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They might also just have standing enchantments on the chairs and such

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Could just be a fictional universe with a few plot holes.

Everyone in that photo has left or been fired besides Pence and Trump.

I'd assume that's the case for literally any topic. Try rewatching the debates

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Yup, he knew nothing about anything.

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Yes, but if you park your car in front of the WHITE HOUSE and somebody robs it (hypothetically, I don’t know if you even can park your car in front of the White House) and you call the cops and say someone robbed my car in front of the White House, they won’t ask what is the address cause they know where is the White House.

EDIT: If you are walking in front of the White House and a thief robs your wallet, if you call the cops and say a thief stole my wallet in front of the White House they would not ask the address cause they know where the White House is. And the Secret Service would be there, not because of you, who was robbed but because it is the White House and the secret service is always there. So there would be no point in asking why was the secret service there? As it was asked in the post.

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They also won't send the secret service... because the president isn't involved.

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It doesn't take a stable genius to figure that one out.

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As a very stable genius, I agree.

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I've never really wrapped my brain around this 'phenomenon'. Why is it so many anti gay people are gay or pedophiles [not saying those are the same but it is either one or the other in these cases]? This is much like the ID senator that was very anti LGBT and same sex marriage yet was in the airport restroom tapping his feet under stalls looking for dick to suck. Wat up wit dis?

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Score hidden · 6 days ago

Gay people having sex can really only make you mad if you're thinking about it all the time.

Obama did not do shit for the economy- everything he did slowed economic growth. If you sincerely believe obama “put the economy on good footing” you are completely brainwashed

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Found the idiot.

Comment deleted7 days ago

Mine is similar, except I'm being fucked in the ass by 15-year-olds in Fortnite.

1 point · 9 days ago

There was a game on Kickstarter called Evil Baby Orphanage. Had cool artwork, interesting theme. For whatever reason I didn't end up backing it. Some months later, someone brought it to a games night and I played it. It was awful. Dodged a bullet there. Half the time you get a kickstarter game and it's just "okay", or "meh". This one was actively bad.

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wait, you thought that a game called "Evil Baby Orphanage" was going to be good? Sounds like a bad B-Movie.

"You mention fevers like it's a bad thing" a, yah... high fevers can trigger seizures in infants, I'm sure that is fine.

...what about the gay sex?

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This is the big one...

20 points · 9 days ago

The giant crayons were also popular prizes at theme parks, fairs/carnivals in late 80s early 90s...along with geckos on a wire!

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Oh man, I remember having a gecko on a wire, 1986 was a good year.

But he’s a Democrat so just vote blindly and ignore the policy they support.

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Nah, fuck it.. stick with Trump. That's what you're saying. Stop this nonsense.

Uh huh, so therefore any rightful criticism against Joe Biden for being a centrist that voted and supports for disastrous bills like the Patriot Act should be dismissed because something something Russia. Please. That's ridiculous. The Russians aren't responsible for making Joe Biden believe in shitty policies. And people like you scream Russia everytime somebody dares to criticize an established Democrat.

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So why is this post in a Bernie Sanders subreddit? It has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. Divide and conquer...

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You seem to know your shit.

Could I have jumped into the water to swim with these majestic creatures or is that foolish?

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Depends, do you know how to swim?

I don't understand the double standards here. I'm Salvadorian and proud of my culture. Hispanics can safely claim pride in La Raza. Blacks can shout "say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud".. but whites saying anything similar is sick and racist? Sorry but everyone should be free to have ethic pride, as long as they don't denigrate other races.

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Um, nobody said you can't be proud to be Italian, or Irish, or any other ethnicity...

You look like a chubby version of Jack Black.

Original Poster8 points · 16 days ago

So, Jack Black

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Nope, like if Jack Black was chubbier.

3.8k points · 16 days ago · edited 16 days ago

Imagine being really sick and not wanting to go the hospital because you're too afraid of how much it costs.

I've never had that feeling as a Canadian.

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Don't have to imagine... that's just reality in the States.

Brought my brother-in-law to his first show, we parked next to some old tour-mates of mine and we ended up sitting next to 6 or 7 full-on wooks that I knew in college... he was slightly concerned, slightly amused. We had a great time with some old friends.

Original Poster246 points · 27 days ago

My uncle had these records from the 70s and 80s and said he was just going to give them to the thrift store. He himself had collected a lot of these from thrift stores back in the 80s. A lot are in good condition. Few notables are lots of Fleetwood Mac originals, Led Zeppelin IV, Dark Side of the Moon, lots of Rolling Stone, Hotel California, and that's just from the first row.

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You got Speaking In Tongues by The Talking Heads. Great album.

10 points · 28 days ago

I was expecting kids music

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Nope, dude is solid. Works with great people too.

Buy records like your parents did.

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