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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
condor1985 12 points

I think he always tries on grass, but I don't think there's any need to bother with a warmup tournament instead of practice/rest, and then he just sees if he can play himself into the 2nd week and then anything is possible from there. Getting swapped from Centre Court to Court 1 back and forth probably didn't help him last year, vs other players who got every single match on the same court and could feel more comfortable

Elliottafc 2 points

True. They definitely won't be moving him to Court 1 at Wimby if he's the world number one.

Voissed 29 points

Wimbledon has no respect for Rafa, that's a fact.

They have Muller's kit from 2017 on display but don't have Rafa's 2008 one. If that isn't disrespectful I don't know what is.

Elliottafc 3 points

Maybe the elites who went to private school (or public in the UK) to places like Eton College who run Wimbledon don't like the blue collar Rafa? That's my wild guess...

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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/toronto
glebster_inc 75 points

Will wait for blogTo to confirm.

Elliottafc 1 point

Or Daily Hive.

peaceouteast -56 points

Love the moderation around here - we're posting videos of people attempting suicide. Classy.

Elliottafc 25 points

Has it ever crossed your mind that the mods might be out enjoying this stunningly beautiful day instead of checking this sub for new posts every 5 minutes?

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
Elliottafc 3 points

He should do it for his hometown fans simply because lots of people can't afford to leave Glasgow to watch him play at a slam or a 1000.

RyJ94 3 points

It's hardly the poorest city in the world man

Elliottafc 3 points

Obviously not but I'm sure their are a few people who want to see Murray play live but simply can't afford it.

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
Elliottafc 5 points

Watch WTA. Almost every tournament is wide open and unpredictable. That's entertainment.

kuboa 1 point

No need for the quote marks.

Elliottafc 2 points

Removed. Does it make any difference? I watch tennis because I'm passionate about it, not for the entertainment value. I've watch junior level tennis and not found it boring.

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
mcornucopia 9 points

At 12 wins, only Navratilova has won a tournament more times than Nadal!

Elliottafc 6 points

Yes he's one away but the 12 Navralitova won is probably equivalent to a 250 or 500. If Rafa equals her record, his total body of work winning 12 will be far more impressive.

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
CondeSalah 3 points

So next up is potentially Nadal's 11th Barcelona 500 title and perhaps 8th Rome title. Which other players have great records at specific tournaments?

Elliottafc 2 points

I forgot which tournament but Navralitova won one tournament a record 12 times. She was a machine in the early 80s, once winning 41 consecutive matches!!!

Elliottafc 3 points

I bet the farm Nishikori will reach another slam final before his career is over.

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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
BAshley1995 4 points

Surprising someone like Jizzner has as many M1000 finals as big beast such as Nishi and JMDP

Elliottafc 3 points

Isner is a very dangerous player on hard courts when it's best of 3, especially when it's in USA. He runs out of gas when it's best of 5, as we've seen countless times in the US Open.

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