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To me it makes sense that it's the highest floor or damn near the highest. I think once he got as far as he did, he may not have been able to pass the guardian's test because of the true purpose of the tower. Knowing this, he just sealed it off so no one would be able to fill that role.

wait, is the series actually coming to an end? and there's a anime show about it?

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I doubt it’s coming to an end any time soon. It’s already been going for 10 freakin years. There’s no anime though.

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This entire second half of this arc made me want a side story arc of the 10 FH or should i say the 13 great warriors, their journey and everything that happened so much more

Also this chapter in some way confirms baam is not what he seems. Zahard wouldn't have said what he said for no reason. Unless he knows about the prophecy that baam will kill him there's some other reason he killed him

The war has begun. Something makes me think this was all according to gustangs plan though, i mean he isnt stupid.

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A newish theory is that the tower was made to create a god to turn the tide in an axis war. Baam is that chosen one, but when he reaches the top, the tower will collapse. Jahad knows of this and doesn't want it to happen.

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Not a new theory at all.

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New to me!

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I joined the discord years ago literally only because I wanted to see the preview chapters. I very rarely ever cared about discussing anything. It got to be kind of a pain in the ass to keep up to their standards to be allowed access to the preview chapters. My access was revoked 2 times after these purges they kept doing. I was accused of having multiple people use my login, which never happened. All in all it was just a bad experience for me. If I was a kid with lots of time on my hands I could see it being more appealing. Finding the preview chapters on your own is pretty easy. But I am thankful for Cleetus and his translation that's put at the end now.

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It's always obvious this subreddit is basically just r/incels rebranded.

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The downvotes kinda prove your point. These comments are making me cringe so hard.

I agree that the dread and potential for loss established in s1 isn't quite present in s2. But I think s3 will be very different. Now that Bam and co are becoming actual threats to the stability of the tower, and now that Zahard himself is aware of Bam's presence, shits about to get real. This whole season in my opinion has been about Bam and co arming and preparing themselves for the fight to come. Not just with the Zahard Empire but with the factions of FUG, the Ten F, Wolhaiksong, and maybe others. I have high hopes for season 3!

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I couldn’t agree more. Baam and everyone that has any connection to him have a huge target on their backs.

I'm really sorry but gender reveal videos/sessions are stupid as fuck. This is your good friend from work talking.

It’s a computer, not a Diesel engine

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You realize "Diesel" engines last way longer than non-"Diesel" engines right?

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I'm retarded and had that backwards. I would imagine the internal wear and tear is rather minor though. The battery is the biggest area of failure I would imagine.

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Yeah, I don't mind the character/technique name variations as much, but I do think that the Company translations were consistently higher quality than the official translations; I think this is because as fans of the series Company translators were usually more likely to use context to help determine translations.

Some of the name changes, like Mule's "Changeup" (Company translation) being swapped to "Breaking ball" (webtoons), are really interesting to me, because although the translations are very similar on their face (both are terms for baseball pitches), I feel that "changeup" better represents the move because breaking balls are those which do not travel in a straight line whereas changeups are pitches that are thrown deceptively slow to mislead a batter. The "reveal" of Mule's ability is closer to a changeup than a breaking ball, and I appreciated that the company tried to represent this in their translation.

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Thcmpny was by far the best. They made ToG perfect.

TiVo isn’t very old lmao

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TiVo has been around for almost 20 years. I'd consider that fairly old.

It feels like we have finally gotten close to the Baam’s growth, that we have been waiting for.

If you look at it, somehow the hell train itself is related to Baam’s inner and outer growth

So I believe this episode will be the first end of the Baam’s growth phase…

This quote cannot be understated. Look forward to the coming chapters.

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I don't see why people have such hope for a complete turnaround on Baam's part for an even fight with Jahad. Jahad's barely breaking a sweat and Baam is already within an inch of his life. If anything the most I see Baam getting done is making Jahad getting serious but I do not see him fighting on equal footing.

I agree with what you said that there isn't going to be a winner/loser just like that one battle he had on his first encounter with Urek.

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Ya'll seem to forget that Baam doesn't have to best Zahard in the fight to win the battle.

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She did nail it. Every joke landed and her delivery was impeccable.
In case you missed it, her remarks from the correspondents dinner are on YouTube

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Holy F the YouTube comments are filled with seething Trump lovers.

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Just recently read a medium article from a guy that wrote a book about an alternate theory posited by a renown gunsmith. He interviewed the gunsmith that was hired to basically corroborate that Oswald committed the crime, which he fully expected to prove. He ended up showing, based off his evidence, that the shot that hit Kennedy in the head was done by a secret service agent behind the president’s vehicle, all by accident. Kennedy killed by friendly fire. Shit blew me away. The book is called Mortal Error.

Looks similar to an Ahi tower

People are way too stupid to prevent traffic jams. I'm one of the only people on the road that drives very defensively and keeps lots of space in front of me. It's infuriating seeing drivers that don't get this.

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