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Well, didn't they find cameras wired into his properties? I remember reading articles claiming that it was all a big blackmail thing, and that's... kinda blowing my mind now that I'm typing that out as I think it. No... no. Facts only. But goddamn... If that's what got passed to Russia...

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Jesus're not kidding...that rabbit hole goes real deep real fast :/.

I will never get over the anonymous Jane Doe who claimed (in a federal court filing) Trump raped her at one of those parties.

Yeah, that's the one I was referring to in my first post. Crazy shit.

...if you need me, I'ma go be in /r/Eyebleach for a bit.

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You and me both friend <3. I just have to have faith that this evident piece of shit will get his before all of this is said and done.

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Agree. The FBI needs a new schtick. We're onto them. The camp is gone and the guy will disappear to help cover all this up...

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If it's still working, and they never get caught. Why do they need a new schtick?

That's almost guaranteed. The shootings aren't happening fast enough/often enough, and with a blue wave likely in the fall (and Trump's acquiescence to whichever way the wind blows), they may be pushing for this to happen soon. It's been rumored for years and didn't come to fruition.

But, think about the Vegas shooter having "no motive" and such a massive display of firepower and death that happened. Yet, no significant legislation has passed to curtail guns in general.

The Parkland shooting only resulted in people getting pissed at uppity teenagers (i.e., Hogg). They weren't taken as seriously as they hoped they would be.

But, if you get a network of school shooters to attack in a coordinated fashion, or have them happen once a week for a while, then the people will be begging to have their rights taken away.

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This is arguably the most paranoid & delusional thing I have ever read on this board, and that is fucking saying something

Of course daddy never loved him. He was a white supremacist Klansman and he had an orange baby.

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Savage. Accurate, but savage.

I am really beginning to warm up to her a bit.

nah fuck her. she was complicit in everything trump did. she's trying to cash in after being fired. Dont get me wrong, i think it's hilarious that she's pissing trumpo off, but she's a piece of shit just like him.

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Both things can be true. She's just like Michael Cohen to me at this point, these are not good or moral people by anyone's stretch of any imagination.

However, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and Trump is all of our enemy at this point. Therefor, anyone who is actively working against the fetid orange hate goblin currently sitting in the oval office, I support them. They're officially on Team America, instead of Team Russia, and I for one welcome all allies in the war for the future of Democracy at this point.

You think the British rejected Benedict Arnold when he came to them because he "used to be with the Americans"? Fuck no. All is fair in love and war as they say. You accept the traitors help without batting an eyelid if the traitor is betraying a tyrannically despotic madman.

the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend

FTFY. Emphasis mine.

They're potentially just another enemy. I've got no problem standing back and saying "Please continue, governor." but that does not make my enemy's enemy my friend.

It just makes them someone scoring some punches, and providing me some amusement.

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Of course you're right in anything you just said.

But if Hitler rose from the dead as a zombie, and offered to help get rid of Trump...I'd have to stop and seriously consider his offer at this point.

There ARE heroes out there that would stand up if things got bad. Never forget there are real Patriots out there and in us all. We made this country fighting tyrants and we have the power to save it.

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This is my favorite comment of the day <3. Could not possibly agree more with this sentiment, and it's a very accurate telling of our nation's history.

Uhh excuse me?

Michael Flynn (and Rob Porter) are Trump allies. When Trump allies have questionable security clearances that’s under the purview of the intelligence committee to do as they please.

It’s only the undesirables that fall under the purview of dear leader.

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This sarcasm was so good I had to check your post history, I ended up learning a lot about the NFL :D. Good times lol.

Not using a coaster on the Resolute is what makes me most upset.

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By far, this alone should be a punishable crime in my mind. That desk is far more American than Donald Trump could ever hope to be.

Uh... We're heading into "critisizing Obama for putting his feet up on it" territory.

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Nah, I have a nice desk in my office actually. I occasionally kick back and put my feet up lol, nothing wrong with relaxing.

Who doesn't put a coaster under a cold drink on a wooden desk? A monster, that's who.

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I just don't have the stomach.

Her stomach was burned through by Trump's syphilitic jizz. Jared crouched in a closet and watched, cucksterbating.

Yes, we are in a timeline where that is considered tame humor.

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This guy gets it.

I don't think so, it won't sway anybody not already swayed.

This sub will never learn that you don't need to sway anybody. You need to demoralize the base of your opponent and electrify your own base enough they show up on election day.

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This needs to be the top comment in this thread.

