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Absolutely, if you're completely alone, you're also completely safe. I have 5000 reasons for doing this.

101 points · 22 hours ago

Seriously the dude inhales cheese like it's going out of style. I once tried to eat an entire brick of Emmenthal cause apparently he does that on the regular and I do really like cheese. I couldn't do it. It was too much cheese. I tried eating it like a hand fruit but gave up about a 3rd of the way through. If he does that constantly his arteries must be terrifying to behold.

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I can easily devour a couple of 100 gram of good cheese while sipping on a good beer.

Beforehand. The stock did absolutely nothing for months and then it became worthless

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To be fair, VW was overvalued for a couple of months before the scandal, then dropped roughly 50% and is since steadily increasing. It almost doubled from the low point, so it would have been a good bet to buy after the scandal-correction came through. However, since trump announced the import tariffs, 20% drop down. Its hard to predict. Buy the index.

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It's not like owning at 200 makes you a millionaire, you know. Even if someone had 1BTC when it was at 200 and sold it at 20k, that's still only $19,800. Surely, it helps deal with everyday spendings, but it's not such a fortune that it will make you rise in socioeconomic class. For someone to actually have enough money to live without working from 20 to 80, they'd require at least profits of $3,000,000 (60 years at an average spending of $50,000 per year) and the amount of people who have made that much money from selling BTC is so ridiculously low, it is not worth mentioning.

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You can get a comfortable $2000 a month netto, after tax based on a roughly 600 000 USD portfolio invested in classical diversified broad market funds. Or a $1 250 000 portfolio for a roughly 50k a year. Way less then half of what you suggest. Compounding interest and market returns are ever in your favour (over the long rund). You need way less then you are thinking. Nonetheless, selling a couple of BTC did not make you wealthy. OTOH if you bought or mined several 100 BTC 'in the beginning' and sold them on the ATH, you're probably settled; but that is a big IF.

if you bought or mined several 100 BTC 'in the beginning' and sold them on the ATH, you're probably settled;

Settled? If you bought 100 BTC them for $0.01 each or mined them at no cost, and sold them at $20,000, you have $2,000,000. That's not so much in the long run. Not everyone is smart with money and/or knows how to invest, so for most people 2 million will be pretty short over the long run. I'd require at the very least 3 million to consider myself 'settled', in the sense that I could live 60+ years after getting the money, and into my natural aging death, all the while not lacking any basic need on the long run. You have to consider there is one person whose fortune exceeds one hundred billion dollars, there are about 3,000 people with fortunes exceeding 1 billion dollars , about 150,000 people with 100 million dollars or more, about 8 million people with 10 million dollars or more, and about 120 million people with 1 million dollars or more. These days, 1 million is nothing.

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This is assuming the bitcoin is all your money. If you have bought $1 in bitcoin @ 0.01 each, you would indeed have 2MM from selling them at ATH (a very unlikely event). However you also have all your other savings you could have done in this time, because the bitcoin is basically all gain. So your net worth would be significantly above the BTC sale alone. If you are bad with money/investments, I am quite sure you either would not have bought any BTC to begin with, or would have sold them way ahead of the ATH, rendering this discussion futile.

I do agree, 2 MM is nowhere near lambo money, but it is live comfortable ever after money. You invest 2 MM in a broad market index fund at 7-10% annual gains over the long term and withdraw around 4% (adjusted for bear market risk and inflation); this gives you $80k yearly income; not top high-roller, but comfortable. You can pay off your modest 3 BR house in a medium to high cost of living. You can drive a mid-range new car, or a top range 4 year old second hand sensible car. You can go out to eat, you don't have to worry about sudden expenses. You can afford the holiday in the Caribbean. You do not however have the money to fly your private jet to the caribean and get a helicopter to bring you from the airport to your private yacht. If you want to do that, you'll have to wait to sell your 100 BTC till McAfee does not eat his own dick.

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To me that still sounds like buying happiness

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It means that it is much easier to be happy if you have money. But there is no guarantee.

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In reality, almost all air traffic over Moscow is strictly prohibited. Only some military flights, president, prime minister and emergency helicopters could above Moscow. It's some kind of a Soviet legacy.

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There you go, that is the solution. Become russian president, acquire exclusive helicopter rights in Moscow.

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Given the history of the Russian presidents in the XXI century, I see a little problem with this plan. Otherwise, it's perfect!

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We can work out the details later.

