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Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 3 points

When this happened, Iran was more advanced than S.Korea and a even large number of them worked as labourers in Iran during the 70s, it's such a shame that our country's growth was reversed by the Islamist & communist alliance.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 9 points

The idea of forced hijab was such a devious move on by the mullahs; instead of focusing on corruption, terrible mismanagement of the country, and other issues, half the population is focusing on hijab rules! They knew exactly how to take advantage of us Iranians.

Ardekan 1 point

Of course, they added an extra card to their hand with the hijabs, when or if they conciede it they will have saved some time before the next issue comes up. Pretty clever actually, making the whole thing revolve around something that is essentially a non issue compared to those other points you mention for example.

Eyval 1 point

Pretty clever actually, making the whole thing revolve around something that is essentially a non issue

True, that's why I don't agree with the stance that some people take when they claim the mullahs these idiotic backward people. Every single calculated action that they have taken since 1979 was a slow and steady move to strengthen their position at the top. Like the war and the fact that it took 6 years longer as it could have ended on year two. By extending the war they had the opportunity to purge the communists and mujahedin who were their main opposition back then. There's so

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shawarma_caliente 1 point

These photos are generally stupid no offense. I could take a picture from rich kids of Tehran on instagram today and a picture of a political prisoner that the Shah fucked over and it’d also be a stupid comparison. The basic principle, which is that Iran should be a country where people are free to wear or not wear the hijab is what the masses of Iranians believe, not the forcible wearing or removal of the hijab. In a free Iran, you would still have women that would look like both of the pictures you have posted and both should be served by any future head of state of Iran.

Edit: what is the point of you downvoting my comments in a 1v1 discussion?

Eyval 1 point

I could take a picture from rich kids of Tehran on instagram today and a picture of a political prisoner

You can't possibly think that's comparable to the picture on this post?! I find it so bizarre that on these posts individuals like yourself go out of their way to mention political prisoners during shah's time, but you won't mention the same or say anything negative to do with the current dictatorship, why is that?

I haven't downvoted you:

shawarma_caliente 2 points

Let me repeat again for you. 90% of us are against this regime. If you posted stuff against the regime and talked about it’s mismanagement of the people’s wealth and the environment and etc, I will upvote every one of your posts. It is your obsession with returning another abuser of human rights that bothers most people, and I’m confused why you find it bizarre I bring up the Shah’s poor record on human rights on a picture you posted comparing the Shah to today. Is your point not that the Shah was a better ruler?

If you left this regressive idea of monarchy out of your posts then I think you would see people like me wouldn’t respond talking about the poor record of the Shah. I don’t need to go out of my way to rebuke the current government because I don’t see anyone here posting 1000 times defending Khamenei but if they do I promise I will comment on how that turd has ruined Iran as well.

Eyval 1 point

I think you forgot to answer my question regarding the comparison image idea that you mentioned in your previous comment, I'd really like to know your rational for that.

Is your point not that the Shah was a better ruler?

My point for this post was to simply highlight that after 40 years, women's rights deteriorated quite badly. Shah's rule was not something that I wanted to debate on this post at all!

I’m confused why you find it bizarre

You're ignoring what you know is happening now and instead focusing on what you heard about 40 years ago, you could have commented on Khamenei's record on human rights but you didn't. In my opinion, which I'm sure you'll disagree with, that's bizarre.

this regressive idea of monarchy

How can a constitutional monarchy be regressive when 7 out of 10 best countries to live in have that system! Especially when the only credible opposition to the scourge of mullahs is the Shah's son, he's also the only political person that people have demanded for in the streets during the previous weeks. If anything, not only is supporting the constitutional monarchy progressive, it's also the pragmatic option at a critical time for Iran!

returning another abuser of human rights

I'm sorry but that's just nonsense, what does Shah's son have to do with that!

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Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 10 points

This movement may quiet down and flare up again numerous times over the next couple of months, but one thing that is certain is that it's going to continue until there's regime change.

MazDaShnoz 6 points

Isn’t such a gaudy spectacle antithetical to the Quran’s message?

Eyval 4 points

It absolutely is, but they love using gold for religious matters such as domes on the burial sites. They recently built and sent golden gates to some burial sites in Iraq as well. The funny thing is that they prohibit men from wearing gold in Iran, but they decorate the burial sites of their religious men in gold!

roo19 0 points

Anyone know how much that cost? Surely no one is saying art should cease until there is no economic hardship?

Eyval 6 points

It's 70kg of gold, so around $3m. To make things worse, it's actually being donated to a mosque in Iraq!!!

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Sir-Thanks-A-Lot -1 points
  1. Because you are flooding this subreddit with these pictures again and again even though people are basically asking you to stop.
  2. You usually have no idea what the images/videos you submit are about and upon asking, consistently fail to provide information.
  3. You fail to provide any sort of constructive talk or argument.

Maybe you are younger and woke up one day and decided that you are going to activate your activism gear. Thats great! BUT you have to do it right and in an adult way. Why don't you share information and material from the multitude of independent research organizations (meaning not monarchy learning or MEK sources or something) that are trying to disseminate information on Iran? Or maybe actually lead a good discussion.