I don't want no gubermint to tell me how much asbestos I get to inhale! /s

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Or how much lead or mercury can be in my drinking water! That's what America is all about! Freedom to let corporations poison you & your children with known toxins so that they can make more money by avoiding costly cleanups/transitioning to more expensive and safer compounds.

Murica! I love when corporations are allowed to poison my loved ones!! Woohoo!

And by "probably," they meant "definitely"

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Right? I'm getting really tired of these stupid ass headlines.

"Regret to inform you", fuck off Atlantic, literally everyone with a brain already knew that. Post that shit in The_Dumpster if you want to "inform" people of something they didn't already know.

Also, the whole "probably" thing is a fucking canard. Mark Warner already came out and said that it appears to be the Russians.

This isn't a game. We are at war with Russia, they are actively attacking our sovereignty every single day, and we sit here and do nothing, waiting for November...fine, I guess, but at least start calling this shit out for what it is.

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In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court rolled back Voting Rights Act requirements that required many jurisdictions to receive permission before changing ways people are allowed to vote. They used to have to prove the voting changes weren’t discriminatory, but that’s no longer the case.

What an absolute travesty of a decision

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Because, and I'm paraphrasing here, the supposedly not hyper partisan Chief Justice John Roberts said: "There is no longer any proof of racism in America, therefor there is no need to guard against racial discrimination and voter disenfranchisement since those laws were written at a time when America was dealing with the problem of racism, but as I already said, racism doesn't exist anymore, so there is no need for laws that protect minorities from racists in positions of power."

"Can I have my $100,000 check for a speaking engagement at some far right wing racist think tank now?" "Cool! Thanks guyz!"

The good news is that America is all in on proving racism still exists.

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No...that's actually bad news, because we got rid of all the laws to protect us from the racists a few years ago cause everyone on the political right said they had all gone away :/.

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Wrong. He never listed that guy who made the settlement. He listed Trump, Trump Org, and Hannity.

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That's even better! :D

Sean Hannity

Dude has millions of people eating up every word he says, makes more than $30 million a year now and is estimated to have over $200 million in worth.

I duno man, I'm not a fan but that doesn't sound so scary to me.

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And remember, Michael Cohen had only 3 "legal clients". Donald Trump, the guy who payed the playboy $1.6 million to have an abortion and....Sean fuckin Hannity.

I have a feeling that life is much scarier these days than you just made it out to be.

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I think when the facts come out we'll see that the Russian influence runs much deeper in the party than just the White House. They're all scrambling to protect him because the whole ship is in danger of going down.

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"No leaks, remember?"

"It's how we know we're a family"

Remind me again how the GOP is different from an organized crime family? I'll wait.

but it did leak, so obviously it's NOT a family, even though that hasn't seemed to impact Ryan whatsoever. Someone in that room, or I suppose someone that worked for them, didn't like what they heard that day.

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I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed to be Evan McMullin, who is without a doubt one of the last few remaining true patriots who is a registered Republican. Former CIA btw, probably helps explain his allegiance to country over party.

How crazy would it be if Mueller indicts a bunch of complicit congress members before going after mr fat fat orange.

Suddenly its just him against the world. That would be something to see.

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Hadn't even thought about this, but it makes sense. Roll up Nunes, Rohrbacher, and whoever else you can nab first, then go for the Don himself.

I actually think Nunes / Rohr are the next on the block for sure but I'm talking even wider. Ryan, Mcturtle, the whole "family".

How nuts that would be. Just drop one heavy and wide hammer on just about everyone but the Trump family themselves and watch them squirm.

I honestly think at that point they'd flee.

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They could all go hang out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London with Comrade Assange.

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30 points · 13 hours ago

Denmark is home to the world's happiest people. What could the criticism possibly be?

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That's the criticism...

Ever heard the old axiom, "misery loves company"?

Well, it's one of the truest things in the world, sadly. It also explains modern Republicanism and pretty much all of the Fox News crowd. They're all self hating, miserable, backwards looking, regressive, small minded hateful little people. They are miserable, they lead miserable lives, and they want everyone else to be just as miserable as they are.

They hate Denmark, specifically because everyone there is so happy...

30 points · 14 hours ago · edited 14 hours ago

Oh I'm fairly certain their dicks have rubbed together on more than one occasion.

They are literally eskimo cousins, having both dated Chinese spy Wendi Deng.

edit: I may have the terms "cousin" and "brother" mixed up and I refuse to look up which is correct.

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What is the difference between an Eskimo brother and cousin?