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I had the same sort of question, and 100s more (for example--after year 1 is that 4% of the current year's investments or 4% of the investments at the start of the draw-down?) Then I realized that 4% was a gross simplification of only one little chunk of a really complicated set of calculations involving multiple income streams / 401Ks / pensions / houses / her expenses / my expenses / her soc sec / my soc sec / kids college expenses / kids college savings / changing tax brackets / healthCare before and after retirement etc etc etc that was making my head explode. Throw on top of that modelling what-if scenarios--what if my wife works to 65? What if we sell her house? What if I retire early? I decided that the 4% rule etc was pretty useless, and wrote some software to model...all of it. Based on 100 yrs of total returns data for S&P500 / TBills / inflation, multiple simulations, basically the same calcs that the trinity study uses however modelling all the specifics of my family's income and expenses, produces a probability distribution: for 100 different scenarios, 1 shows that I die pennyless, another 4 show that I die between pennyless and preserving my capital, 95 show that I die with more (in constant 2018 dollars) than I start with. (Not my actual results, just giving an idea of what the results look like)

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Yes, it can get very complex. Modelling real life is almost impossible. The trinity study cimes to withdrawal of somewhere between 4 and 4.5% of your initial portfolio value in your first year, and then inflation-adjust that every year (regardless of what markets are doing). Thus is considered safe over 30 years retirement, assuming hiatorical performance is an indication for future returns.

Most of the scenarios result in a vast increase of portfolio value at the end of life. The most risky situation is a market crash shortly after retirement. If in these situations, you are capable of lowering your withdrawal a bit, then you'll probably even be safe with a 5% WR. This is all based in stock market returns. If you have real estate, the actual return of that (significant) proportion of your portfolio can be a lot different. Either way, the 4% rule gives you a quick and easy approximation, which is practical to use but you need to very aware of its limitations.

Johnny Walker Double Black

Highland Park 12

Old Pulteny

All with more subtle smoke/peat elements

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Double down on the Highland Park 12 suggestion, a very well balanced peaty dram. The Lagavulin and Laphroig are really not introductory whiskeys, but the more advanced peat monsters. You love it or you hate it.

Interesting fact, the modern slavery capital of the world, Qatar, is on the UN Human Rights Council.

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That's why they call it 'modern', it's okay as long as it is not 'classic' slavery.

It is an unpopular opinion, but a lot of slaves had a worse time shortly after slavery was abandoned in the South US. If you have nothing, it is very easy to be taken advantage off. If the only deal you can get is a bad one, you'll take it, you have to eat.

0 points · 1 day ago

I agree there were many horrors and in many ways slavery never actually ended after it was banned, but I still really doubt that many slaves had it "worse" than being treated like a farm tractor with no hope of anything ever changing for you or your children. I think for many slaves things never improved but how much worse can it have possibly gotten? Caged, starved, worked half to death, beaten for any reason or no reason, literally having "no rights a white person has to respect".

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This is indeed the only thing that changed. Give them false hope on a better life. We are 150 years after the abolishing of slavery, yet this tread is on the frontpage of reddit. 150 years of hope, very little change. Yes, There was a black president, but this does not change the fact that black people are vastly overrepresented in lower socio-economical layers of society; and in jobs that fit the 'modern slavery' label. They might not be imprisoned and beaten but they are worked half to death, for little or no reward, with little or no hope to break the circle of debt. One of the main things that changed is that now, white people are also vulnerable to become slaves.

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Yea this isn't how it works. You spend more you take the same gamble on it breaking and company policy shafting you. Also, everyone already knows it's cheaper being rich. Telling people to buy better stuff like it's advice is absurd. Might as well tell us to have more money.

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Have more money, great life advice. Although it is hard to have more money, it is solid advice for most of life's problems.

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If it is a tool you will use every day, or week, spend a bit more to get a good/professional one. You will be glad you did.

If you are only going to use it once, or once a year, get a less expensive one.

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Another good reasoning is to always buy the cheapest version of the tool you can find. If you end up using it enough so it breaks, buy the most expensive version you can find to replace it.

This way, you'll pay less for tools that have very little quality difference between cheap and expensive brands. You will have tools to do anything you want. Your mostly used tools will be quality, either the cheap quality or the replaced expensive tools. You'll save money and increase average quality in your tool box.

Ditch the turbo yeast. Get aome champagne or strong ale yeast. You will have much, much less off flavors. And will have no need to polish.

