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FY13 commented on a post in r/networking
FY13 1 point

Had a similar problem last week. Had to delete certificates from the iPhone then reconnect to the SSID. It was then prompted to trust the certificate from ISE again, et voila, it worked. Someone else's problem to sort the certificate issue on iPhones. Not a network issue 😎

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westblockblue 3 points

Hey guys, saw some fan videos of the atmosphere you lit created at the ibrox yesterday, amazing. Wanted to know the lyrics to the 'Allez allez' tuned chant which was belted out. I couldn't understand through the thick glaswegian accent. Thank you.

FY13 1 point
d3v01d23 16 points

Worst players were Flanagan (always out of position) and Katic (looked nervous) but even that wasn't so bad.

Worst moment was Morelos AGAIN not realising he was offside. Needs work.

But, I don't say this lightly, that was the best game I've been to in God knows how long. What a team to support. What an atmosphere in Ibrox.

FY13 2 points

The place was rocking tonight.

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FY13 commented on a post in r/rangersfc
FY13 3 points

Rumours from where, what, why!? Don't leave us hanging Burnsy.

Burnsblue 4 points

Thread on followfollow.

Someone posted that all Sports Direct signage is currently being removed from Ibrox. In the same comment he states that he’s heard from a good source that the fat man has gone for good.

Another poster comments that he’s currently on a tour of Ibrox and has been told the same thing.

I’ll post pics when I find them.

FY13 5 points

See it now. Hopefully it's right and more than just SD advertising coming down.

FY13 8 points

This will be the one and only time I rip from Rangers TV since it wasn't televised anywhere else. It's worth the £5 a month folks.

Drpinkeye 1 point

I just bought the 1 game from RTV for the same reason. Do they only show games that haven't been picked up by a broadcaster or do they play every home game?

FY13 4 points

Every game is broadcast live on Rangers TV outside of the UK. This was a rare occasion where it was shown inside as well.

FY13 commented on a post in r/rangersfc
buckfast1994 9 points

Is it no the Every Saturday We Follow chant?

FY13 25 points


Every Saturday we follow

We cheer the boys in blue

The most successful team in football

We're Scotland's Gallant Few

Though times they have been hard

We've followed near and far

And you'll always hear us roaring

From the stands of Ibrox Park

Whoooooooaaaaaaa, whoooooooaaaaaa...

FY13 commented on a post in r/rangersfc
Zilant 5 points

Excellent signing.

Wouldn't be surprised if we're interested in Saša Ivković after the Maribor tie...

FY13 2 points

We're in the captain-stealing market and in need of a striker, so Marcos Tavares please.

FY13 10 points

Excellent signing.

FY13 commented on a post in r/rangersfc
FY13 7 points

Looking at the teams we've avoided, we couldn't be in a better position to qualify for the groups.

Sevilla, Beşiktaş, Olympiacos, Bordeaux, Zenit, Feyenoord, RB Leipzig, İstanbul Başakşehir & Burnley.

NeilH96 6 points

It feels dirty but I’m interested in PES now

FY13 8 points

I've played it since ISS Pro on the PS1. 2008-2014 were bad. Really bad. It's very enjoyable now. Demo is out on August 8th

NeilH96 2 points

I’ll definitely give the demo a go like, Rangers better be on that haha

FY13 5 points

They're not, unfortunately. Barça, Liverpool, Schalke, Inter and a bunch of South American teams.

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