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why are people saying the Void told vol'jin to name Sylvanas warchief? Did you all forget that the void went mental the moment aleria saw sylvanas and the void told her to kill her and that she serves the "true enemy"?

This enemy, whatever it is, is obviously the same forced the tricked voljin into naming sylvanas warchief, and it's propbably the true death god, or a force of death of some sort , and that it hates the void.

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Look buddy, don't take this discussion as an attack on your intelligence. But trust me, you're really missing the target here. The question is not about blindly following the majority or considering what most people believe as necessarily true (otherwise we should be Christians if we follow your logic), since as you probably already know:

وَإِن تُطِعْ أَكْثَرَ مَن فِي الْأَرْضِ يُضِلُّوكَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّهِالآية 116 من سورة الأنعام

As I said before, the real question is what's the original divine decree on this matter, which is approximated best by what was being followed by the prophet himself. In this case we know he did not consider it as three (using his own words). Therefore anything else is mere human interpretation of the law and not the law itself as it was revealed in its original form.

As your own source specify:

Umar said: “People are being hasty with regard to a matter in which they should not rush. Let us count it as three and judge between people accordingly

This meansit was Umar's decision to count it as three. Which makes this a civil matter not religious one. Maybe it was the best pragmatic decision that should be applied to Umar's situation (from a rulers perspective); but this makes it a matter of civil law not divine. In other words, it's not part of Islam (which doesn't make it a bad decision, since this depends on the context in which it's applied)

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ياخي مطولها وهي قصيرة انت

من الاخير

ثبت في [الصحيحين] عن عائشة رضي الله عنها أن رجلا طلق امرأته ثلاثا فتزوجت فطلقت ، فسئل النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أتحل للأول ؟ قال : حتى يذوق عسيلتها كما ذاق الأول .

هذا حديث مش مني

وهذا الثاني

وكذلك ابن قدامة قال : ومتى طلقها ثلاثا بكلمة واحدة أو بكلمات حرمت عليه حتى تنكح زوجا غيره ؛ لما روي أن ركانة بن عبد يزيد طلق امرأته سهيمة البتة ، ثم أتى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال : يا رسول الله ، طلقت امرأتي سهيمة البتة ، والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ، فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ؟ فقال ركانة : والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ، فقال : هو ما أردت فردها إليه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم . رواه الترمذي والدارقطني وأبو داود وقال : الحديث صحيح . فلو لم تقع الثلاث لم يكن للاستحلاف معنى .

كلها احاديث صحيحة عشان ما تتعب نفسك

if you dont understand arabic, I will educate you quickly. The second hadith, some person went to the PROPHET himself and said that I divorced my wife THREE TIMES and but I swear I only wanted to SAY IT once. the prophet said do you swear that you only wanted to say it once? And he replied with "Yes I only wanted it once" and then the prophet told him that they can get back together

This means that if he meant to say it three times, then they can't get back together with eachother unless she marries another person first.

Simple enough for you? The above 2 hadiths ARE SAHIH hadiths.

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First of all, I tried to be as courteous in my replies to you as possible. I thought that your replies would perhaps calm down a bit in tone but it appeared quickly that your not the type to be discussed with respectfully. Your replies kept getting more agressif and condescending as time goes on. Which makes me think that I'm maybe debating a 14 year old whose trying to prove that he's smart on the internet.

Now lets get to your supposed arguments:


أن رجلا طلق امرأته ثلاثا فتزوجت فطلقت ، فسئل النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أتحل للأول ؟ قال : حتى يذوق عسيلتها كما ذاق الأول ... ...وقد أجاب ابن القيم عن الاستدلال بهذا الدليل ، فقال : وأما استدلالكم بحديث عائشة ...، ولكن أين في الحديث أنه طلق الثلاث بفم واحد ؟ بل الحديث حجة لنا ، فإنه لا يقال : فعل ذلك ثلاثا ، وقال : ثلاثا ، إلا لمن فعل ، وقال : مرة بعد مرة ، وهذا هو المعقول في لغات الأمم عربهم وعجمهم ، كما يقال : قذفه ثلاثا ، وشتمه ثلاثا ، وسلم عليه ثلاثا . وقال الشيخ محمد الأمين الشنقيطي : واعترض الاستدلال بهذا الحديث بأنه مختصر من قصة رفاعة ، وقد قدمنا قريبا : أن بعض الروايات الصحيحة دل على أنها ثلاث مفرقة لا مجموعة . انتهى .

