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Improvaganza 1 point

It’s like being a practicing or non practicing Muslim. Most of the “ex Muslims” are young people, it’s like a big fad now with Islam being In the news 24/7.

This is a massive stereotype of Ex Muslims (and Ex Mormons, Ex Jehovah's Witnesses, etc). They have been around for ages and ages (Abdullah Al Qasemi as a recent example in the 1920s I think), but of course the punishment for apostasy is so severe, and the family and communal shunning so harsh, that most that "came out" were buried under the family carpet or most just spent their lives living in hiding or secret.

I've worked with more Ex Muslims than nearly anyone, and the age ranges are extremely wide. On the internet there will be more between the ages of 18-mid 30s, but IRL it's very varied, in fact there are a lot of Ex Muslim parents who are in the closet. Some are great grandparents like this dude

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EmperorOmnesDux commented on a post in r/islam
AlbanianDad 8 points

Oh of course my kids (if I ever have any inshaAllah) will be allowed to ask me questions. I want them to have a critical belief in Islam, as I believe I have myself. I’ve looked at the evidences, decided they are true and that I don’t have reasonable counterarguments, and accepted.

Many of my relatives are raised Muslim by name only. Alhamdulilah they believe in the shahada, but lately i’ve been sharing the evidences with them, counterarguments, and how those counterarguments fall short. And they are happy to have good reasoning to support their beliefs. This is how I want my kids to be in terms of why they believe.

There seems to be this blanket assumption that any belief in any religion is automatically blind and uncritical. It’s prevalent amongst atheists that I speak to on the internet. I haven’t discussed religion with atheists irl though.

EmperorOmnesDux 1 point

Insha'Allah you'll have children you will cherish & love.

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equcap -2 points

It points to two questions faced by any 'deep-thinking' American revert: how to understand American slavery and how to justify Islam's acceptance of slavery.

The result is a muddled and ahistoric attempt to resolve both issues. The author's arrival at the truth of Islam, which currently entails an implicit rejection of the West (despite their long history of interaction), means that his path to the truth is necessarily contorted and inchoate.

For modern Muslims there is a continuing crisis in how to come to terms with their current plight. The rise of the West, fuelled by geographic circumstance, early industrialisation and colonisation brought the three former centres of power, Constantinople, Beijing and Delhi into humiliating subjugation. This has provoked a range of responses, from Ba'athist secularism to the golden age thinking of the petro-dollar mosques. How does Islam function without a centre? How was its centre destroyed? Was it a failure of the religion? The region now sits in disarray, easily manipulated and divided by more powerful actors, just as the Ottomans once flooded Northern Europe with cash and materiel to support the nascent Protestant states in an attempt to break the Catholic Church.

But what to do? Modernisation but not Westernisation is the call from progressives and Gulenists. Look to Japan they say. A secular state as in the West is needed and required say others. At the other end of the spectrum, is a want to return to the days of the 7th century. Many of those in the West who subscribe to this approach are drunk on the saccharine words of Urdu-speaking mullahs, narrowly educated in Islam, and not more broadly in science and literature, as they once were. Ibn Khaldun, oh, what would you make of today?

But yes! To return to slavery: this is a favoured avenue of attack. The 'perfect' West is shown to have engorged itself on the labour of others. This of course is completely true. There are some interesting arguments that the West is more notable in an historical context for destroying rather than practising slavery but this is an aside. My own apologia, perhaps. The main issue for a Muslim, and particularly a Western revert, is how to deal with the question of why Islam permitted slavery? How Cairo was the hub of slavery for centuries? How some one million Slavs were transported south to Muslim lands.

More specifically, it goes back to Muhammad. How can the most perfect example have condoned such a practice? How can the word of God support this? The author claims that society adapts but how much can it adapt? How much can it deviate from the Qu'ran and the hadith?

These questions go to the core of modern Islam and point to the central issue, the emphasis on the Qu'ran's inerrancy and infallibility. Currently, there is fascinating textual scholarship which is critically examining the Qu'ran and exploring its origins. German scholarship of the New Testament in the 19th century opened the Christian faith to introspection and understanding. The Muslim world is at the dawn of such an age. While the media focuses on the extremist outbursts, the real story is one of a breaking down of the power of Islam. The internet, globalisation and yes, Westernisation, has changed everything. The book has been opened and cannot be shut.

EmperorOmnesDux 1 point

I call this piece the, 'Waste of characters' by the artist himself, pseudo-intellectual.

jdh7920 0 points

The Middle East territory is 3.5 million square miles, 8000 of which square milage make up Israel. So we’re clear that’s .002% of the land mass. 99.7% of the Middle East is majority Muslim.

While Muslims can live anywhere in the Middle East, Jews and Christians are constantly being persecuted or forced to pay non-conversion taxes, or put to death in any majority Muslim country. When any person can practice any religion anywhere in the Middle East without the threat of persecution, then we can talk of human rights abuses, but if you can’t provide them you certainly don’t deserve them.

