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They're trying to get people to pay for "Prime Music" and "Prime Video" separately from the Prime membership. So yes, the selections on both are shrinking in order to get people to pay more money without really thinking about it.

Wait what?!? I just bought a year of amazon prime so I should still be protected/grandfathered prime shipping+prime video(don’t care about prime limited music)?

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Shipping is still included yes, but there's also now a separate "Prime Video" subscription. Regular Prime membership still includes some video, but I've noticed a lot of them are now not available unless you buy the extra service or pay by the movie. The shows and movies that are still available seen to be mostly the ones made by Amazon themselves, or B grade shows that no one's every heard of. Same with the music, it used to be millions of songs available for Prime members, now there's far less unless you also pay for Amazon Music.

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I dont get it

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The description implies it's a tapestry of springtime in France that's pink and green and white. The picture shows a bunch of pictures of coffee beans and coffee and is nearly all brown.

TL;DR, description =/= picture

All bacon is smoked, it can be fully cooked when it's smoked, and then it is just cooked in a pan to render the fat and crisp it up. I guess it depends on the brand and what the package says.

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Nearly all bacon is sold in a raw state. The only ones that aren't clearly state "precooked" on the box, are more like a very crisp jerky, and are sold in the unrefrigerated aisle. If it's refrigerated bacon, it's raw 99% of the time.

Also, not all bacon is smoked.

When my grandparents died, we had to sell pretty much everything of theirs to pay off the nursing home, medical, and funeral bills. The entire lot netted about $100K, which wasn't even enough to pay it all, but they can't hold family responsible for bills incurred by someone else, so the bill collectors have had to write the rest of it off.

Now, both of my parents are in the nursing home. Dad will probably go first, most likely within the next few years. Mom, on the other hand, probably has a good 15-20 years left. I'll have to sell off all of their stuff when they die to pay for their bills.

Where's this $50K check when I need it???

On the other hand if you have a Samsung phone, Knox allows easy ad blocking that is virtually the same as running Pi-Hole but only on your phone.

Wait, what? How?

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Yes please, I too would like this knowledge.

Medicinal home remedy BS aside, don't knock a good salt bath till you try it.

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Epsom salt baths are amazing when you're tired and achy from a long day. Add a bit of lavender oil for smell good (not for magical healing) and it's heaven.

Baking soda and fine ground oatmeal in the bath helps stop itching from poison ivy and chicken pox. Won't heal them but sure helps make them a bit easier to deal with.

You seem to be misreading, this isn't something which the blocked person can effect. Censorship is rarely about taping someone's mouth shut until very late stages, it's much more often about covering peoples ears and eyes. Making it as inconvenient as possible to reach information is just as much against freedom of expression as throwing obstacles in the way of presenting that information.

In this case, it's an on by default setting, which I didn't know about until today. Having experience helping people with computers I can tell you that the vast majority of users never touch settings menus for fear of messing something up and if they did they would see a "Quality Filter" which, according to Twitter:

filters lower-quality content from your notifications, for example, duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated

Laura Ingraham does not appear to be a bot, it wasn't a duplicate tweet, but it was blocked by the Quality Filter. A decade ago I remember being a young Liberally minded peace-nick incensed by the idea that Youtube was age-restricting videos with anti-war sentiment, this was of course back in the day when Youtube wasn't a Google property and not everyone had (or wanted) an account.

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The filter that appeared was not the Quality Filter. It wasn't saying that what she tweeted was "low quality" or a duplicate tweet or automated. The tweet was filtered due to "potentially sensitive content", as is clearly shown in the article. It was filtered as "potentially sensitive" because it was a retweet of a post by CNN that had gore in it. If that post had been here on Reddit it would have been marked NSFW and would also have been hidden from users with the "hide NSFW content" box checked.

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Hm. Something tells me I know what it is.

Edit: yep. I knew it. Can't believe I spent so much energy to get played.

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I was gonna follow it..... But your edit tells me all I need to know.

I know in my state (WA) they used to have a program funded by tobacco taxes that provided nicotine replacements to people at no cost. But through some really fantastic decision making they decided that they should keep raising the tobacco tax, but cut all smoking cessation programs.

If you have to buy any type of nicotine replacement I would recommend Costco. You can get 270 lozenges or 300 pieces of gum for $46 right now. Nicorette is almost twice as expensive.

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What if we don't have a Costco membership (or even a Costco anywhere closer than 4 hours away)?

Buy it from their website. You don't need a membership. It costs 5% more than it would if you are a member. So ~$2 more.

Add it to your cart and it will apply the $15 discount.

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Nice! I knew that in most states you can get prescriptions filled there without needing to be a member, but I didn't know you can buy things from their website without being a member! Thank you!

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I do believe that people, in general, are more likely to listen to reason than they are to a burst of anger.

There’s nothing you could say to make me think that flipping everybody off and storming out on your job is the reasonable or responsible thing to do.

It’s our moral obligation as humans to treat each other with a certain amount of decency... not just the people we’re friends with.

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14 points · 1 day ago

Reasonable and responsible, no...... But a crappy GM isn't either of those things either. Taking OP into the walk-in where no one could hear the cursing and yelling? That's definitely neither reasonable nor responsible. A GM who would do that isn't going to listen to a damn thing you have to say if you try to have a "reasonable and responsible" conversation with them. They're just going to tell you "Do what I tell you or get the hell out" - which is exactly what OP did.

