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fuck you tahm bout

edit: “fuck you tahm bout” is another chance song

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Don't ask me for no ID...bitch I fuckin signed out

edit: damn, people don't know 10Day

ESAM signed my book at The Big House 7. I was really nervous but he signed it and complimented my shirt with corgis on it. I was so nervous I said

"I like your pikachu" (what the fuck else would he play? Oh I got it!)

"...and the Samus too..."

I hope they sell the USB-C earbuds separately, my pixel buds have been finicky when charging but they fit so damn well lol.

I responded with "dude that's fuckin rad, be yourself, we'll always be friends, I'm glad you told me :)" and he seemed relieved that I didn't freak out and still want to be friends with him.

Going on keto/working out consistently

Lost 60lbs on keto, got with some friends with a YMCA membership and kept weight off that way. I feel more confident and it's something to keep me busy.


Is there any animal that can just eat up rat poison and be ok? If not, why isn't it just called poison?

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Ever since the trailer in Teddy Perkins, I've been wanting to see it. I knew it had a limited release on July 6th but the website/imdb said it would be everywhere by the 13th. It's only in 18 theaters and the closest one to me is an hour and a half, I can't imagine someone with my same mindset but in an even worse location. I just confused I guess? I'd love to see it with a few of my friends but can't right now. Any word on DVD release/more theaters?


Can someone post a picture of a hat and price tag from lovebox? I'll pay the base price +$5 so you get a little bit extra and I'll pay shipping (preferably U.S.)

I don't get notifications from Reddit so don't purchase until I respond, I don't want someone to be down some cash because I didn't see a reply. Thank you so much, anyone who can help!


A good GameCube controller, a GameCube, a copy of Super Smash Bros Melee, and an old CRT television

then arthritis medicine to spare

Uplifting would be nice. Hasn't been a great time for me lately...

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(break aotl I assume) The closest I can get is







Regular Tuning (EBGDAE) / meaning a slide ~ meaning vibrato

(I'm on mobile so I'll how bad formatting is, I'll try to fix if it's fucked)

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My ranking:

  1. Royalty

  2. STN MTN

  3. Culdesac

  4. I Am Just A Rapper

  5. I Am Just A Rapper 2

  6. Poindexter

  7. Sick Boi

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yeah pretty much this


I want to know the 6 fuckin people who chose Tracy

There's no way

When I was 14 I was drastically overweight so I looked into keto, got approval from doc and the lost 50 punds in the span of I wanna say 6 months? My life has only been better since then.


I just want to say, I love all the members of FWOB for different reasons. I've been subbed since it was just Alpha/Dad but the new members have added so much variety and content to the channel that I can't help but watch everyday. These guys have helped me through a bunch and I can't say thank you enough, but I'll try.

Thank all of y'all for making my days at least a little bit better, I don't know where'd I be without without ya and I appreciate all of the content you give us. The difference in personality between members makes your channel my favorite out everyone on the site. Thank you o7 <3


The real benefits were the friends we made along the way

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Dang, I guess friends really are benefits. dabs

I might’ve gotten a time slot for when this might’ve happened (notice the might between every word... I’m not really sure). Basically, in MP5 Season 1 Episode 7, Alpha replied to a comment saying ‘Major didn’t come to the office for about 2 months because of personal issues’, or something similar. Anyways, that leaves us about 2 months, 15 days before uploading this video. What I mean to say, 2 months before recording it, plus the half a month before uploading.

“HE WASN’T EVEN HERE”, the episode in question, was uploaded September 25 of last year, which means that the video they were most likely talking about WAS during the Turv era, or before it, and not after. I think this because it makes the most sense to imitate Major when he isn’t there, and not when he is there. Another point to point out, is that during the episode of Don and Major playing The Price is Right, it was clarified that they never made another episode as it was recorded in January. They uploaded it September 7th, when Major had recorded a series, also according to Alpha in the comments. So, we can assume the time period of Major’s break was Early July, to Early September, give or take. Which possibly means that this time slot is when Dyllion made his Major impression debut. I could be completely wrong about this, but it just makes sense to me to imitate him while he isn’t there, to sorta, dunno, fill the void?

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Jesus Christ this is some CSI level shit

Good work, boat

I think it sounds similar, not gonna lie, but I think it's more influence than ripoff. Both are hip hop songs with triplets and gospel elements, and both talk about injustice in America. I think Gambino may have heard this song and it kinda just stuck with him. If it gains enough traction I'd like to see what Gambino would say about it. I think the artist behind American Pharoh is really chill about it tho, a bit upset but he seems ok with it, no need to get up in arms about it.

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the fuck man

why the hard r

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