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236 points · 12 hours ago

Nobody ever wants to admit their child is just a fucking asshole

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Reminds me of that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

91 points · 1 day ago

Fuckin Dementors

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I see someone else watched the HP marathon on SYFY this weekend.

41 points · 2 days ago

Sell him on eBay as is

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ICE will gladly take him.

Yeah, Frankly I think all water should be controlled by the Federal Government. Local governments always fuck up water, just like in Flint.

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I don't know. Would you really want one of Trump's cronies in charge of your water supply today?

He didn't like it as much as Taft.

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I'm here for presidential historical fat jokes.

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I think she's going to be the Democrats Paper tiger. It's going to be fun seeing her (metaphorically) ripped to shreds.

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Nancy Pelosi already is our paper tiger.

Ahhh, the future of the Democratic party. Heated emotion with no basis in fact or reason.

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I'm all for Democrats who actually fucking show up to a debate and give a shit about their constituents.

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I ended up hating everyone except Freddy.

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10 points · 3 days ago

Nice ride!

Wish I could get custom heat plates here in Australia.

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How'd you become a Heat fan as an Aussie?

Obviously the Whig party, making a comeback!

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The Know-Nothing party would have been the better punchline but alas.

They can replace one predator with another

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Donald Trump has 10x the allegations that Spacey has. Yet Spacey is the one out of the job.

496 points · 5 days ago

I wish Zach would just get back with Rage. I love and respect the shit out of what Tom and especially Chuck D are doing but we need Rage back together.

There's The Prophets Of Rage which are the old band members plus some. Zach also has a fairly new song if you haven't heard it

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That new song sounds over produced.

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69 points · 5 days ago

More like Ron Swanson

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I feel like Robert California and Ron Swanson are somehow related.

12 points · 5 days ago

I like Dom. I think given his background and aptitude, he’s going t a lot of options. He wrote and article recently. Plus it’s a treat to have the good ones. If they end up being on all the time we start to take them for granted- like Greg Cote.

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Even Tom Kurkjohn, I'm glad we only get him for the baseball season because I don't want him to get played out. He's actually the only reason I look forward to baseball for.

I'm biased because I've seen the actress in something else. I always like her characters by default now, I guess.

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I heard she was great in the 100 or whatever so I stuck with her.



3-I screwed up

4-You know what it is (ft. Morgan West)

5-You're supposed to

6-Last Day On Earth (ft.Lil Simon)

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I'd love to hear Trevor Phillips on a rap album.

Grimey Rick is totally his rap name

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Look out for his new EP "Stuff and Thangs"

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If you guys like abandoned places around Baltimore check out Dan Bell on Youtube.

11 points · 7 days ago

Wouldn’t really make sense because he can’t shoot and Kelly would play PF with Bam on the court. Plus why do positions matter?

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He'll learn to shoot 3's.

I like Father Gabriel reciting the Bible as he puts that Savior down

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That reminded me of Boondock Saints so much.

You know what it is.

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Scott Gimple is that answer to that.

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Comment deleted8 days ago

Idk if any on Fox News has done that but Trump certainly did with Jon Stewart, something I think a lot of people forgot.

Who is this dude and why should anyone give a fuck about him?

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He made some great documentaries, Cocaine Cowboys and The U. Aside from that, idk what he's ever done.

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I grabbed a couple packs too! Didn’t stay too long. I got to talk to Mike for a few seconds and awkwardly waved and said hi to Mina outside of J Wakefield.

Fun times!

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I feel like Mina and awkward interaction goes hand and hand for some reason.

Looks like Italian John Fox.

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A gravely voice to match a leathery face.

I wish they didnt use the whisper voices. I can hardly catch anything theyre saying.

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It reminds me of ASMR.

If you're anything like Marty Funkhouser, you might have a chance.

10 points · 8 days ago

Come watch Lolita swim in a bathtub

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That's the funniest/saddest part.

43 points · 8 days ago

So is gerry now newman?

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I feel like Jean Ralphio would be Newman.

This the sequel to Jurassic Fork?

I'll take mine medium roar.

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What the fork!?

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They finished it. This is old.

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I wonder how many workers died building this.

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