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Score hidden · 2 hours ago

I'm disheartened by how many Governors haven't pulled their National Guards from the border.

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This, I was expecting it to be up to 25 by this morning...

Score hidden · 3 hours ago

Forcefully medicating children without consent in involuntary internment camps. This is the United States of America.

Everything is starting to look more and more like we are taking up the mantle to be the next great supervillian of the world. Brain drain should be starting pretty soon, and eventually dissent will be censored online, don't forget our loss of Net Neutrality. America has always done shitty things, but this is a new boldness and audacity that completely dumbfounds. As we continue to descend into this dark time, I only hope America can finally be woken up to what's going on here. We're better than this.

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We still have a few moments left to turn before the car careens off the cliff I think. Let us hope that we are able to get someone with the right intentions and a moral compass behind the wheel again.

He wanted America First, well he got it.

It will just not be the way America used to be when it was America First. When America could self sustain itself.

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America first = America alone...anyone with half a brain could see that coming...oh, right :/.

No, I think that was just a way to further suck up to Israel.

Leaving the UNHRC to keep from drawing unwanted criticism of your child detention facilities is like shooting yourself in the foot to untie your shoe.

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Not just Israel, Russia was just recently denied entry into the UN convention on Human rights that we just pulled out of...not long before we "announced our decision to withdraw."

No puppet, no puppet, you're the puppet! Sure, you fat orange traitor, whatever you say.

That was kind of Steve's point.

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I know, I love Steve from seeing him on Nicole Wallace's show so much recently. He's a gem, glad to see he put his money where his mouth is in terms of actions following words. He morally can not justify being a Republican anymore, I hope to see more follow in his righteous example.

I would love to see him say all that on Nicole Wallace’s show today. Whenever he’s on MSNBC I watch it on YouTube more than once with a big smile then send it to all my friends. It’s a better pickmeup than caffeine.

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Couldn't agree more haha, it always reinvigorates me as well to see how earnest & genuine in his convictions he is.

65 points · 11 hours ago

US Military has the right to refuse an unlawful order, does ICE?

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Are the Gestapo allowed to stop Gestapoing? I doubt it...hope to be surprised though

Like systematic abuse, or the bodies of dead children.

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These are my top two candidates as well...I'm less worried about the second one, far more worried about the firs tone.

We must always keep in mind, that Pizzagate was essentially just 100% pure projection the entire that means the far right is really into the idea of child sex dungeons.

You know you fucked up when the catholic church tells you what you are doing to children is wrong.

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As much as I love bashing on the Catholic Church, I truly see that institution as being of two halves, there was before Francis, and after Francis. That man has done more to rehabilitate the image of a once great but now scandal & corruption laden institution, in a shorter period of time, than I would have ever thought possible.

All the opulence and excess, the hypocrisy and false pretense, he seems to have done away with a staggering amount of that in just a few years. Leadership is a top down thing, and it seems with the sterling example being set, the catholic church is finally starting to get it's house in order.

Obviously this in no way excuses the decades or more accurately centuries of atrocities that they perpetrated against unsuspecting & innocent peoples the world over. Just thought it was worth pointing out that the guy currently in charge over there is fucking awesome.

I mean, he did just say that same-sex couples can't be families. He's a lot better than the most recent popes, but he's not infallible.

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Awww, damn I had missed that, that makes me sad to hear :(.

I thought he had come out and said that it was okay to be homosexual if you felt divine love for your partner in your heart, "that's how god made you" essentially...Unless I'm misinformed on that part, it's crazy to me that he could say that and then come out and say it's not okay for that same set of 2 people to raise a child :/.

And of course, no one is infallible, that's what cause me to become an agnostic in the first place ;) lol

204 points · 12 hours ago

Of course he did. He probably pardoned Arpaio so he could run them.

We are lost. :(

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We are not lost yet. This November will go a long ways to deciding the future of this nation and probably the Western liberal democratic world order we have all grown so accustomed to.

Tell everyone you know, make sure they are informed, that they are registered, and above all make sure they get out and vote. It is up to us to voice our great national discontent, we have not lost our country yet.

