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ExistentialYurt commented on a post in r/funny
Helioxsparrow 1 point

then you guessed wrong. My point is changing the date wont solve anything, it just creates division and a lets people feel like they care and are doing something, its a token effort. Im not afraid of standing for whats right and do a heck of a lot in my own life to help out and build my community, buts thats my personal private life and no open for you to comment on.

ExistentialYurt 1 point

Why mention it then?

Helioxsparrow 1 point

because you accused me of being "whipped" by "true blue nationals". Now back to the topic at hand.

ExistentialYurt 1 point

Sorry, didnt mean to get into a catty back and forth but you say it like we simply cant put any more stress on an antagonised part of society. What has happened to them already to be pissed off? (Gay marriage?) Its time people like that realised that giving just a small bit of ground, a small gesture goes a long way. Its these people that think if they give this up then there will be more things and they’ll lose their glorious little land. Life doesn’t work like that. People need to meet in the middle.

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ExistentialYurt commented on a post in r/nevertellmetheodds
colacadstink 42 points

Because the ball landed in the water, and one of the guys decided to play it where it lies rather than take the penalty for putting it back on the green. Thinking this was a funny situation, or possibly due to having seen this fountain turn on once already while the ball was in this position, they decided to record the attempt. The rest is ghost bawl history.

ExistentialYurt 2 points

Yeah it landed exactly dead on that elevated spout.

Hotstrings 1 point

If you are conscious, why would you think you were dead? Are you talking about sudden decapitation for example, where for a short while, you might be able to see your own decapitated body, or something else? Not trying to grill you, just curious... I would imagine the shock of any sudden tragedy resulting in death would leave feelings of confusion rather than logical thought floating around in a conscious brain.

ExistentialYurt 2 points

Good point. Id like to think theres a few tell tail signs that you’ve actually died lol.

I_Lick_Bananas 1 point

It was in the news late last year, scientists saying the brain already stays alive long enough to know.

Google gave this, a quick search would probably give a bunch more:

ExistentialYurt 1 point

Fuck! I was actually at peace with the fact we all die but thats scared me a bit.

ExistentialYurt commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ExistentialYurt 2 points

A girl shit her pants and threw them out of the bathroom window. I think she must have been still young enough to think that once they went out that window they vanished. The window was overlooking the playground/yard and everyone seen a shitty pair of pants fly out the window.

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