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I'm all of those things you described. But used my power of eyes to get all that info from the bloody picture.

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it this picture is bloody, it should be labeled as NSFW... where are the mods on this?

This is a funny comment, because the parent commenter was just repeating the joke we all just read, without adding any value of his own. Calling him Sherlock is probably in reference to the character Sherlock Holmes, who was a detective.

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This joke is based on a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. - essentially, this is like calling him Iron Man. Pretty cool.

Replying to your comment on purpose - Y'all should watch the episode of hot ones. He basically explains how his bowling shirts got handed to him.

He can come off as a douche, but take two looks at him and he's actually pretty cool.

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That Hot Ones episode completely changed my thoughts about him. He seems like an awesome guy. Seriously, he's much different than I expected him to be.


I feel like it was from a stoner comedy (Half Baked, perhaps?). Driving me nuts. I feel like he was talking about his coat... and said it's name was "coaty" when someone just mentioned it offhand... like he was insulted that they didn't know.

Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago


Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago

I would have never found that. THANK YOU.

4.7k points · 13 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Not currently going on but there was drama in the Phish scene a while back affectionately know as tarp-gate. Fans were coming to shows early and putting down tarps to "reserve spots" for them and their friends in GA sections and people were getting pretty heated. It was a big to-do at the time but has since died down.

Edit: RIP my inbox....I honestly expected no one to pay attention to this lol

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Antelope Greg can suck it.


With special apologetic appearances from Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, and Randy Marsh

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Does that mean he needs a babysitter off the field like Dez did?

Original Poster3 points · 13 days ago

This is why they teach reading comprehension, which you need

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ahh, now I get it.

89 points · 13 days ago

what the hell is wrong with looking after the planet???

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Gets in the way of shareholder profits... gotta look out for the big guy, ya know?

-1 points · 13 days ago · edited 12 days ago

How much would it normally go for?

edit: downvotes for asking a question ?

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Four dollars.

Comment deleted13 days ago

Worthless is really in the ear of the listener, no? Dude's not planning on selling it.

12.4k points · 15 days ago

I guess this is wholesome. One time I was having sex with my gf in the kitchen of her parents house and when I pulled out. I spunked all over her dads favorite thermos on the counter. I really liked her dad, he was a good guy. I couldn't stand the thought of him drinking out of a cup I came all over. So I took the thermos, and made up a story about how I borrowed and lost it. Then I got him a really nice stainless steel one.

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Always wash things you find at goodwill, kids.


We share gear and we need to be able to know if gear will be available at certain times. I've figured out how to make a group... but then everyone in the group knows that my daughter has softball on Tuesdays... and other unnecessary information. Is it possible to just have a separate calendar for signing out gear that everyone has access to while checking their own individual calendar?


Sooooo many board games. Or just a few 100 dollar coffin box games

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Or a middle of the road gaming table...

Comment deleted20 days ago

What are some of CNN'S lies? I don't live in the USA.

I like Bush, just not as a President. Giuliani is terrible through and through

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Bush seems like a decent man being influenced by criminals and assholes, Trump is a criminal/asshole.

He is just too old at this point. I like him but i feel like we would be essentially voting in whoever his vice president pick is.

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I'm not some Russian bot sent to show the seeds of doubt, but I agree. A 50-year-old Bernie would be an easy vote... but I have a hard time voting for somebody damn near 80.

50 points · 22 days ago

I mean something exclusive to rejections. Probably too specific for it to exist I guess.

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192 points · 22 days ago

just replay some of your memories from high school in your mind.

sorry that was mean

Rocket league

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Season ends tomorrow.


  1. Buy Mech Warriors early.

  2. Harvest grain in between battles.

  3. Make sure you have at least 6 peasants by the 4th round.

17 points · 25 days ago

I cannot think of a particularly compelling reason to recommend the sequel over the YOSE edition of the first game.

Co-op. Co-op with my wife is 1000% the reason I would play this over the original. If they changed nothing from the original and just added co-op, I'd be content. Bugs I can deal with.

What little I've played so far I've been quite satisfied with.

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Is it split-screen co-op, asking cuz I'm lazy.

Why pay employees when safety nets are there?

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...and, in the case of Foxconn, suicide nets.

-31 points · 25 days ago

He does though. He promised hope and change but instead gave us 8 more years of the Clinton administration which helped foster in the shit show we now have.

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He promised hope and change... from Bush's 8 year downward spiral.

Funny. I read it in Jeff Sessions' voice.

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it's like a racist Regis Philbin.

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