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Extra_Napkins [score hidden]

The Room, Aliens, Robocop, Predator.

Probably a tie between all of them.

mattsparrow 6,672 points

I always watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day when its on.

I know now why you cry

Extra_Napkins [score hidden]

Fuck you, you little dipshit!

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Extra_Napkins 4 points

“I’m not happy with a nice guy. I’m not happy without a nice guy.” This is what I comprehended from that unconscious stream of typed diarrhea.

Maybe it’s you dear. Keep getting railed out by Chad Thunderdong and keep sulking in your neverending cycle of misery because you’re not smart enough to step out of it. And buy some burn ointment because you’ll need it.

EchoZuluEcho 3 points

I hate that I have needs and desire to be loved. If I didn't have these desires, I wouldn't be in a position where I have to expose myself in getting hurt. I hate feeling vulnerable, that he has the power to make me a damn loser if he chooses to, power I don't wanna give to any man. I hate that someone can have such power over you and that I am capable of getting attached and deeply loving someone.

So, she's experiencing what it's like for every non-Chad man to date.

Extra_Napkins 2 points

Yeah, usually I feel those desires and I just fap. Then the desires go away. And then I think to myself, “I need to go to Taco Bell.”

And then I’m fine again.

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Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen
sat_ta 15 points

Why can't I seem to find a guy who isn't secretly a scumbag? Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?

Are you doing something wrong? Let's see.

I am somewhat emotionally reserved and I sometimes struggle with letting people know how much I appreciate and care about them.


Extra_Napkins 3 points

I hate it when women identify the problem and identify the solution and fail to put it together. But whatever.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen
Extra_Napkins 1 point

I don’t see the logic or reasoning in these pregnant 20-21 year olds with 2-3 bastards acting like their pussies are lined with velvet.

You’re damaged and used goods and you’re lucky if anyone falls for that.

Also you’re not looking for friends. But the sad reality is women are incapable of making true friends. You’re looking for an organic cuck meatbag with an ATM card to pay for your bad choices when you let someone inseminate you twice before you could buy beer.

FFS these pregnant posts are appalling. They’re too easy.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen
1UPZ_ 4 points

She wants a black man because her kids are half black for sure

Extra_Napkins 1 point

It makes explaining shit easier.

Extra_Napkins 3 points

Why do women always think they’re funny and witty? You are NOT fluent in sarcasm. Makes my piss boil when I read that in profiles.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 0 points

That playoff win percentage chart is really depressing.

RedExplosiveBarrel 98 points

Wish the Oilers got the same treatment. The team name is more representative of the city of Houston than 'Texans.'

Extra_Napkins 10 points

They were cooler when they were the Oilers. Those old uniforms with the baby blue and red were badass. Also oil derrick.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 2 points

Terry Bradshaw played in a very unfriendly passing league in the 70’s, virtually every rule created since then has benefited the QB and receivers.

Also he had probably the best defense ever stacked with Hall of Famers backing him up, not like he had to score 30 points a game to win. He also had two HOF receivers to throw to and a HOF running back.

It was a huge deal to pass for 4,000 yards or 25 TDs or even 3,000 yards. He was lights out in the SB and playoffs some year.

The fact that Joe Namath threw for 4,000 yards in a season in the 60’s or Marino’s 5,000 yard season was insane. You can’t just directly compare stats to the era they played.

If Marino played today he could have thrown for 6,000 yards.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 4 points

The Chiefs have lost six straight postseason home games.

We set the NFL record with eight straight playoff losses.

Our last two playoff road wins have been in Houston...against the Oilers and Texans, 1994 and 2015 respectively. The only other road playoff win was in 1969 against the Raiders.

Arrowhead is nearly fifty years old and has never hosted an AFC title game.

Joe Montana was the QB for our last home playoff win. Tom Brady has won more games in the divisional round for his career than the total playoff wins for the Chiefs as a franchise.

The Chiefs have never won the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

We rushed for a franchise record 352 yards against the Colts and lost.

We were up 38-10 and lost to the Colts in the playoffs.

We scored multiple touchdowns in a game and didn’t allow one and still lost a playoff game to the Steelers.

We blew a 21-3 lead to the Titans at home in the playoffs.

We have one win in the last 30 years by a QB drafted by the Chiefs, achieved in Week 17 this year, last one was Todd Blackledge in 1987.

The Broncos have won more playoff games at Arrowhead than the Chiefs have in 25 years.

