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Exoma -1 points
Eyval 1 point

This seems like a website made to look Rouhani good, if you click on the one that says for fulfilled promises, so many of them actually haven't been fulfilled, 3 or 4 of them are to do with controlling inflation which is through the roof.

nosusernameneeded 10 points

Can other cities do this too pls?

Eyval 8 points

Isfahan did it a while ago:

orraharn -17 points

How about you worry about your "morality police" . No one in the US gives a shit about your country.

At least we aren't dumping nuclear waste.

Why not go fuck with Russia. Oh , because they would just steam roll your stone age asses to dust.

Eyval 12 points

I think you misread the title.

Edit: Just to clarify, Iranians are saying that unlike what the regime says, the US is not their enemy, and the regime in Iran is their real enemy.

Skylar_00 3 points

Iran has honestly become a shithole in recent years. Its a shithole. There's so much badbakhty in so many areas of life with no light at the end of the tunnel. Its been a long time since I've been to Iran and I had intended of visiting soon but I no longer feel like doing so.

Eyval 1 point

Unfortunately, that is true, and what makes it worse is that unwillingness of many Iranians to accept that. Most of us want to take the easy way out of saying that Iran is fine just the way it is but in reality it's being destroyed from within by the regime.

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redux44 8 points

Well BBC Persian lodges complaints all the time about staff family members being harassed by Iran's government so the idea its pro Iran or infiltrated is absurd.

Any line not completely in favor of an outright revolution gets branded by some as being pro iran government.

Eyval 1 point

Well BBC Persian lodges complaints all the time about staff family member

What does that actually prove? The programs and the guests on BBC Persian are solely catered to the reformists who want to preserve the regime, they also bring on many pro regime guests as well while rarely inviting anyone from the opposition parties.

Sepahani 3 points

You got that right. BBC always brings in people that have zero credibility with the people, like Mohajerani and other "reformists".

Eyval 5 points

BBC is full of little traitors like Mohajerani, they had Hossein Derakhshan on yesterday! The channel's only purpose is to misinform people and introduce exported reformists as the opposition to the Iranian viewers, clearly BBC's wasn't finished 40 years ago when they helped put Khomeini in power.

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mythsofdoom 1 point

I presume/hope that banks will still exchange currency for tourists, I'm going touristing to Iran in a few days. I have read that the bank rates are not so good but better than no money at all.

Eyval 2 points

I'd highly suggest selling to someone on the street as you'd get a much better rate, there'll be plenty of people looking to buy for foreign currencies.

iramygr18 4 points

What? Is this true? Then tourism is cancelled for us?? It can't be

Eyval 3 points

I think the regime is running out of foreign currencies so this is one of their method at dealing with that problem. There'll probably be an exception for tourists, and also they can't control the black market anyway so the sales/purchases will continue.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
Eyval 0 points

I've heard that around 2-3 years before the 1979 rebellion, many businessmen began to sell their businesses and then moved their families abroad, that sounds very similar to what's happening now.

Dr_Richard_Kimble1 8 points

Yes, some love.

I think they got enough "love" from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah. They got so much "love" that 25% of the population now lives outside of Syria and most of them fled from the regime.

Iran will be the ultimate loser of the Syrian conflict. Having financed the Syrian government to the tune of over 10 billion per year which brings nothing to the table, produces nothing, exports nothing. This investment will not pay off.

Eyval 8 points

produces nothing, exports nothing

I wish that was the only problem, however all the billions that the regime spend in places like Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon actually cost us a lot more because of the sanctions and also the terrible deals that the regime has to accept from Russia and companies like Total, I think that's where the real cost is.

bakedphilosopher 15 points

What difference would it make if I moderated r/amputeegonewild? It's a subreddit that exposes Israeli crimes. Are you one of those "Israel can do no wrong" people? Besides, The facts are facts. I'm an American and a Jew and I'm sick and tired of my tax dollars being used to destroy and butcher other people. I'm sick of watching American Jews appeal to congress to invade Iran.