I am not sure how good oaking fruit brandy will work out. Try it, and enjoy!

Original Poster0 points · 2 days ago

What about charcoal?

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Charcoal is good if you want to go neutral, like a vodka. You'll get a lot of the fruity complexity out if you go that route.

even the most loving SOs might have an issue with a partner not bringing any income in

Did I miss something? They won't need more money.

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SO WANTS to keep working. They are FI, nobody doubts that.

Original Poster-1 points · 4 days ago

Thanks. My partner doesn't want to retire at all till normal timeframe (50? 60?). He does have concerns that "what will I do all day" but his concern isn't in the sense that "what I work and you stay home" way, more of a "you'll get bored lol" way.

Long term we'll stay in the area (own a condo here and friends etc) unless some great opportunity arises elsewhere but unlikely.

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Sorry for getting your partners' gender wrong. Stupid stereotypic assumptions...

Seems like you guys have figures it out. Take a couple of months off see how much fun you have or how bored you get and re-evaluate.

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5.3k points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

I’m an emergency nurse. This has happened numerous times to me. One particular time though.... I’m sat on the Eurostar coming back for Paris sat in Gare Du Nord station waiting to pull away and the conductor comes on the tannoy “Ladies gentlemen, is there a doctor aboard? Please come to carriage xx”......I think “well hey I’m not a doctor, that’s not me” ....about a minute later .... “Ladies and gentlemen, PLEASE is there a doctor aboard?” I’m thinking hmmmm maybe, nah, there’s bound to be someone A third time they call out and I was like a fuck it I better go, some shits going down. I get to the carriage and the guy is sweaty, grey, clammy.....seen it plenty of time before, dude is having an MI. About to collapse, certainly need to get to a hospital, maybe even PPCI (to open up the heart arteries) I said the the staff, get the defib, get oxygen and get an ambulance.....I get him all hooked up while we wait, reassure him and hope he doesn’t arrest. His blood pressure looked like it was going to drop further (makes you realise what you have to be able to do with no equipment!) but his pulse felt weaker and thready, so I’ve seen it done a couple of times before but I thought, fuck it, let’s get this guy some blood pressure so I lifted his legs in the air to perfuse him cos he looked like he was going to arrest. All of a sudden a tap on my shoulder “actually mate I wouldn’t do that, you want those central vessels nice and dilated so it doesn’t cause more damage”

I was like who the fuck are you?

“Oh I’m a cardiologist, I’m shitfaced though, can’t risk my GMC number on this”

Absolute fucking tit, cheers mate

Edit: Yeah English as charged. And to add: no idea what happened to the guy, he got carted off with an ambulance and i experienced how the pre-hospital guys feel all the time because I never found out what happened to them. Very frustrating!

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Absolutely, I once witnessed a similar situation after a car accident on the highway. I was one of the first cars behind (two total loss cars), we are helping the people out of one of the wrecks and behind the barrier to keep them safe. Clearly a broken/dislocated arm etc... pretty 'stable' injuries. The drivers face is all bloody. Another guy comes to help, announces he is a GP, but has been drinking (he was not driving). He will absolutely not handle the patient, but suggests us how to stop/limit the bleeding, stabilize the patient and wait for the emergency services to show up.

Comment deleted4 days ago

It was all pretty surreal, I was mainly involved with one of the girls on the backseat. Getting her safe, keep talking to her. She was not (visibly) losing blood or anything and was conscious. There were mainly other people that stopped on the highway involved with the mother.

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36 points · 4 days ago

I had a coworker who was 17 named Gladys a while back. Really unfortunate.

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a while back

By any chance 78 years ago? We could be talking about the same women here.

8 points · 4 days ago

They aren't really, though. The price of the ticket goes toward the band (or of course at least a portion of it). 0% of the added fees go toward the artist. It's a parasitic business practice. In OPs scenario, something seems off (or maybe I'm just that out of the loop on Ticketmaster's tyranny). OP listed those fees at over 100%, that doesn't make any sense.

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The bands and venues are totally getting kickbacks from ticketmaster. Why do you think they use ticketmaster? Because it has a great user experience for their fans? No, because it has a great history of giving reliable kickbacks to the bands, and is willing to take all the negative blame for high prices.