Hank Stram cursed the Chiefs when he was fired over the phone unceremoniously and said they’d never reach the Super Bowl until he wore Chiefs Red again. He remains the only coach to lead KC to the SB, haven’t been back since.

A worker died in the construction of Arrowhead causing a curse.

The Royals have been to the World Series four times since the Chiefs went to a Super Bowl, which happened six months after we landed on the moon.

Mack Lee Hill died during knee surgery. Joe Delaney died saving kids from drowning. Derrick Thomas was paralyzed and died from injuries in a car crash. Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and shot himself in the head in front of our GM and head coach.

The Chiefs failed to make the playoffs from 1972-1985, and didn’t win their division from 1972-1993.

To end this shitshow of depressing stats, somehow the Chiefs have a winning record against the Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, and Seahawks when they played in the AFC West. Optimism!

CalvesAllTheWay 18 points

The stat that the Cowboys haven’t made it to an NFC championship since 96 and I was born in 99.

Extra_Napkins 2 points

I have seen the Cowboys win the Super Bowl three times. It really did happen, I swear.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 4 points

I don’t tune in because there’s no point in watching the AFC because the Patriots will always win in the playoffs and the Chiefs will always lose in the playoffs. Your last 18 SB AFC QBs.

Brady Gannon Brady Brady Ben Peyton Brady Ben Peyton Ben Brady Flacco (wtf) Peyton Brady Peyton Brady Probably Brady

The Steelers/Pats/Peyton ran the table and I’m more intrigued into seeing whether Case Keenum or Nick Foles will play in the Super Bowl. Or Blake Bortles!

mostdope28 2 points

Manning’s is gone, and in the next 5 years Brady and Ben will be. The AFC will be back to variety of winners

Extra_Napkins 1 point

No, Blake Bortles will be the new Tom Brady. The writing is on the wall.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 1 point

Neil O Donnell basically won the Super Bowl for the Cowboys one year. I’d truly say Joe Flacco, who was incredible in a few road playoff games but has been kind of crappy ever since.

2015 Manning, Dilfer, Johnson, Rypien (had one wonder year) are all honorable mentions.

Jeff Hostetler was a baller, I always liked him even when he played for the Raiders. He gets a pass.

Copenhagen_1987 1 point

You need to put a trigger warning or something before you bring up Neil O'Donnell.

Extra_Napkins 2 points


Like that? Apparently no one has fond memories of him.

Extra_Napkins commented on a post in r/nfl
Extra_Napkins 6 points

I’m going to get downvoted like hell for my franchise quick analysis.

I would say there isn’t a dynasty where someone wins 3-4 SBs for quite some time.

Drew Brees is one of the greatest QBs to play the game and only made one SB. I just see Brady/Belichick as the perfect storm that can’t be topped.

The NFC hasn’t had a consistently dominant franchise like the Patriots/Steelers in a while since the 90’s Cowboys.

My personal analysis

Bengals can’t win a playoff game. Browns can’t win a game. Steelers maybe, they are one of the most consistent franchises that could fill the void. Ravens have regressed.

Chargers aren’t good enough Rivers, will be gone soon. Broncos had their moment in the sun, are rebuilding. Chiefs, oh come on, you know they’re not going to do shit. I’ve accepted this. Raiders regressed this year but have a lot of talent, interesting to see what Gruden does. I see them winning a lot for a while.

Texans have some nice talent but are mired by freak injuries. Don’t see it happening. Titans/Jags/Colts have been mediocre for a while. (Go Blake Bortles!)

Jets/Dolphins/Bills are the doormat for the Patriots. Patriots are the current dynasty.


Cowboys won’t win with Dak, and Garrett that was shown this year. Garrett is a Yes Man to Jerry. Redskins don’t have a good enough team and Cousins is likely gone soon. Giants, Eli will retire soon and they were a train wreck this year. Philly...maybe? They are a very good team if Carson Wentz stays healthy and play at a high level. But they have bad luck.

Packers, one of the best teams but Rodgers can only carry them so many years. Vikings, possible. But they have a tendency to have bad luck. Lions, sorry. :( I would love to see them do well. Mitch the answer? I just don’t see them being dynasty material.

Bucs, no. Panthers, no. Falcons, have bad luck although they have a lot of talent and are a good team. Saints, Brees doesn’t have that much left in the tank although I loved seeing Kamara/Ingram this year.

Rams, possible but too early to tell. Russell Wilsons/Seahawks, their defense isn’t as dominant as it was, he needs serious help but they had a good run. Cards, no. 49ers, Jimmy G...who knows?

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