Now to get onto your comments: *how does spending billions to prop up a dictator like Assad against his people, help Iran? Syria doesn't even share a border with us! *

As per General Wesley Clark, My country made a decision years ago to topple 7 countries in 5 years. Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Iran. 5 of those countries were already toppled by the American military oil industrial complex. If Syria falls, you guys are up next. And Israel is desperate for that to happen. As a matter of fact, much of my Zionist family, and many Christian American Zionists appeal to their congressmen to support an Israeli/American invasion of Iran. Neo-Cons are desperately calling for it. By saving Syria, it throws a wrench in their plans. Look at what Libya and Iraq have become. Do you want Iran to become that? The moment Syria falls, your country is getting accused of something, and suddenly "moderate rebels" armed with TOW missles, will be turning your ancient homeland into a battlefield.

It is true that Syria doesn't border Iran. But Saudi Arabia (an Israeli-American ally who already agreed to allow Israeli to launch attacks on Iran from Saudi bases) is just over the water. As a matter of fact, Iran is surrounded by American military bases.

Those billions are severely needed in Iran, where we have extreme water shortages in some regions, and poverty is rampant throughout the country!

So does America!! check out what's going on in Flint Michigan. Go look into how fracking is destroying ground water supplies around America. Americans are poor, fat, unemployed and addicted to oxycontin. We have no money for education, but lots of money to put people in prison, and a giant enough "defense budget" to invade countries at the drop of a dime. Our infrastructure is falling apart, and our government is hell bent on fully eradicating the middle class. Oh, and let's not forget American are drowning in student loan debt, we can't find jobs after years of earning a degree because we have no jobs. My generation will also be the first to not outlive their parents. Now you're gonna say: We have similar problems in Iran. And this is true. HOWEVER Iran didn't say it was gonna invade 7 countries. Only since the conflict in Syria (and Yemen) as Iran really been flexing it's military muscle. Yes Iran sent stuff to Hezbollah and Hamas, but it didn't seem to bother Iranian enough to protest then. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't live in Iran, but I don't remember hearing too many protests against it. Nevertheless, America has spent the last 70 years tearing down governments it didn't support... including yours once! Yes the social problems in Iran need to be addressed, but first the risk of your country turning into Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq or Syria has to be addressed.

*According to your own logic, would it not make sense to keep the people of Iran happy so that they won't rise up against the regime like in Syria or Libya? *

How did TOW missiles get into Syria? the CIA and the Pentagon. They helped turn the protests into full fledged war. If you think that the toppling of Libya and the war in Syria happened organically, I don't know if I can take you seriously. Nobody believes that. Taking out Qadaffi was a NATO operation. It's really not a secret. CIA and pentagon financing and arming "moderate rebels" is not a secret either. If you refuse to believe that (or don't believe the thousands of news articles and proof, including Obamas saying how they failed to plan for the aftermath of the NATO invasion of Libya) you're shrooming.

all the regime needs to do is stop in military adventures in Syria, Iraq, and stop supporting terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, that would eliminate the threat of military confrontation

This is delusional statement. Iraq had no involvement in 9.11... yet they were invaded because of it. This is a delusional statement, since like I said America was interested in invading Iran for years. Also we didn't overthrow Mossadegh because he sent money to Hezbollahh...Oh why is ok for America to bomb the shit of Afghanistan and Pakistan and other places harboring "Al-Qaeda" but it is fine for America to support them, as long they fight Assad? America fights "Islamic terror" yet suppots ISIS and JAN, and Ahar-Al Sham and the other hardcore Islamic terror groups fighting the SAA?

Eyval 5 points

Are you somehow under the impression that the more you stuff into a response the higher quality will be!

As per General Wesley Clark....

I like how you conveniently missed Lebanon off that list and repeated Somalia instead, didn't think I'd notice that? Nevertheless, that's Irrelevant nonsense, why would USA attack Iran when the current regime is actively destroying our country already! They just need to sit on the sides, and the regime will turn Iran into a scorching desert in a few short years.

By saving Syria

Save what exactly, Bashar has destroyed most of the country.

Look at what Libya and Iraq have become. Do you want Iran to become that?

Where have we heard this before? The regime in Iran not only repeats this on a daily basis, they spend billions on propaganda to produce TV shows and music and films.... this is such a old and beaten tactic.