To some extent. I think ticketing agencies & promoters all basically work the same - everyone just wants their cut. The artist, the venue, the promoter, and the ticketing agency (I get confused on whether the last two are the same)

Ticketmaster also has access to tons of resources that artists wouldn't have if they tried to go it alone (as I believe Pearl Jam learned)

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Oh, absolutely! Ticketmaster streamlined the ticket distributing part of concerts for the artists. They do provide a valuable service. In the meantime they also optimized the prizing strategy of tickets, again, a valuable service, unless you are the one paying the tickets.

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This guy has it all figured out. (X-post)

A perfect example of build the life you want, then save for it. This guy left his corporate job to become a brewer, expanding his long homebrewing hobby.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

thanks for the input. i have been seriously thinking about just buying some 1/2" but since i already have 25 feet of 3/4" i figured i might give it a try. i have plenty of kegs and material (except the 1/2" copper) so if i dont like the 3/4" condenser i can just make another one. as for smearing what i understand about it, it only is really a factor if your running your pot way to high. i am very careful to do low and slow runs.

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With a 16 gallon pot and the 25 feet 3/4" coiled condensor, your smearing will not be that severe that it impedes with your product. Meaning: "you'll be fine this"


Cheaper grains are usually available as animal feed. They are lower grade, less quality control. Is no issue for distilling.

Any tips on getting good conversion out of feed corn?

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Just like you would out of regular corn.

When has censorship ever worked (long term)?

Well almost by definition you are not going to know now (in the present) when it has...

Also free expression is a relatively new concept in human society, and most every empire and state through history had censorship

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Well almost by definition you are not going to know now (in the present) when it has...

Very true... Did not think of that.

I once knew someone who, when asked what the perfect job was, answered "A job where I do nothing for 8 hours a day and get paid". So he got a job in a security booth. He could bring a laptop, read a book, watch porn, do whatever. He quit 3 months later because he was bored, and 'had to be there at 8, on time'.

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The perfect job is something that excites and challenges you. If you get paid in the process, that is an extra bonus. Far to many people are stuck a job they do because of the paycheck, not because of the job. This makes you feel stuck in the job.

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Men who simply won't understand what a "tip smile" is.

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You want to get in my wallet? I want to get in your pants.

This is my favorite legal question.

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I would love to see someone admitting he was employing this girl and underpaying her.

At some point the act of sex is consensual. Because of the implication for her (lets assume the classic gender-roles) she will get paid. So this can not be rape (she is of adult age and able to give control).

He never paid her, so he and she can not be charged wits prostitution (in places where this is illegal).

He'll probably pay up after some involuntary facial surgery by her pimp though. But it is an interesting question. What crime would be worse. It can not be both.

But she consented to having sex in exchange for being paid money. It's likely not "wage theft" per se since you aren't her regular employer and she's an independent contractor providing wages to you. Theft of services rendered seems more applicable like not paying a roofer after they already fixed your roof with the expectation that you would pay them after.

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Fair enough. I have insufficient legal knowledge to know the correct terminology. So, theft of services then... Is that a more severe punishment then rape? How do I get out from paying my prostitutes?

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What part of "I didn't invite him" did you not understand?

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I thought he said (lied) this to the waitress, after he saw him taking advantage. I misinterpreted the post. Sorry. OP is absolutely correct to ditch the freeloader. Please don't lynch me :-)

WitnessmeIRL never said he was invited. It was an outing intended to thank a handful of friends for being supportive/patient while WMIrl was houseshopping. He invited himself from the sound of it.

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This was not clear to me. I must have interpreted his post wrong. I was already wondering why he would invite someone with the nickname Dickhead... I assumed he was like one of the 5 colleagues in the office, and was included in the invitation. My bad. No invite, no freeloading!

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6 points · 6 days ago

It's not about becoming rich, it's about becoming free!

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It's hard to be free when you are poor.

3 points · 5 days ago

Because there will only ever be max 21 million bitcoin not max in the billions?

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I always interpret the statements like the one on the mug as "you have a billion USD equivalent in BTC" Does not mean you have a billion bitcoin.

206 points · 6 days ago

Bitcoin is a protocol, not a company

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The lack of a Bitcoin CEO might make it hard to adapt to changing circumstances. OTOH, the lack of centralization is the strength of Bitcoin, the blockchain ledger keeps everyone 'honest'. AirBnB's system is just there so owners would get paid, and renters would not get raped. This kind of middle-man gives credibility to the renters space. There is no middle man required in Bitcoin, because there is complete transparency.

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