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1 point · 1 day ago

They are not.

A full product is something that you have with you, always - can hold a regret of purchase.

A subscription is temporary, and if you don't use it again... no big loss.

This is the general consumer mindset. A product that contains a TRIAL subscription (see: "Free month included!") is still a product that you've fully purchased and hold onto.

You going straight into a monthly subscription with "no purchase" (you've heard all these terms before, some people understand that a subscription is still a purchase... most don't) continues to hold no tangibles that you can regret (other than your time) later. You can chose to either continue your subscription, or not.

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case A: Player buys the base game, gets a free month with it. plays for 2 weeks and then decides he doesn't like the game and stops.

Case B: Player buys a monthly sub. Plays for 2 weeks and then decide's he doesnt like the game and then stops.

literally the same thing. You're just overthinking it when the likely cause for the change is just profit.

3 points · 1 day ago

Case C: Activates the subscription and plays a bit. Then forgets to cancel and pays 2 months. Ka-ching.

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you're hired!!

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That won't cut it for Hassan, he will want picture of clean shaven buttholes. Male or female.

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i mean, who doesnt?

I have an army of alts 8 of those are alchemists. I use them to help my main alchemist with vial of the sands (sells for 90k on my server). I go to ZG and kill the first mob to the left and reset. 7 mins and I get 45 volatile air/life. I also have my alchemists' hearthstone set to Vashjir. Then I send the life to them, hs to vashjir, convert life to water and send them to my main alt. I alternate between making pyrium/volatile water. I straight out buy the volatile fire.

then I just sell the mount. Made about 3 million in a month with class halls missions+ vial selling

i am confused. Why is the tweet making you angry?

Original Poster-2 points · 4 days ago

"Arrested for.....blank...." A proper journalist would fill in the blank with the crime committed.

The journalist here decided to choose "hugging" instead of "harrasment" if mere hugging is a crime in Saudi.

That makes me angry...

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Try it out and report back

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I did and it woke something inside of me

Original Poster3 points · 6 days ago

Darn it. I was hoping for a way to buy some before the skyrocketing prices.

Maybe If I ask politely with a ticket?

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that will probably help. Just ask for a day or two

7 points · 7 days ago · edited 5 days ago

You still don't get it do you?

BeoutQ is not an IPTV. It's a TV channel that streams through a satellite. A satellite headquartered in Saudi Arabia and its majority of shares are held by Saudi Arabia, too.

Now tell me, do you think that the operator of the said satellite is not behind what content goes through it?

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BeoutQ is not an IPTV. It's a TV channel that streams through a satellite.

You do realize that ipt stands for Internet Protocol television right? It's just a television broadcast that is on the internet, right? So it's no difference than a tv channel other than the fact that it is broadcasted on the internet, right? Which is essentially what beoutq is? Even their satelite channel just rebroadcast their original TV stream which is stolen from Bein.

Now tell me, do you think that the operator of the said satellite is not behind what content goes through it?

They are, but if you think the operator, in this case, ARABSAT company and NOT the saudi government, is doing something illegal then you take them to court/international court. This has nothing to do with the saudi government and is not proof that the Saudi government is behind beoutq

4 points · 6 days ago

Okay let's say that we don't know who is behind the Saudi Arabian propaganda in that channel, who could possibly be behind this? Who cares enough to fund the channel? You're saying Saudi Arabia doesn't care about this shit when there's nobody else that could possibly care about it...

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Who cares enough to fund the channel? Literally any business man with the funds who wants to make money off it? You know they're making huge profits over beoutq, right? Just like every other iptv/tv stream sellers?

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Everyone in that thread as well as most yamanis under the hash tag are saying the caller sounds nothing like the person he's pretending to be, he doesn't even have the same accent, and the video is meticulously edited out.

Clearly the Houthies' days are numbered, and they're constantly on the retreat. What's the point of pushing fake news now? What do you hope to gain from this?

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2 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

He's not able to respond. He's banned for submitting fake news to stir drama.

831 points · 7 days ago

The ammount of shit the England fans gave panama for doing the exact same thing was insane, yet it's no appropriate here now.

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Hey now get it right it's only appropriate when I do it.

5.0k points · 8 days agoGilded2

It's good that he wasn't a Catholic priest.

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It's the perfect plan really

Think about it. They're the middle of cave with some priest they barely know. They look around , what does they see? Nothing but closed caves with no exits. “Oh, there’s nowhere for me to run, what am I gonna do, say no?" I mean if they said no, then the answer obviously is no but they're not gonna say no, they’d never say no…because of the implication.

Call the customs ASAP

Original Poster3 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

Do they have an information line or do I have to call their offices?

EDIT: So I called them and they said that if you ordered something over 1000SR, you'll get another late message around a month or two later.

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1 point · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

you had to call them because of something like this

edit: nvm this guy is just a dumbass

I wanna play more online games with Arabs that aren't shooting games. Any idea where Saudis/Arabs play?

I'm a westerner and I play RPGs and strategy games. I look on WoW private servers and so far out of 10,000s, I've found 1 guy from Jeddah and one guy from Bahrain. Are these genres really that dead for Arabs?

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Alot of saudis/arabs on EU horde kazzak and outland allaince. Legit servers though not private.

It depends on the situation. This could be a rescue. Or a sanctuary for lions that are either being rehabilitated to be released in the wild or lions that cannot go back to the wild. In which case she most likely has some form of credentials that allows her to do this because it's her job.

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In which case she most likely has some form of credentials that allows her to do this because it's her job.

Uhh she's a lion where would she keep her credentials?

A bit OT, but I wanna try authentic Ramen in Khobar. Anyone knows a place?

11.4k points · 14 days ago

Their names were Theeb Alyami and Jaser Alrakah. They died as heroes.

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Theeb means wolf. Some people use Theeb as a compliment when you want to say someone's strong willed or good.

-10 points · 14 days ago

Actually Theeb actually means Jackal, Wolf is Ibnou Awa.

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Jackal is called ibnou awa. You have them mixed

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اهلنا وناسنا ❤️ لا يكون تقرب لي 😂❤️

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يمكنه انت وما تدري

لعبة في اسالة و تحديات , الفترة الأخيرة شغالين يقولوا أنها تخلي الاولاد ينتحروا اذا لعبوها , قبل كم يوم في ولد انتحر و حطوا السبب على اللعبة هذه

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لا ابوه طلع على التلفزيون وقال السبب مو الحوت الازرق السبب لعبة كمبيوتر ثانية قاله الي مسوي معاه مقابلة ايش اسم اللعبة قال هاه ما اعرف انجليزي ارسلتها لكم بالواتساب

السالفة فيها انة

Smh this guy ran the aramco shiba oil field efficiently & successfully with a 90% Saudi team.

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...its a joke

6 points · 15 days ago

Hey look, a Saudi and not a foreigner ,is the CEO of one of the largest projects in the ME. Great news 👍

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يمكن سعودة :P

this is like playing mario party and then getting a star in the end for the team with the most yellow cards

64 points · 16 days ago

Likely means guilds that throw direct invites at everyone and everything they see.

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which is like half of wow's guilds?

I’ve never seen a quality guild just throw invites at people without even a simple hello and description of the guild beforehand

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that's still a random invite.

3.1k points · 16 days ago

G rated porn

We need to start calling it like it is. These women are camgirls.

It doesn't matter if you're on twitch. If your primary source of "entertainment" is wearing as few clothes as possible and waving your cleavage at people: YOU ARE A CAMGIRL.

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there was this girl streaming on twitch who literally wore a shirt that said myfreecams


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