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I was 10 when Joe's Garage came out. My older sister's boyfriend had a copy and he brought it over. It was the first Zappa I had ever listened to and I was hooked. The audio production is outstanding. I've always had a soft spot for this album, and I think it's the last "masterpiece" he produced. I'm not a fan of most of the 80s and beyond output (with a couple exceptions).

I’ve written in asking for more promos. I can’t get enough and will pay more to get more.

They’re talking about the promos that air in between shows during a binge viewing.

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In Lakeview

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Andy’s Thai Kitchen. Entrees in the $teens. Recent 2 course lunch for 2 was $40.

Terrific. Crispy pork belly w basil and mushrooms is my fave.

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In Andersonville

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Anteprima. Italian. A 3 course dinner date for 2 with drinks should run around $100 more or less.

Our fave restaurant.

Make sure you take a guided Beatles Walk.

I always add a ladle of pasta water to the sauce, then I sauce the pasta with a ladle full.

I usually add more sauce to the pasta once plated.

That’s not paint. It’s ceramic. Return it.

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You think it'll affect the cooking?

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Maybe the imperfection is worth 25%. I would prefer a new grill to be in mint condition. Weber will replace it.

It "seems..."

Have you been to dead and co shows?

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Yup. Have you been to Grateful Dead shows?

Zetterberg has been dealing with back issues ever since the Olympics in 2014. He missed stretches of seasons.

Um, no he hasn't. Sure, he missed the rest of the 2013-14 season due to his back surgery, but since then, he only missed 5 games in the following season. In the three seasons that followed, he played a full 82 games in each.

Bad writing.

To be fair, he has been dealing with back issues since then... He didnt miss the stretches of seasons that they mention but he did miss a lot of practices and has played through a lot of pain.

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Of that I’m certain. I remember (or at least I think I do) when he came out for some award presentation a few months after his surgery (maybe it was for Lidstrom’s #5 retirement?) he could barely walk and I gasped thinking there’s no way he’s playing again.

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Do u know what the Milanesa part means? It says it on the meat package.

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Milanesa means Breaded.

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Ohhhhh so the meat has bread in it???

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I'm guessing that the intent for the meat is that it's thinly sliced so you can make it Milanesa style.

Agreed on everything except you've got the cost wrong.

It's $40/month.

That is a great line to use!

The Bill K single drummer era.


I also like turning them into a mushy gravy, which I then ladle over rice.

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I know I'm talkin' about lentils with the right guy.

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Fucking A!

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I've had more time to digest the question. Here is, I hope, a comprehensive answer.

As pointed out below, Zappa had various bands referred to either the Mothers, then the Mothers of Invention, then the Mothers again.

The Mothers of Invention are the original line-up.

Studio* albums of theirs include:

*Keep in mind that some of these albums may include live bits that were taken from live show recordings, but these are primarily studio albums, as opposed to a primarily LIVE album.

  • Freak Out!
  • Absolutely Free
  • We're Only In It For The Money
  • Cruising with Ruben and the Jets
  • Mothermania (a compilation album)
  • Uncle Meat
  • Burnt Weeny Sandwich (mostly studio, some live)

The last two albums were released after the original line-up had disbanded, and the list doesn't include two Zappa "solo" albums, Lumpy Gravy and Hot Rats.

Weasels Ripped My Flesh is another album from this band's era, but is mostly live.

After the original MOI had disbanded, Zappa obviously continued his career with an ever-changing band line-up. Sometimes he released this material as just Frank Zappa, and sometimes as Zappa/Mothers.

Zappa/Mothers studio albums from this era forward include:

  • The Grand Wazoo
  • Over-nite Sensation
  • One Size Fits All

Zappa albums from this whole era, from beginning to end, which were not included, because they're primarily live (or because they're Zappa "solo" albums are):

  • Lumpy Gravy (Zappa)
  • Hot Rats (Zappa)
  • Weasels Ripped My Flesh (MOI, mostly live)
  • Fillmore East - June 1971 (post MOI Mothers, live)
  • 200 Motels (Zappa)
  • Just Another Band from LA (post MOI Mothers, live)
  • Waka/Jawaka (Zappa)
  • Apostrophe (Zappa)
  • Roxy & Elsewhere (Mothers, Live)
  • Bongo Fury (Mothers, Live)

I'm pretty sure that Bongo Fury is the last album in which he used "Mothers."

If you're really looking for a list of his entire studio catalog, regardless of whether the album is attributed to Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Zappa/Mothers, or just plain Zappa, let me know, and I can continue the list.

Mothers? Or Mothers of Invention?

Return them. If they don't honor your request, stop patronizing that store.

Close the lid, close the vents. Leave them all closed for at minimum 2 hours, or until the entire grill is cold (it'll take a while). Ta-Da you have charcoal ready for next cook.

Don't pour water, the ash and water make lye which will eat away your grill.

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This is the right answer.

Just close up the grill and let the lack of oxygen suffocate them.

When you're ready for your next grill, just tumble those coals over the coal grates to get rid of the excess ash, then put those used coals into your chimney. Add new coals to the top of the used coals.

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I say sear then bake, because the sear creates a nice seal to keep the juices in when baking

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“Sealing in juices” is a myth.

sugar should temper the acidity.

I like adding a whole peeled carrot while the sauce is cooking, then remove it at the end. It adds a very subtle sweetness that helps to tame the acidity.

Unlike France, where there's a gubmint agency to preserve language purity, American English certainly evolves. One early example for me was when a co worker firmly told me the phrase, "Getting a leg up" on somebody else didn't mean having an advantage at the start (as in a horse race), but meant much more combative rivalry via casting serious disrespect on the other person's reputation or damaging their chances for success (as in a male dog pissing on the rival). These are two seriously conflicting meanings for the phrase. And confusion could lead to consequential misunderstandings. Just don't flick me off about it.

around these parts

Where are those parts?

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Many years ago, after an important and thrilling hockey game (for a team that my father and I were both fans of) that ended in an OT goal for our team, I instantly wrote him a quick three-word e-mail, e-shouting "fucking A, baby!"

A week or so later, my mom pulled me aside and asked me why I used such horrible language in my e-mails to my dad. I didn't know what she was talking about, so I asked for clarification. She said she didn't want to repeat it, but relented and asked why I would say "fucking a baby"?? I was shocked and incredulous, and had to think about it for a while, then I guessed which e-mail she was referring to and laughed a big laugh. "No, mom, it's not "fucking a baby." It's "Fucking A! Baby!"

I don't know how common the expletive "Fucking A!" is, or what it's origins are, but where I'm from, it's usually used either as an affirmative, (Nice job shoveling your driveway. Fucking A!) or as an expletive to note futility or disgust. (Fucking A! it took me 3 hours to shovel my driveway!) Like most F-bomb expletives, this one can be used in a variety of situations. My mom wasn't unfamiliar with the phrase, nor a stranger to the occasional F Bomb. So, her misreading of my e-mail is a tale still told and laughed at at family gatherings.

Where are those parts?

Chicagoland, within the city and without.

coughing just looking at it lol. i smoked for the first time in at least 2 years the other night and wow bad idea.

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Bad idea to have gone two years without?

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