Lion Rangers as a single allegiance, or as mixed Grand Allegiance Order. If you go GA Order, you can field Compendium units - retired models no longer produced that still have valid point values.

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Didn't they absorb the Dark Elves?

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106InTheShade - were all the same trophy level as you guys — about 26 of us, war constantly, and are in and out of Gold.

Kinda defeats the whole purpose of compounding. If you lower contribution and market goes down, you won't be buying low and will hurt your future gains. Unless of course you are very close to retiring.

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To be honest though, if he’s putting in 15% to a 401k when his company only matches 3%, he’s kind of doing it wrong to begin with.

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Weight loss is 90% diet, but exercise will definitely make him stronger

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Very true.

But getting some exercise in will help with mobility, and make your body start to crave healthier foods.

When I’m in the midst of a hard powerlifting routine, shitty food doesn’t even SOUND good.

Plus it’s a good metric for your weight loss — as it isn’t all demonstrated on the scale. You can drop inches (or put on inches, if that’s your thing) and not have your weight move at all.

All in all: exercise good.

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Do we need to send the French again?

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It wouldn’t hurt... and you could somehow piss off england again as well, if you made it an indictment on Brexit.

Anybody expect the defense to just stand up and say "We have no closing arguments"?

I'm half expecting that... they're just banking on a refusal to convict, or a pardon.

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What. The fuck. Is that picture? It's like someone from the 1990's aggressively redesigned the Oregon Duck for a live action film, Powers Rangers style.

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Welcome to Roboduck, where champions play.

Well boys, we've perfected this off season... time to pack it up and start playing some football.

I have a 4 year old daughter. It would kill me to be away from her but....

I would catch up on sleep, and dream about the ways I would use my money.

Also, sounds like a good way to implement a rigerous bodyweight fitness plan.

This being my first year growing, so far all I do is look at the green plants every day and think “hm, I wonder if they’ll ever sprout peppers”

Prosecution: hands over mountain of documentary evidence

Defense: Nuh-uh.

I can't believe Manafort's team is so arrogant as to simply state that they disproved everything and the evidence is nonsense.

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I’m going to hold off on passing judgment on their arrogance until the jury actually convicts.

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why does fortnite get so much hate?

i find it fun to play.

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I genuinely dislike the gameplay. I mean, I liked it alright back when my computer was a toaster and I couldn’t run pubg, but once I upgraded I felt like it was easy to tell which the better game was.

THAT SAID.... I’m not saying it’s a bad game, but anytime a f2p game gets tremendously popular, it’s going to be overrun with kids. There is nothing wrong with that either. I’m all for the next generation of gamer getting their roots put down in a solid gaming franchise. But it also makes it “not mine”. As more kids get into it, adults seen playing it are more and more considered “weirdos. “

Finally, and I think this plays into a lot of the hatred... have you ever had a 12 year old nephew talk to you about something that you don’t really have a strong about? For 8 straight hours? You’ll have a strong opinion about it afterward and it won’t be a positive one.

7 points · 1 day ago

Honestly, I don't think there ever has been a game that popular. I mean, I played it once or twice. I hated it. But everyone and their dog is playing it.

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Skyrim, GTA5... either of those dominated this sub for way longer and way harder than fortnite.

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Being lazy (or just being normal) and leaving my socks on the floor. My dog eats EVERYTHING- not exaggerating. And he chews on nothing and swallows everything whole, so if he gets ahold of something, even if you see it, it’s down his throat in 1 second.

Cost me $800 to remove a huge tube sock that he managed to scarf down like a snake.

Sad part is, this happened twice, so make that $1600.

I thought I got the deal of a lifetime on my purebred golden retriever paying $600 when everyone else was charging $1200-$2500. In the end, it’s all evened out.

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Pet insurance. Seriously look into it. It costs (for my 50lb, 7year old dog) $50/month. Thing is, after the first $100 every year spent at the vet, I only pay 10% of ANYTHING medical related. That $100 a month is always covered by the time we get the heart worm medicine and her yearly checkup.... so she can also have a yearly teeth cleaning without breaking the bank.

And if anything goes wrong, it’s major piece of mind. Had a corgi with lymphoma last year. Just getting the diagnosis (after ruling everything else out) ended up around $4000. Would much rather that have been $400 right about now.

No Man's Sky is the perfect illustration of his point.

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Yup. I don’t plan on picking up no mans sky now no matter how polished that turd is.

Joke's on Daddy. That last one wasn't a squat. That was the "I'm pushing" face.

13 points · 2 days ago

Shit fuck that. Take the money, and walk my happy ass straight to Mueller.

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I don’t think you get to keep the money in that situation.

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