3 points · 10 hours ago

The "problem" with living in Los Angeles, CA is that everyone's already pretty on board. I don't even get the satisfaction of voting against any of these assholes. 😂

As for voting, I had my gallbladder removed the same day as our primary. I filled my ballot in the night before and even though I was loopy and groggy I made sure my boyfriend stopped at the post office to drop our ballots off on the way home from the surgery. Don't you worry about me!

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You're a good American :). Hope your surgery recovery went well!

“He’s on my side” thinks Ohio farmer of NY slumlord conman that shits on a fake golden toilet.

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head expoldes

I mean, this is from the party that wants to jail people for pot instead of taxing it, they aren't really the best handling money.

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Wow, that's a crazy correlation to make, because in both cases the underlying reasons are the same.

Tax & legitimize pot? Nah, that could potentially help black & brown people, better to keep them all locked up for victimless & non violent crimes.

Let brown families who are fleeing gang violence and societal collapse in many cases stay together as families? Nah, that could potentially cause their lives to not be awful and have some semblance of cohesion and a sense of purpose or meaning.

As we already affirmed above, we literally just want to watch them suffer, so probably best to rip the crying child from her mother's arms. It inflicts the maximum possible levels of anguish, and that's what this is really all about, right? Making the people whose skin tone is slightly darker than ours be as miserable and distraught and oppressed as they can possibly be? Because we're all heartless soulless monsters right? Devoid of any shred of humanity of even the most basic decency or empathy? Right? Isn't that the official Republican party mantra now? And they rule over our federal government at the by association, we're all fucking monsters now right?....This is America. My man Childish must have seen this shit coming.


I'm angry & disgusted as a perpetual state of being these days, if you aren't in a similar place, I urge you to look deep inside yourself and ask yourself some tough questions about the things you really believe to be true in this life. Who are you? What do you want to be, what do you want your actions to beget, what do you want to be associated with and represent? What do you want your legacy to be? Because this is the moment that we define ourselves as a nation. In the eyes of the world at this moment we are teetering on the brink between totalitarian facism and a representative government of the people. Our fate may very well dictate the course of world events for decades to come. THE TIME TO SIT BACK AND ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONSUMED BY MINDLESS DISTRACTION IS LONG PASSED. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE YOUR EYES OPEN, BE ENGAGED, REACH OUT TO THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE INFORMED, WE CAN NO LONGER TURN A BLIND EYE TO THE ATROCITIES BEING COMMITTED IN OUR COUNTRY.

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

We are here now ladies & gentleman, what you do in these next months & years will determine the content of your character for the rest of your life. You will be defined by who you were and what you did in this time. Did you stand idly & quietly by in the face of the horrors being committed, or did you stand up and object, did you speak out, did you let it be known that the separation of infants from their mothers, and the caging of these innocent babies as though they were "vermin seeking to infest our country"...that this is a moral abomination. That it has no place in civilized society, or indeed in any healthy human consciousness. We must get back to a place as a nation where it is cool to be good, where being decent & moral & just & kind is venerate, not denigrated. If we cant not shift the ways that we interact with each other, and the ways we care for those among us most in need of aid, then I fear for our collective future as a nation, and as a species.

A few weeks ago I got invited to a FB event for 'Free Julian Assange'. I was like 'lol no. Fuck that guy and his Russian handlers.'

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This guy/lady is a true American.

1.4k points · 13 hours ago

NPD in action. He can't back down or ever acknowledge he was wrong. His fragile ego won't let him. It's far easier to objectify the people suffering than it is for him to give in to the tiny shreds of empathy he may have left.

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And THIS is why for 2 years now anyone with even a basic understanding of human psychology has been going: "uhh...hey...guys...I'm pretty sure that electing someone with severe and easily observable NPD to be leader of the free world & commander in chief of the most powerful military the world has ever seen is a colossally bad idea."

But the Republican party has succeeded in making a virtue of anti-intellectualism and vilifying anyone who is an "expert" on anything other than bigotry, hate, religious extremism, or fucking child cruelty at this point. So yea, no one listened to all of the people who knew better screaming that we were about to give the keys of our national car to a fucking madman who has 4 vehicular manslaughter charges on his record. But yea, here we all are.

Honestly, its hard to have faith that you people will vote the right way in November. Trumps approval rating is where? 44%? Jesus.