EmperorOmnesDux 3 points

I support a one-state solution with Israel in charge as long as Israel discontinues acting like an ethnic-state & respects the right of her Arabs.

This should address the rest.

jdh7920 3 points

OP will you denounce fundamentalist Islam that calls for the extermination of all Jewish people?

EmperorOmnesDux 2 points

I will add it to the,"100's of things I was asked the condemn", list.

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TheApatheist 0 points

How it is it a genocide, a partial eradication, if their population is increasing? It literally means "the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.", yet the number of Palestinians keeps on growing and so very few have died due to Israeli violence

What is a hidden genocide? The genocide is so well hidden it evades statistics...

EmperorOmnesDux 1 point

How it is it a genocide, a partial eradication,

Most bullshit thing i've read in my life while drinking coffee.

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mnsh777 3 points

What's the point? I'll die anyways.

Live for the sake of Allah. Make the purpose of your life to gain Allah's pleasure.

  • Quran 6:162 Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds.

I look forward to my death as well. I despise this Dunya because its filled with evil people and idiots.

This is the point. It's filled with the negative to counter it with the positive. It's filled with evil to counter it with good, filled with corruption to counter it with reform, and filled with falsehood to counter it with the truth. This is our mission in this life, to strive to make the world a better place for the sake of God. if there were no challenges and everything was perfect and nothing needs to be improved, fixed, or reformed, life would be very boring and meaningless which would have corrupted it. How can we be heroes if there are no villains? (Hero's Journey)So, look at these negative things as opportunities to do good deeds. As they say, there is an opportunity in every problem. Do you see people committing sins? It's an opportunity to enjoin good and forbid evil. Are there people in slavery? It's an opportunity to free them and free oneself form hellfire. So, when there are more problems and negative things in this life, the more ample opportunities there is to do good deeds. There is an Arabic proverb that says "The calamities of others is benefits for others" "مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد"

  • Quran 2:251...And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds.

  • Hadith Source The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "He who sets free a Muslim slave, Allah will deliver from the fire of Hell every limb of his body in return for every limb of the slave's body, even his private parts."

EmperorOmnesDux 2 points

Thank you.

nojuan87 2 points

Got any hobbies?

EmperorOmnesDux 3 points

No they all faded from me recently.

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Batbuckleyourpants 0 points

*After serving 33 weeks in jail.

EmperorOmnesDux 1 point

Uh huh. The point is that clearly wasn't enough time.

stardawgpiff -6 points

would like to see circumstances before i jump to conclusion

attempted murder isn't taken lightly

EmperorOmnesDux 6 points

How about you read the flipping article, dawg?

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AppreciatesTransPoc 6 points

Muhammad was a violent paedophile warlord who fought multiple wars of aggression including the beheading of all males of the Banu Qurayza tribe and enslaving the women and children.

Sounds like he'd fit in well with ISIS.

EmperorOmnesDux -6 points

chill brother

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Warcrocco 16 points

I came back just for you

I am a closeted ex-Muslim and I have lived all of my life in Algeria

Are you serious? Are you trying to say that we should respect our oppressors?

Listen to yourself, that’s like saying Jewish people should respect The Third Reich

There are multiple Posts Were Actual Muslims have decent conversations with us,all accompanied with proper arguments and decent language.actually,we are more open to discussion than most places,You are allowed to Ask whatever you want with us,The only way that you’ll get banned is when you start telling people to Kill themselves (and this happens much more than what you’d expect)

  • We support many Minorities such as LGBT,since we have members in these minorities,

  • We are against all kinds of Racial and sexual Discrimination,Especially r/the_Donald ,we know the difference between bigotry and genuine criticism,and we’ve been brigaded for it a while back

but you have to understand this:

  • Apostasy is punishable by Death in Islam,and that Means that Muslims want us dead,but since they can’t kill us directly (because of the law,but in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia,you will get executed) they Push us out of their societies,they abuse us physically,emotionally and mentally because we left their religion,while trying to pressure us back to their religion

I have experienced such abuse myself

And there are Thousands of posts We Made discussing these experiences

And what is it with downvotes? Just look at my deleted comments,I’ve been downvoted to hell on some reasonable comments,heck,on every comment I made,because I am against all of you(or most),don’t pin this on us

Just compare us to r/Islam,multiple members of ours have been banned there for extremely petty reasons such as suggesting to visit our sub or even saying Hi,they get immediately banned.

While Muslims In our sub rarely get banned (except in the case of Cyber abuse,which I’ve mentioned earlier)

Actually,I suggest that you post Your questions to our Sub And see for yourself,and I’m serious

Just don’t go on Bashing us,and maybe your view on our sub will be more positive than it is right now


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What does a French boot taste like?

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