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Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/CompanyOfHeroes
Extra_Napkins 10 points

The pop penalty for tanks and tank destroyers is ridiculous. 14 pop for a fucking P4. I’m out.

Eereeman 2 points

Does reddit even play the game? OKW P4 is 14 on live patch

Extra_Napkins 1 point

Yeah I know. I was appalled and a jadpanzer is 15. Ridiculous.

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Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/ChoosingBeggars
Extra_Napkins 7 points

When I was in Europe I never understood the European infatuation for drinking club soda. That shit is nasty.

ambiguousmurmur 5 points

My stepdad is from germany and he loves sparkling water. He also likes tap water room temperature. No ice. I dont trust him

Extra_Napkins 0 points

Yeah they don’t believe in having ice in their beverages over there. It’s weird.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/TheSimpsons
Extra_Napkins 21 points

Here’s a little something I learned in CIA...

StealthRabbi 18 points

I'm sure you could put all sorts of things in there.

Extra_Napkins 30 points


Trakt_ 10 points

Okay so I've played a lot of Holo Pilot:

0). as you know Titanfall is an extremely fast paced game. take advantage of this and let your opponent target your holos instead of you.

1). Holos only move forward, you see a pilot moving backwards, it aint a holo.

2). Holos mimic you movement style (walking running crouch sliding ect)

3). UNLESS you jump then they will land and mimic your state whether its crouching or running.

4). Holos dont have a badge when you are close by.

5). once you are gen 10 you can set you badge to blank and confuse players that know point 4.

6). holos are better used offensively than defensively if some one has a bead on you and you pop holos you will still probably die.

7). the best way to use holos is like you have two additional team mates. place them where people will likely round a corner and be startled into shooting. IE not close enough to melee but not far enough to have time to register it as a holo.

8). Additionally Holos can be used for counter sniping to distract a sniper.

9). send two holos in different directions to see which way an opponent is flanking.

10). You can quickly drop at a static holo by pressing backwards and holo at the same time.

11). Holos can wall run. when wall running, pop a holo and let them run into a hot zone first to distract other pilots.

12). Weapon skins dont appear on holo's weapons. if an opponent's weapons have no skin it could very well be a holo.

Extra_Napkins 6 points

Holos are underutilized. People always fall for them or if they eject out of a Titan and see three of you on the ground they never shoot the right one.

Extra_Napkins 12 points

A critical hit with a charged plasma rail gun with the Northstar will always kill a doomed Titan and the pilot.

You can use twin tether traps as a Northstar to cheese titans chasing you, by tethering them and nuclear ejecting.

If a Ronin is chasing you, smoke and use your flight core to basically kill them instantly.

Combination of battery backup and overcore paired with sensor array with Legion is incredibly powerful. You start at 40% power! It gives you over 15 seconds of Smart Core!

Launching a zero point tripwire will always kill clumps of AI enemies as Ion. Good to clean up minion kills strategy.

You can throw a gravity star at a nuclear ejecting pilot and he will stay stuck and blow himself up.

Arc rounds melt vortex shields, thermal shields, and tone shields almost instantly as a Monarch. Use this to your advantage.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen
Extra_Napkins 3 points


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