Servers are humans, not robots, and if abused, have a tendency to react in unpredictable ways.


Level seven guide, account was created in 2009.

Also have 3 other accounts with varying guide levels, 1-5, aged between 2 years and 5 years.

Its my understanding Americans are subject to these tests when warranted.

Are we supposed to treat non citizens better than Americans?

Don't get it.

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Several of the women mentioned are American citizens.

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Gotta go back a while for this, but I have a PDR from 1969 or so in my personal library, and there were so many weird things in there.

Remember Ser-Ap-Es? Combo of Serpasil (reserpine), Apresoline (hydralazine) and Esedrix (hydrochlorothiazide). That was the kind of thing they used for blood pressure back before beta blockers (1967), calcium channel blockers (1977), ACE inhibitors (1985) and ARBs (1993). I still saw a few scripts for that when I started out in the 90s, but not recently.

My favorite weird combo, though, was something called Ritonic, for senior citizens who were losing their verve for life. It contained, from memory (I don't have the book here):

  • Methylphenidate
  • Methyltestosterone
  • Ethynyl estradiol
  • Vitamin B-12
  • G_d knows what else

in a sherry wine base that was about 18% alcohol.

OK, so I can understand the Ritalin. But male and female hormones? That's like putting a locomotive at each end of a train and seeing which one can pull harder in opposite directions.

Similar "tonics" were on the market during Prohibition so the ladies could get their buzz on; the guys used to go to the speakeasies to get their booze, but their wives would sit at home and sip their "tonic" which was basically sherry with vitamins. Hadacol was one such.

Back to modern times, wasn't there one combination of Norvasc and Lipitor? Caduet, that was it. I mean, WTF. What does a calcium channel blocker have to do with an antihyperlipidemic, except that they're both made by Pfizer? I can just see the guys in the board room. "OMG, our patents are running out, how do we continue the revenue stream? I have it, let's put two totally unrelated drugs in one tablet and see if we can con the doctors into prescribing it..."

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their wives would sit at home and sip their "tonic" which was basically sherry and vitamins.

Is that where we get Lucy's Vitameatavegimin?

You have to? For what if you don’t mind my asking?

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I've got horrible circulation to begin with, and I'm bedridden a lot of the time. Compression hose make it a lot less likely that I'll develop blood clots in my legs. They're a bitch to get on and off, even with help.

Damn, sorry to hear that. Does being in bed help with the circulation, or is it just hard to walk?

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Well, I'm in bed a lot due to a bunch of other issues. When you don't walk around a lot, the circulation in your limbs, legs and feet especially, gets worse and worse, and they swell a lot too. The compression hose keep the swelling to a minimum and helps keep the blood flowing too.


Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

please PM Amazon profile and PP email.

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And actually, he did, it was just three years ago. Lol

I only found out recently because someone else mentioned he had a book and I thought about buying it.

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-1 points · 1 day ago

Hmm, I actually see nothing in that post that indicates Sprog's gender. The name Sam can be short for Samuel or Samantha. Follow the links to Facebook, Twitter, and the Amazon book and I still can't find verification of gender......

Sprog says "male..... Or am I? ;-)" so there's still no true confirmation. The link used for the word "male" isn't an actual link to anything.

For what sort of sick fuck is this NSFW?

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(Psst, issa joke)

I can't help except to say if you haven't checked it out yet, r/eatcheapandhealthy might have some good ideas about what you can cook in order to make your money and food go as far as possible. Good luck to you!

14 points · 2 days ago

This sounded weird for a moment until I realised it was a BLT with pickles instead of L.

This also sounds good, but I think I’m in the “pickles in addition to the L” camp.

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Try one with spinach instead of the L. Add some mayo and avocado if you want a really good sandwich.

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meh. If the movie theater charges you 10 bucks for popcorn, i don’t see it being much different than having bus boys clean up your table. I’m not gonna throw away a meal that costs $25, that price includes dining fees. If you want to be mad, be mad at management who doesn’t give you time or tools to take care of the job.

And heaven forbid if you sneak your own candy and soda in. That’s just another reason to hide that shit after the movie, can’t get caught with outside food and drink (or so I thought as a kid; old habits die hard)

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Theaters really only make money on the food and drink. Tickets go almost entirely to the companies that made the movie - and I'm talking literally all but a few pennies that go to the theater. Of that $10, the theater is gonna be lucky to see $0.10 of it. That 10 cents doesn't cover any sort of "dining fees".

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There is a clear and obvious solution, allow people to change the name of their echo. And Amazon is stupid for not making it available to users people are stupid for not changing the default to some other name.

It's like people can name their dog anything but almsot everyone just uses some default, like 'Scooby'.

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You got me excited for a moment, I thought there was some way to actually change the name. Instead, it's yet another article on how to change the wake word - of which you only have 4 options.

I sent it to his Twitter @Tsoukalos. Others with more influence should get on.

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He's on Reddit sometimes too: u/RealGiorgioTsoukalos

u/RealGiorgioTsoukalos check this out man!


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