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Going back down from the latest polling I've seen...but would appear that at best 36-37% of the adults in this country that reliably vote are either completely devoid of basic human empathy, or are somewhere far down on the sociopathic spectrum.

616 points · 13 hours ago

What happens if a single child goes missing or turns up dead? You think the GOP and border security incompetent enough to care for thousands of children?

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My first thought in reading this....I guarantee that there is already more than one child that is missing or dead as a result of this moral catastrophe.

When dumb white men are used to being told they are better than everybody, and then they are told that women, minorities, gays, trans, etc are equal to them. They feel like they are losing. They are narcissists. Just like Trump. That's why they love Trump, they see their own narcissism in him. They think if we are all equals, that means they are somehow losing what they originally had.

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So Western civilization falls to a heady mixture of vanity, rampant egoism, and narcissism.

Well, that's basically how every civilization falls.

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49 points · 1 day ago

We will see on the 30th. Right now the American population is not doing much except for posting and tweeting maybe.

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You say it right, June 30th better make the March for Our Lives and the Women's march look quaint, or I fear for the future of our nation even more than I already was...

Please share information about a June 30th event. What is it? If it’s vocalizing anger about this issue, I will be there.

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There is a giant nationwide protest planned for that date. Pretty sure it's being done by moveon, give me one second

Here you go friend :). Hope to see you there, bring friends and family, it should be a very peaceful nonviolent type of event.

that is the day that the future of our nation is decided.

So what's the contingency for when this unfortunately doesn't work via voting? Are you going to do do anything else? What else will you do?

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As many have already said, mass workers strike and civil disobedience comes next

That'll show em

Curious... Why aren't you doing that now?

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Need more of a public consensus that is the only available avenue left for us to pursue.

2 points · 1 day ago

At what point are all of the citizens of America responsible for these atrocities?

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Very soon, if not already.

His voters will die first. Many are on social security, Medicaid, Medicare etc.

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That is of very small solace at this point.

20 points · 1 day ago

It is even more horrifying when you consider the batshit crazy statements the Whitehouse officially releases. For something to be beyond the pale for them, it must have been something too horrible for the average person to comprehend.

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Apparently it's looking like he accidentally gave our some confidential/classified information, which I suppose is far better than what you & I were thinking originally...this whole story sill just stinks. I am in favor of transparency and openness, this is the opposite of those things.

So then that one part can be redacted

see more thoughts exactly...

45 points · 1 day ago

We have to wait on the Supreme Court to rule, which they likely wont since they've consistently punted gerrymandering cases. All Dems have to do is appeal to the rural, GOP are the ones who want to stop the scaling back of GenX production that has affected the drinking water of so many americans (almost like our own Flint)

And for his effort, our last one had a couple of great moments, but the State GOP undid them.

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Are you guys one of those gerrymanders where in a really big wave year it would actually swing back and work against the GOP?

55 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

5-4 scotus ruling in Trump's favor because... reasons and because Kennedy doesn't think she would have any rights.

I'll bet on it.

My sincerest hope is that this Trump thing gets so bad that the democrats get a chance to re-do or stack the court. Right now we have the most fascist court in our history. Citizens United is proof of that.

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Kennedy has disappointed more than almost anyone else in the last few years :(

175 points · 1 day ago

Agreed- the moment they want you to separate them walk away.

I won't say that about people working in the camps- the alternative for the children is too scary. The ability to mitigate harm is nearly as important as the ability to stop it in the first place. But the moment they ask you to destroy a family you're causing the harm yourself.

Walk. Away.

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THIS. I wish I could upvote more than once.

This exactly. The people in the camps, do what you can to mitigate the harm to the innocents, but to the folks carrying out the orders to separate mothers from their children. You will have to live with the choices you make now for the rest of your life.

"I was just following orders" was tried as a defense for inhumane atrocities once before, it didn't work out too well back then, and the people who proffered it are universally reviled, remembered by history as monsters in the shape of men.

Have never seen this, will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

On here to help combat the spread of disinformation, misinformation, blatant falsehoods, and propaganda. Also, more generally, I am trying to be apart of bringing about a more honest, fair, and brighter tomorrow for all the peoples of the Earth. Be the change you wish to see.
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