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Hey man, have you seen this youtube video? I feel like this is a perfect opportunity for you to channel into a hobby or exercise or anything that youve always wanted to. Turn that shit into a passion and be the guy you wanna be. The right person will be where you want to.

indplstim21 1 point

for the clone


for what seems to be an authentic. Ebay can be hit or miss however. It is an 18350 battery mech, so you will be looking at 5-10amp use max.

Feral-Spoon 1 point

Damn man thanks! That clone has free shipping i might get it. I wanna have it as the 18650 setup. I know the thing is not worth it. But it has my attention

GrungBuk 6 points

After 8 years of vaping squonking is where I landed. The all in one factor really does it for me

Feral-Spoon 2 points

Been vaping 4 years now. I went from mechs to boxs then from rda to rta and back and fourth. Right now im on a kaos with a crown 3 but i miss dripping. So im thinking squonks are all the fun with less the hassle. What would you recommend as a starter?

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Hey i just made a post but im gonna copy paste here

Hey guys. New to the sub. Not new to vaping. I was watching some old youtube vids when i came across an old video i favorited about the Hammer mod. I remember being so excited to get my hands on one just but was never able to. Does anyone know if theres anywhere that retails one? Clone is fine. Or if anyone has one for sale id be happy to buy

owllady 1 point

Do you know about the classifieds? I think I saw a Hammer of God there last week. It might be gone now though. Try subbing to /r/ecigclassifieds and keep a look out. I hope you find your unicorn.

Feral-Spoon 2 points


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[deleted] 176 points


Feral-Spoon 38 points

I dont think ive ever wanted to fund raise for anything as much as i want those people to have everything they can for those puppers. I wish i was good at writing so i can get this to /all.

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X88B88Dude27 573 points

Im on PC and usually use discord but my xbox party chat is busted. Full blown static from my mic, if anyone has a fix for it let me know kthx.

Note: I did sink their ship and spent the rest of the time grabbing the loot they ran ashore with to hide. Thx rare for making them spawn on the other side of the map!

Feral-Spoon 1 point

Use your phone and download the xbox app. Temporary work around. But you can party from your phone

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Feral-Spoon 3 points

Kinda want to hijack this question and ask my own.. What made the plants learn this migration method in the first place? How did a plant learn to Make fruit and Make fruit sweet for taste? How did it observe its enviroment at all

huskinater 5 points

They didn't "learn" anything. Like all evolution, it was a string of mutations which just so happen to be beneficial instead of harmful.

Firstly, plants are a popular food source for many creatures, from bacteria to bugs to larger complex organisms. The plants which didn't develop resistances to predation went exstinct. Those that remained had some form of protection, like sour chemicals to repel bacteria or bugs.

However, some plants would have mutated sweet chemicals that actually attracted predators. This would usually spell certain doom for the plant as it or it's offspring would be eaten, but another mutation allowed some seeds to survive the digestive systems of the predators and once pooped out the seeds could keep growing. Suddenly these plants were capable of spreading far greater distances than just falling from the parent plant and that gave them an advantage over other competitors.

However, not all forms of animal-based propagation for plants are symbiotic. Many plant defenses have prickly, spiky protrusions that keep predators away and stick to animals furs to carry the seeds away.

Feral-Spoon 2 points

So it was just luck of the mutation? Thanks. I probably should have worded my question a little better

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