Enough of these spam posts you saw somewhere and keep posting.

Eyval 5 points

You can't just ignore what I pointed out in my last comment:

Since when showing reality in Iran is propaganda? I just don't understand why someone would be against a video showing that many children in Iran are forced to collect recycling products so that their families won't starve that day. What makes that propaganda?

Sir-Thanks-A-Lot 0 points

Why do you keep copy and pasting your own comment. Do you have cognitive issues? Do the right thing and follow proper posting guidelines. As simple as that. And stop spamming.

Eyval 2 points

Do you have cognitive issues

Another pathetic ad hominem attack. I guess that you agree labelling the video as propaganda was a silly move, otherwise you'd answer the question.

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1Amendment4Sale 0 points

Fact income inequality in the US is worse than Iran; More than 1/10 US households face severe food insecurity. For all the faults of Iran, they spend alot on social services so it’s not a starving country as you want to believe.

The only famine in recent history was the British imposed famine of WWI. A long time ago, and since then Iran has led the developing world by almost every metric.One again, Iran is not a starving country

You lost all credibility when you posted a fake video title of Iranians “fighting for cardboard boxes”. It’s obvious you just want to portray Iran as one of Trump’s “shithole countries”, but the fact is even the most desperate Iranian protestors still are much better off than poor people in other developing countries.

If you want to see real hunger go to India, where you can’t even drink the water. Iran is much wealthier per capita compared to other developing nations, and doesnt have the same problems. I have just spoken with an Iranian who just came back from a trip to North India. It’s a night and day difference. Same for other developing countries, Iran is doing much better.

Your fanaticism to show Iran as a starving country just shows how out-of-touch you are.

Eyval 1 point

Iran has led the developing world by almost every metric

I feel like you live in an parallel universe in which Iran is doing really well! Do you have any sources for any of these wild claims that you're making? Just so that we're clear, putting the word "fact" in bold doesn't count.

Your fanaticism to show Iran as a starving country

That's your subjective take on this video. I'm simply showing that some Iranians live a very difficult life. Even according to the government's figures, around 10% of the population live in extreme poverty! Do you think this old man is collecting boxes as a hobby?

If you want to see real hunger go to India

Just because poverty is worse in India, and Iran is slightly better, that doesn't mean Iranians live a comfortable life! Bare in mind the fact that India's population is 1 billion+ and Iran is around 80 million, Iran has 5% of the world's wealth while having only 1% of the world's population.

1Amendment4Sale 0 points

In general Iran can feed its people and provide clean water. To give you a general sense the standard of living, it’s much better than India, yet less than US. Iran while still a developing country, is considered relatively wealthy. Still some people fall through the cracks. To answer your question specifically we need to find reliable data on food security. Honestly, the percentage of homes with food insecurity is comparable to the US, maybe even less, that’s anecdotal ofcourse.

Eyval 0 points

the percentage of homes with food insecurity is comparable to the US, maybe even less

What's the point of making up a lie as obvious as this?

TheSkyPirate 1 point

Are we talking Saudi-style monarchy or Queen of England monarchy?

Eyval 1 point

Constitutional monarchy so just like UK, Sweden, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg.

TheSkyPirate 1 point

Like 2018 UK or like pre-Victorian UK?

Eyval 2 points

I was referring to today's constitutional monarchies for all of those countries.

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Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Sir-Thanks-A-Lot 0 points

A lot of good points, but sadly a lot of 'off' points that point to ideologies of other countries (US, Israel, Gulf Arab bloc, etc). No intention of saying if these ideologies are right or wrong, however, mixing and matching them is not going to work. You cannot appease the west and the east and the Arabs and the Turks, all the while hoping for Iran to once again regain its long lost glory.

Eyval 2 points

US, Israel, Gulf Arab bloc

If we're to fix Iran's problems then we'll have to cooperate with all countries, I don't see why Iran is unable to do something that countries like S.Korea have been doing for a long time.

Lucifer_L -1 points

Was this speech in reference to the Iran-Iraq war of the 80's? Because it would make a lot more sense in that context.

Eyval -2 points

make a lot more sense

Mullah khoeimni has never done that.

Babolsar 1 point

This is the common misconception among people like you. He made a lot of sense to the people, most of whom were being put aside for the benefit of the upper class.

Eyval 0 points

He was offering them free stuff and life after death! Obviously people bought into that. That doesn't change the fact that he wasn't sensible, he was a bloodthirsty mullah who have said anything to get into power.

Demotic 2 points

Who is this guy? What was his crime?

Eyval -4 points

The regime has publicly executed around 10 people during the last week just to frighten people so that they won't dare join the protests. Unfortunately, I don't have any details on who this man is or his crime. What's important is that no one deserves to die in such barbaric fashion.

Sir-Thanks-A-Lot 3 points

This is nothing to do with the protests. According to another comment here, he is being hanged for murder. Why did you share something without having the right information on it?

Eyval 0 points

I never claimed that he was a protester! All the necessary information is in the video, even if he's a murderer he doesn't deserve to die in such a barbaric way! The fact that the regime is doing this in public where children could see it proves that their purpose is to frighten the people.

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