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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
Elliottafc 6 points

Play should be suspended. It's over 80c on the court's surface. Are they waiting for someone to faint again?

d1ngal1ng 1 point

It's the same temperature as yesterday so far.

Elliottafc 1 point

Yes and play should of been temporarily suspended for 2-3 hours yesterday.

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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/toronto
BeavTek 8 points

Yes she should face a day of community service for this. A lot of government resources were used up that day over a lie. A day of picking up garbage or cleaning graffiti might teach her a thing or two about how actions lead to consequences.

Elliottafc 6 points

Yes, he thinks she should be let off scot-free. Even shovelling snow for the entire day would be an adequate penalty.

attack_thermos 3 points

I mean, what do you except? Do you want the court to sentence her to a day of shoveling?

The parents need to deal with this as parents of any 11-year-old that lies. Seriously think about what you're asking and ask yourself if any 11-year-old would be sentence by the State to any kind of labour.

Elliottafc 2 points

It doesn't have to be any type of strenuous manual labour. Community service can occur in a multitude of different ways.

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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
Grunge_bob 3 points

Ostapenko's ballkid furstrations lol

Elliottafc 1 point

It seems that she's always in a bad mood...

Elliottafc 3 points

Unpopular opinion: I don't think Nadal is 100% healthy yet.

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Elliottafc commented on a post in r/askTO
TorontoJD 4 points

That will cause them to remember you and arouse suspicion. Tipping makes you appear guilty. I once had a hotel shuttle driver follow me for 20 minutes to make sure I checked into the hotel after I gave him a tip.

Elliottafc -1 points

What the hell was wrong with that hotel shuttle bus driver?

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/askTO
hoodieguy226 2 points

There is a food basics with free parking at Wellesley and Parliament. There is a short 3-4 mins walk if you go from by-lanes behind the station. Though overnight you might get a ticket but daytime you’re good.

Elliottafc 1 point

That's a very good suggestion but hopefully nobody reads this from Food Basics 😂 I've fleeced that parking area a few times for the free parking.

Elliottafc commented on a post in r/tennis
Elliottafc 7 points

👋👋 Sabalenka. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out...

Elliottafc 5 points

They just showed highlights of Delpos 2009 US Open win on ESPN and Dick Enberg was there giving him the 🏆. RIP.

insty1 12 points

Sabalenka is now in my 5 least favourite tennis players.

Elliottafc 3 points

She's still well behind Vandeweghe for me.

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