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Read The Easyway To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

The pants, get them tapered from a tailor or something, it’ll be worth it

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You are fucking weirdos. They are button up, the bottom button is open ‘90s style.

The shite some of you freaks wear i don’t think I’ll be taking advice from you.

First off I ain’t seen that they button up, second I jus wear skinny jeans lmao, I thought you were out here bein the boot cut bandit so I was jus sayin, vapormax shouldn’t be worn with wide ass cuffs though lmao, didn’t have to be rude, jus sayin because I thought they were track pants

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Boot cut track pants?

Lol soz you got the brunt of it.

The fuck? Why put a tea bag in her pocket? Pockets are for spaghetti.

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Back pocket spaghetti, front pocket mince.

Looks thoroughly unimpressed.


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yeah, got it in 1, Jesus was my higher power.

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Just say you are transgender and would like to start transitioning. They’ll have a chat and tell you what needs to happen.

My usual barber was on holidays so I went somewhere else.

I had to explain a fade to them, zero then one and two and leaving length on the top obviously.

They done a two at the bottom and brought it tighter to the skin in the middle then usual length on the top so there was a bald stripe around my head.

I went home and had to shave my whole head.

A big complaint minorities have about a racist society is you are always put on a pedestal as an example for your group.

See a bad Asian driver? All Asian drivers must be bad.

I know a billion hypocrites and a lot are atheists, mostly just edgelords who want to drag down about positive in society, good thing I don't make a blanket judgement based on these few I meet in my daily life.

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It was a joke.

People are touchy little imbeciles these days.

Suuuure exclude us Jews and Muslims like you Christians always do! /s

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If jews and muslims done one hour of community service a week instead of persecuting people the world would be a better place 😉

Yeah head the ball downwards when on goal.

Something has snapped in your brain, kiddo. Take a break.

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The brain made it.

He sent him down to the shops for bread.

Ya they reeeaaally fucked that up. Those look nothing like ribs. If I recall correctly he actually takes a bite out of them but I still had a hard time putting 2 and 2 together.

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Original Poster2 points · 8 hours ago

I just remember it tipping the car over when she gave it to them.

Explain op.

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Its from the opening titles of a cartoon based in prehistoric times, they pull up to a drive through and the waitress gives them that thing. Its ribs of a dinosaur but I didn’t really know about ribs never mind giant ribs that don’t really look like food at all.

Original Poster1 point · 9 hours ago

Are you wooooshing me? Lol

Wouldn’t like to be the one cleaning it.

The bit at the end is a bit of an existential crisis lol.

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