As a matter of fact, Iran is surrounded by American military bases.

Glad you mentioned that, this is where you deranged argument falls apart. If that is the case, why would it be necessary for Syria to "fall" for an invasion of Iran.

So does America!

Whataboutism, it's almost always guaranteed for regime supporters to do this. We're talking about Iran here, try to focus.

Hezbollah and Hamas.....I don't remember hearing too many protests against it

Majority of Iranians are totally against those terrorist groups. Here you go: "No Gaza, No Lebanon, I sacrifice My Life For Iran

social problems in Iran need to be addressed, but first the risk of your country turning into Libya...

Our country is already heading that direction, what the current regime has done to Iran, no other enemy could dream to achieve, this is something that most Iranian political analysts agree on.

How did TOW missiles get into Syria....

I really don't care for your conspiracy theories.

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Mini_groot -2 points

Stop spreading wrong information, the dollar is being sold by the main bank now. Banke markazi

Eyval 6 points

I know that's what the regime says but that rate is reserved for businesses and people with specific visas, and there's a limit on how much you can exchange, the actual rate on the open market today was 61000R. The unified rate will not work just like when Ahmadinejad tried it in 2012.

Mini_groot 1 point

I thought no one is allowed to sell it?

Eyval 1 point

I thought no one is allowed to sell it?


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Demotic 1 point

You know what started the demise of IR? Reforms. Back in the 1360's and 70's walking in the streets and chanting against a akhoond, let alone a president was unthinkable. Those days these cocksuckrs were untouchable. Over the last 20 years criticism of the government, even on the actual gov. controlled channels, slowly got more relaxed. a dictatorship can only last with an absolute iron first.

Eyval 6 points

I'd attribute that to the resistance of brave Iranian people, don't forget that the regime wanted to ban Norooz celebration when they got into power but it was the people who stopped them.

lieverturksdanpaaps 4 points

Being from Turkey, i've watched many receptions like these. It was the reception of Putin which is extraordinary, anormal. So you can't extract anything exlusively negative behaviour toward Rouhani or Iran. There is a high chance that Putin himself demands such show-off to sell it later in his country.

Eyval 2 points

Don't take this the wrong way, this isn't a video to show that Turkey is somehow mistreating Iran. A lot of supporters of the regime in our country like to think of Iran as some kind of a powerful entity which is respected worldwide, but that could not be any further from reality.

AbbasidBlob 1 point

Putin is the leader of a world power. Rouhani is not. I'm not sure why you're comparing the two visits.

Eyval 1 point

That's actually a really good point, thanks for mentioning it.

Eyval commented on a post in r/iran
grizzburger 1 point

Can anyone provide some context for this? I know Iran's politics are incredibly diverse, so what's got everyone pissed off at him? I have to imagine the hardliners are still behind him, right?

Eyval 3 points

After the recent protests, most people involved in politics have finally started to realise that most Iranians are terribly unhappy with the regime. There are numerous problems in Iran that getting worse almost on a daily basis, for example Iran's currency has lost something like 20%-30% of its value during last year. That may not seems like that much of a problem but trust me it's a disaster for an import economy like Iran! Everything gets more expensive for people, inflation keeps rising, it becomes almost impossible to do business because you need a somewhat stable currency to do that, and the currency devaluation keeps getting worse on almost a daily basis. Then there are all the other problems like extreme water shortage, rampant poverty, high unemployment rate and..... Everyone in Iran knows that these problems are only getting worse and that'll inevitably lead to a revolution after which almost of all of the people involved in the current regime will be kicked out of their comfy positions. That's why over the past months you've been hearing people talking about referendums.

what's got everyone pissed off at him?

Khamenei is currently the cornerstone of the regime and the main obstacle to reforms. Seeing what grim future awaits Iran if the country is left on its current course, some have gotten brave enough to criticise Khamenei.

I have to imagine the hardliners are still behind him

Yes, I can't imagine them leaving his side at the time being, maybe in a sort of preplanned way where they'll try to rebrand the regime in order to avoid a revolution type scenario.

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