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Eyval [score hidden]

Erode support for Iran's leaders

Iranians were on streets chanting "death to Khamenei" and pro Pahlavi slogans in 12/2017, there's no support to erode, people know very well that our true enemy is the regime in our country.

"Our Enemy Is Here, The Regime Lies & Says That It's America"

dect60 [score hidden]
Eyval [score hidden]

Some people don't want to accept reality, they prefer shouting "your a paid person with an agenda" instead of addressing the evidence you presented! Although I have to say that I have come across many ardent supporters of the regime on this subreddit who actually aren't even Iranians, so their lack of appetite for evidence makes perfect sense as they're supporting an ideology.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Pisko_ [score hidden]

Didn't know there were only three countries in the world.

Eyval [score hidden]

Those countries are specifically chosen for the graph to misinform the reader.

Eyval [score hidden]

HDI is based on data provided by the regime itself it gives equal value to education, health, and wealth, it is a flawed way to portray development as it doesn't reflect important aspects of life in a country. For example, there are people in Iran who don't have access to drinking water, around 5-6 million people who are starving, people so poor that they have to sell their body organs such kidney or eye cornea, yet we rank higher than the likes of Turkey and Ukraine!

Furthermore, ignoring all the blatant flaws of HDI, our current ranking is 69, here are some other countries with ranking S.Arabia=38, Qatar=33, Singapor=5, South Korea=18, Israel=19, Slovenia=25, Greece=29, Brunei=30, Poland=36, UAE=42.... Have a look at the link below to see what other countries rank higher above us, with our resources and manpower we should easily be top 20.

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Eyval [score hidden]

Except that MEK aren't invited and they won't be there at all. There'll be mix of people from different political affiliations, except MEK and separatists, all hoping for democratic future for their country.

trogdr2 0 points

I completely agree with you, there is no proper democratic movement that will change things for us.

We have to do it ourselves!

Eyval 0 points

That's a sensible approach, good for you.

suekichi 5 points

Your whole argument boils down to victim-blaming. I just hope you're an American stooge. Because it's discouraging to think that there might be Iranians out there that actually blame themselves for America's decades long hostility against their country.

Eyval 0 points

I just hope you're an American stooge.

Are you unable to to have a discussion without resorting to ad hominems?

Your whole argument boils down to victim-blaming.

I find this victim mentality to be completely confusing, what part of the hostage crisis makes the current regime in Iran a victim?

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amerikkkan_alien 3 points

Too bad he was an imperialist and US puppet. The Shah deserved to be executed.

Eyval 0 points

-A Pakistani communist living in the US. Why do some people from Pakistan feel the urge to talk about Iran and side with the regime even though you don't have the faintest idea about our country or its history?

Furthermore, don't you think it's hypocritical of you as a Pakistani communist who appears to hate the US to actually live in the US which is the most capitalist country on the planet?

amerikkkan_alien 1 point

Why do you feel the need to point out my background? Trying to invalidate someone using their background is pathetic. I was born in the US. So the US is my country & my home. Pakistan is my heritage. meaning instead of running away from my home and my country i choose to fight for justice not only for muslims in the US but for African Americans, Native Americans and even poor whites. Your logic makes no sense. I’ve studied history of Iran and the middle east as well as the politics. I’ve not only done it for my passion & interest but I have a degree in poli sci & history. I’m more than qualified to talk about it. Just because I live in the US doesnt mean I agree with it, Im fighting for justice within the country.

Eyval 4 points

I had to point out your hypocritical nature because you have decided to come to this sub and call for barbaric behaviours such as execution of people.

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Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 1 point

if you scroll through this sub reddit you would get the impression

That's your subjective opinion. Looking at the current FP, it simply reflects the events that took place today in Iran.

Tehran Grand Bazar is closed.

Bazar was closed, or are you actually denying that?

I'm in Tehran and the days are going on as normal.

Of course it's normal for you, after all you're spending dollars and sightseeing, remember when the protests were happening a few days ago, you said that you were visiting Shadolazim and too tired to go and take a few pictures.

The bazaar was open today

And? There's nothing on the front page indicating otherwise. The protests are currently taking place around Khorramshahr, which is not in Tehran by the way.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 5 points

The mod of this sub attacking a specific group of people based on false information, you can't make this stuff up.

Can I remind everyone that on a post about Iranian refugees stuck in Serbia, /u/Sharghzadeh said that Iranian refugees are clogging up the system for people from "Syria, Afghanistan, or a place like Yemen", he showed zero sympathy for their plight. He has since then deleted his shameful comment, have a look for yourself. Can you imagine seeing your countrymen suffer in a foreign country, and then your first response being that they shouldn't be taking up places for people from other Islamic countries!

Furthermore, I want to point out that with all that is going on under the current regime in Iran, ie people in Khorramshahr and other cities protesting for not having drinking water, people in Tehran protesting over the collapsing economy, poverty and corruption that's rampant every where, &.... he's choosing to attack users on this sub. /u/Sharghzadeh does not care about Iran or Iranians.

EDIT: I just had a quick look at /u/Sharghzadeh's posting history, he has not once posted something on this sub that highlighted the problems that Iranians face on a daily basis. However, throughout my time on this sub, I've noticed that he has spoken up for Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, & groups like Hamas & Hezbollah, it's clear that he feels more sympathy for them than our people.

[deleted] -1 points


Eyval 7 points

I delete almost all of my comments

That makes sense actually, you wouldn't want to leave evidence of your lack of empathy for Iranians while supporting Palestinians, Syrians & etc.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 2 points

The reason behind the regime's support for Palestinians groups like Hamas and Hezbollah is mostly to do with its wish to spread its ideology in other countries, the regime also needs enemies for blaming its many failures on, so anytime people are mad at how terribly Iran is being run they can point at the US/Israel and it's because of them.

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