Where to drop? Problem SOLVED! by dansp51 in FortNiteBR

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There’s also a fortnite dropper Alexa skill

God...... by [deleted] in Nicegirls

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I’m sorry

I hope you appreciate this by FinnishScrub in CringeAnarchy

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How the fuck do you get fat? Just lose weight lol.


Loading Coal intro by nandacouti in JohnnyCash

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Oooh, let me give the song a quick listen and I’ll see if I can make out what he’s saying

Johnny Test is bae by [deleted] in copypasta

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What the fuck is this thread

Interesting septic tank I saw by dkasper6696 in funny

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Would’ve been more funny if it said “liberal tears”

Lana Rhoades by msaiparos in tightsqueeze

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She looks so.....fake, like an A.I. Robot