وقال شيخ الإسلام : وأجاب الأكثرون بأن حديث فاطمة وامرأة رفاعة إنما طلقها ثلاثا متفرقات ، هكذا ثبت في الصحيح : أن الثالثة آخر ثلاث تطليقات ، لم يطلق ثلاثا ، لا هذا ولا هذا مجتمعات ، وقول الصحابي : طلق ثلاثا يتناول ما إذا طلقها ثلاثا متفرقات بأن يطلقها ثم يراجعها ثم يطلقها ثم يراجعها ثم يطلقها ، وهذا طلاق سني واقع باتفاق الأئمة وهو المشهور على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في معنى الطلاق ثلاثا ، وأما جمع الثلاث بكلمة فهذا كان منكرا عندهم إنما يقع قليلا فلا يجوز حمل اللفظ المطلق على القليل المنكر دون الكثير الحق ، ولا يجوز أن يقال : يطلق مجتمعات لا هذا ولا هذا ، بل هذا قول بلا دليل ، بل هو خلاف الدليل

...ل مقيده : عفا الله عنه- الاستدلال بهذا الحديث غير ناهض فيما يظهر ؛ لأن مرادها بقولها فبت طلاقي أي : بحصول الطلقة الثالثة . ويبينه أن البخاري ذكر في [الأدب المفرد] من وجه آخر أنها قالت : طلقني آخر ثلاث تطليقات ، وهذه الرواية تبين المراد من قولها : (فبت (طلاقي وأنه لم يكن دفعة واحدة .


...ما رواه الشافعي وأبو داود والترمذي وابن ماجه وابن حبان والحاكم عن ركانة بن عبد يزيد : أنه طلق.. امرأته سهيمة البتة ، فأخبر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وقال : والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ، فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ؟ قال ركانة : والله ما أردت إلا واحدة ، فردها إليه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ...أما حديث ركانة فقد ضعف الإمام أحمد بن حنبل جميع طرقه ، كما ذكره المنذري ، وكذلك ضعفه البخاري،

قال الترمذي في (باب ما جاء في الرجل يطلق امرأته البتة) من [سننه] بعد أن ساقه من طريق الزبير بن سعيد بن عبد الله بن يزيد بن ركانة عن أبيه عن جده قال : (وسألت محمدا- يعني : البخاري - عن هذا الحديث فقال : فيه اضطراب ، ويروى عن عكرمة عن ابن عباس : أن ركانة طلق امرأته ثلاثا) اهـ . وذكر الترمذي في موضع آخر :** أن حديث ركانة مضطرب فيه ، تارة قيل فيه (ثلاثا ، وتارة قيل فيه (واحدة)

فعلى قول هذين الإمامين أحمد بن حنبل والبخاري لا احتجاج برواية (ثلاثا) ولا برواية (البتة) بل غاية ما في الأمر أن تتساقط الروايتان المتعارضتان فيرجع إلى غيرهما ، كما ذكره الزرقاني . وعلى غير ذلـك المسلك الذي سلكه الإمامان : أحمد بن حنبل ،

Here is the link. And remember to READ MORE so that you can try to educate your ignorant ass before trying to educate other people on the internet.

This is my last reply to you, impolite, immature jerk.

N.B: I was really perplexed why your condescending in your reply. Until I noticed your Egyptian accent. Suddenly it wasn't that surprising anymore. I guess you grew up watching Egyptian dramas repeating the "إنت طالق بالثلاث" trope so much that you made it part of your religion.

(For non Arabic speakers:

The first hadith does not specify that in the reported incident the divorce happend once and uttered three time. Actually many prominant scholars argue that this hadith proves (based on the type language used) that it actually meant the divorce happened three separate times (mariage -> divorce -> remarriage- divorce-> remarriage->divorce). Which is normal since this is what the Quran considers as 3 divorces

The second hadith (despite being claimed by faggy OP as impeccably true) was in reality considered as weak by several heavyweight scholars of hadith (among them are Imam Ahmad and Bukhary). And moreover it exist under several forms that contradict each other. So the general rule is to not extract any legislation from it since we don't know which version is accurate. Which proves that you should never trust assholes on the internet who appeal to the authority of hadiths by saying that they are sahih. Always read yourself and use your mind to filter the truth from the bullshit.)

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Dude, I literally grew up in Saudi arabia and I've studied islam for literally 11 years. I know more about it than what you foreigner muslims think you do, sigh

you wanna believe that saying talaq three times is meaningless, that's up to you.

Rest of the muslims believe otherwise. Now stop wasting my time and go learn Arabic before trying to debate something.

Until I noticed your Egyptian accent.

Lmao, another thing you're wrong about. Have you ever even spoken to an Egyptian person? That's not their accent AT ALL. Lmao

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Is anyone having issues with steam downloads? I got stc fiber and speed test gives me 50mbps but on steam it peaks at 4.7mbps :|

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speed test=/= actual download speed

Lmao without context these comments look like they watched some ISIS beheading video. Don’t worry guys, watching gay porn won’t make you gay. But it will definitely want to make you get your dick sucked by a guy.

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Too late, I want dick now.

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I could afford to buy nvidia out but facepalm I just can’t drive this business in a new direction

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I developed the new RTX cards for nvidia and even I can't take one home cuz i cant support this business practice

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The AMA post tomorrow won't be stickied

What’s the reason for this? I’m pretty sure this AMA is of importance to almost everyone who frequent this sub.

