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So I just got back into the game like three weeks ago and noticed that they added the weather boost. Theoretically, This could be applied to gyms. Seeing how in the game/anime, Gym leaders favored a certain element for their gyms. So why not have gyms host a certain elemental type and when you place your Pokemon of that elemental type in there, they get a boost for defending. This could also help change up the defenders you consistently see in the gyms (I'm looking at you Blissey and Chancey).

But then again I've only got back into the game, so this may have been brought up before.


Well in three weeks is Star Wars. So maybe then?

I moved over to ESO (Elder Scrolls Online).

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Enjoying it? I really love that every quest so far in Vvardenfell is voice acted. I also love the lack of a theme park so I can go anywhere and do anything, but I'll stick with Vvardenfell until I'm 100% done with Morrowind. People have told me to go to some dungeon where everyone farms to level 50 in two hours, but I feel like that defeats the point of playing an Elder Scrolls game.

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More than I thought. It just takes that initial grind to get over all the tutorial questing. And for the dungeon farming, that is something I would say is part of all mmo like this. It's for those who played and lived through the experience already. But I like the stories each area has, so I'm fine with the experience so far.

Damn dude, give other people a chance to play the game. lol


before in adobe Premier, I select the effect, it showed clip A & Clip B and I can adjust the dissolve via a slider. nut today when I try to adjust it, it just shows a small A/B box with a duration time next to it. Any way to get those two A/B boxes back? Thanks.


How long will this mode run for?

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It'll stay at least through the weekend.


The one I have will auto-fill with the title of my article and that's it. But I would also like to have hashtags and such, preloaded into it after the title. thanks for any help!

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I guess I walked out of the mall at about 2:37pm... and had to go through lots C, F and G before realizing that I was parked in Lot A.... Keyfob didn't work til I was about 100ft away... battery must be dying.. so I'd say it took me... hmm...
bout 45 minutes to find my van....

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lol. Cheeky Bastard.

try disabling your TSAA under Anti-aliasing.

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Are you using the disc version of the game and can you boot the title without the network cable connected/WiFi off?

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It's now in the normal map rotation. It's no longer a dedicated playlist.

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Everyone should have a new intro that randomly plays at the start.


Close out the game and then reboot, it seems your game just didn't receive the update.

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Links don't work anymore, Does anyone have another link? Please and thank you.

Well shove that little demonic invasion back in and say "not yet!"

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