18 points · 14 hours ago · edited 13 hours ago

Cousins is when it's the same woman but different holes.

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Wait, so which one is an ass man? Putin or Murdoch? lol

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Do Not Let Up. Us Canadians Appreciate Your Hard Work.

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I <3 maple syrup, to the point I pay like $10 a bottle for the real stuff when I'm at the grocery. I'm told this makes me at least 1/4th honorary Canadian?

Edit: ON Topic, do not let this poll cause you to become complacent. Never forget that Clinton was over 2 to 1 to win the Presidential election the night of the election...we all know how well that worked out :/. If you want to continue to live in the America you were born & raised in. GO AND VOTE.

Ok.. So Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia... Any other lovely countries you'd like to add to this list? Perhaps I should have said no sane and educated populace that isn't indoctrinated to hate.

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Oh, well then no, you're 100% correct :D. We left the intellectual, political, and social company of our life long friends in Canada and Europe in November of 2016...we now hang out with those cool kids me and you just named :((((((((((((((

Please, send help. I'm terrified on a daily basis.


Nah, this is just on Murica, there's probably not another country on earth that would have elected him.

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Ehh, you're very wrong. Turkey & Russia off the top of my head both recently "elected" leaders that are to my mind at least as dangerous as Trump.

And Saudia Arabia has had a ruling dynasty of out in the open pedophiles for almost a century at this point.

425 points · 17 hours ago

Want to go on a real wild ride? Check out the Lincoln's Bible twitter account.

They have build up a plausible case that Trump has been "owned" by the mob (first Italian, then Russian once they rolled the Italians) since birth and trace the Trump mob ties back to his grandfather in the '20's. Everything is sourced from reputable sources.

Start with the pinned tweet.

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I love LB"s Twitter! There are a few others you can find through him as well that are really good on the same topics.

73 points · 16 hours ago

The Lincoln's Bible account isn't nearly as good as Seth at taking source material and deriving a coherent narrative. It's 90% documents with some circling and "what have I been telling you all along!" but it's not at all clear that the documents really say anything meaningful or substantive beyond playing six degrees of separation with mob figures and Trump.

Maybe there's really good stuff there, but it's hard to follow for me.

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Think of LB more as a True Crime History Lesson style documentary. He is literally teaching all of us about the last 100 years of organized crime in America, and around the globe. I've learned about Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano all the way through Lacosa Nostra and them getting eventually rolled up by the Russian mafia state in the 1990's. Even the Russians coordinating with the cartels in the modern day.

He's much less direct Trump-Russia like Seth does, and much more just general world building/helping people to understand the scope of this whole thing. Transnation organized crime focus from Obama era DOJ:

Obama was trying to warn us/help us for a long time, we just didn't want to hear it lol.

In other words -- reality is the enemy.

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The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right.

- George Orwell, 1984

6 points · 15 hours ago

That's an insult to innocent morons.

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Right? What did morons ever do to that guy...

My genes will die with me. That never really bothered me. But now, I want kids just to tell stories to.

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Volunteer work is awesome, friend!

92 points · 15 hours ago

All Aboard is also pretty shitty "high-speed" rail.

It costs $143 for a ticket from Miami to Orlando.

It will go at 79 mph. Which is about as fast as one drives on the turnpike.

By car, that would take about a full tank of gas so $25-$35 depending on your mileage. Drive time of about 3.5 hours.

Greyhound does Miami-Orlando busses from $15-$25. Those have about a 4 hour travel time.

Oh and American Airlines does round trip Miami to Orlando flights that only take an hour and ten minutes for $115.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for high-speed rail. But if you're going to do a product which is inferior and more expensive than the alternatives, then you're wasting yours and the tax payer's money to pay off your friends.

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Read your last sentence again.

So, you're saying they're going with absolute textbook implementation of Republican policy/governing philosophy?

Defraud the public, actively erode the efficacy and efficiency of government, the complain about how dysfunctional the government you just broke is, and claim that the only way to fix it is to turn to "private enterprise". Now just make sure that private enterprise is owned by a close personal friend/family member. Give them tens of millions of hundreds of millions in state contracts, and you sit back and count your illegal millions while defrauding all of your constituents. Graft complete.

Republicanism 101.

On here to help combat the spread of disinformation, misinformation, blatant falsehoods, and propaganda. Also, more generally, I am trying to be apart of bringing about a more honest, fair, and brighter tomorrow for all the peoples of the Earth. Be the change you wish to see.
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