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What’s the reason for this?

The AMA needs a higher ilvl necklace to be stickied.

Sit around the camp fire.

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but darnasus is a bit far

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In the end both sides pay.

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in the end both sides grind.

لأني أشوف أغلب التوظيف يجي عن طريق واسطات

هذا عذر اللي ماعنده استعداد يلوم نفسه. انا وغيري حصلنا وظايف ولا اروع حتى اللي بالواسطات ماقدروا يحصلونها. المعدل + الجامعة دليل عالجد والمثابرة لكن فيه عوامل اخرى مثل الsoft skills.

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متى حصلت؟

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شايفين نفسهم على 5000 راتب؟ ايه من حقه يشوف نفسه على هالمبلغ التافه اللي ما يستحق التعب و الجهد و الغربه اللي عاش فيها، و لما رجع ما جاه التقدير اللي الجامعة نفسها قدرته و عطته شهادة بإسمها.

بالمناسبة، 5000 هذي ما تأكّل عيش، تبي تقسط سيارة ولا تدفع فواتير ولا إيجار ولا بنزين ولا تشتري حاجياتك ولا تاكل فيها ولا وش تسوي بس،،، الكهرب لحاله دمار 420 ريال غير استخدامك. أهلك نفسهم ما استفادو من شهادتك اللي اكلوك و ربوك و سفّروك عشان ترجع لهم بيد ورا و يد قدام، ما تقدر تقدم لهم أي شي كإمتنان براتب زي هذا. ما زلت تعاني و راح تعاني.

انا اشتغل مع أوبر و احلف لك أن أغلب الأجانب اللي يركبون معاي عايشين عيشه أفضل من السعودي مجمعات سكنية و رواتب تشق الوجه و عناية موب طبيعيه و من اللي يركبون معاي سواء رجال أو نساء عندهم أملاك و يتكلمون عنها بكل فخر و عنطزه بكندا ولا استراليا أو أي مكان. انا ما ابي أملاك و مشاريع.،على الأقل بيت ملك الواحد يقدر يبدأ حياته من هناك و مهنه كريمه تطلع من دوامك تعيش يومك. مو مسجون بقبو الشركة اللي تشتغل فيها و ما تشوف الشمس. و اسمك حاصل على شهادة بكالريوس.

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وكثير من هالاجانب ما يجلسون هنا بالاخير يرجعون بلدهم والريال طبعا اغلى بكثير من عملتهم فبالنسبة لهم راتب 5 الاف كانه راتب 8 الاف بالنسبة لنا

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افا يا ذا العلم راح من دراسة طب الى طبخ...يعني ما يكفي انه ترك الطب راح واشتغل شغل حيريم


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I didn't know The Strain was a documentary.

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they should check to see if there are any dicks in the toilets

What kind of satire? It can’t be that all satire is illegal.

We need some clarification

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only satire that hurts their feelings

anything else is fair game

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I don’t like the muslim brotherhood nor do I know anything about your Odah, yet executing people for their beliefs is a bit extreme and barbaric don’t you think?

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nor do I know anything about your Odah, yet executing people for their beliefs is a bit extreme and barbaric don’t you think?

if you dont know anything about him, then why do you claim hes getting executed for his beliefs only? Is everyone in this topic a millennial and doesnt know al odah?

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Because nothing warrant executions that easily!

Quit maneuvering around, what did he do to deserve execution? enlighten us please. Was he a mass murderer? A drug lord? Did he blow up some shit in SA??

What I read on twitter from Saudis that he was a “traitor”, “sending our boys to jihad”, “amassing people to protests against our divine rule” “azmi puppet”

So if you’re asking if we’re millennial who don’t know about al odah I can safely presume that the majority are sick of those twitter shills and grew cautious. And rightfully so.

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he actually was was jailed in the 90s for like 6 years and let go after "repenting and saying he's sorry". He was trying to entice a revolution over Saudi and other arab countries inviting americans to the holy arabian lands. He and his followers literally broke in a prince's palace in the 90s over that thing, lol. That's just one thing.

My guess is he's back to his old ways. As for the list of charges currently aimed at him, you gotta wait and see, but my guess is you wont believe them because "Saudi government lies"

So he's probably in contact conspiring with a foreign entity. You might not believe that but this is literally what he's been doing for 20 years. They only let him be cuz he was such a public figure.

those twitter shills and grew cautious.

What shills? The majority of Al odah's story happened in the 90s.

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Even then, 3500 dollars is a lot of money

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for you



ok and for me too :(

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Did you know that iPhones can double as trampolines? Just place it on flat concrete surface and jump down hard on it to activate the feature.

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sseent ffroom myy ipphone

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having friends

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having a house

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You can make it happen even faster if you rub his neck also. It activates his swallow reflex when you rub his neck.

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because then the dog is more relaxed and the pills go in the butt easily.

I showed you my epics, please respond

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<I traded you my epics, please respond



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