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Oh god, that just made me think about how awful this thing would be if someone had an accident inside of it.

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If that happened it would be just like any other water slide. The end of it is open and the puke/poop would flow with the water out the open end once they get to it just like any other slide.

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If the water flow wouldn't carry other stuff with it, then the humans in the slide would also get stuck. What do you think it's going to do, ignore the fact that the floor rotates until it becomes a wall, then a ceiling? Gravity doesn't care what direction the whole thing is facing, it is going to pull things down, not leave them floating in a space relative to another moving object that is so small it's gravity is nearly undetectable.

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This is what curtains are for.

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But curtains have to be taken down and washed periodically. Cleaning a window, whether it not it can do this, is still just cleaning a window.

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Its not cheap but its nowhere near as expensive as you imagine it to be

For those individual panels its probably a 300-500$ option

Fyi those panels by themselves, as in just 5/8-3/4" glass are stupidly expensive


Like, for a custom 60" frameless shower door with a stationary panel in 5/8" glass youre looking at 1500-2000$

This is probably in the 5-8k range.

Really expensive imo, but not like 10s of 1000s

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And the only reason they are as expensive as they are is because they aren't mass produced in any meaningful quantity. That pane of glass is essentially like an LCD screen, except instead of millions of pixels, it's one giant pixel. It's not an expensive technology, so if 10% of all homes started having this, that price would plummet really fast.

Why is it so hard for people to post audio dependent content with audio?

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Because it's more convenient for me to view it without audio when I'm not at home, which is about 99% of my reddit usage.

What about how far the galaxy has traveled? Surely the galaxy is moving pretty fast in some direction affecting the distance too.

Is there any chance at all for this tree to still be alive, or is it pretty much guaranteed to be dead after this happens?

The Starfucks lids don't need straws but the lids seem to be made with more plastic than the straw would be. Perhaps the lids are recyclable though while the straws aren't.

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Score hidden · 18 hours ago

The straws probably are already recyclable, but lids have flat surfaces that are much easier to stamp the recycling logo and number so the recycling places know what to do with them. At least for the places that don't automate it by floating the plastic to check it's density to figure out it's type.

I bet if you add a little more lint and dust you can get it to 90C.

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Just remove the heatsink and watch it reach TJMax instantly.

Unless this was an AMD processor before they had proper thermal protection, then watch it die instantly.

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Obviously this isn't a good owner but sometimes your dog shits more than expected on a walk and you're out of bags.

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As a person who used to be a kid and walk my family's dog every day, it's really not that hard to carry enough bags. Just carry 10 bags, even something as large as a grocery store bag takes up practically no space when folded instead of crumpled.

They could do it properly for less money instead of doing this crap. Use black/yellow caution tape on the ledge with a warning in 70-140pt font instead of that shitty tiny 16-20pt font being used.

How long will his tires last when the vehicle is doing that?

Original price: $15

Price after we destroyed it: $too fucking much

I looked it up... Its real its actually real

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Youtube won't actually play all those ads. I've seen it show there being an ad every 30 seconds on a few videos but youtube doesn't allow that to actually happen and waits around 5-10 minutes per ad.

Youtube won't actually play all those ads. I've seen it show there being an ad every 30 seconds but youtube doesn't allow that to actually happen and waits around 10 minutes per ad.

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You are the cat's automatically regulated heating device.

I got my cat a butt warmer.

Fucker doesn't love me any more.

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Sabotage the butt warmer so it randomly makes the cat's butt cold. The cat will come back. Whether it's for your warmth or for revenge, that's for you to find out.

Eh it's not like those are going to be set off. They aren't in a position that will cause them to heat up enough to ignite, and a primer isn't going to set a bullet off unless someone intentionally uses something small enough with enough force.

Perhaps in the event of a car crash, something could break off and hit a primer hard enough, but even then almost all the force of the gunpowder going off is going to be wasted doing nothing but making a loud noise since there is no barrel to hold the pressure in which is required to propel a bullet reasonably.

Every time I see this image posted, someone comments asking if this is even legal, but I don't see that comment this time.

Just in case that person comes, yes, it is legal as long as both side view mirrors are in tact.

At first I thought this wasn't too bad because it was just an empty side street, but then I realized there's a guy in that car. I'd be scared of it flipping.

That seems oddly flat to the ground and not tipped toward the back for that tire being so small.

Is the driver physically and mentally okay? No one in their right mind would do that unless they were sick. Or they stole the bus and are pretending it's GTA

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pretending it's GTA

Technically not pretending if it's a stolen vehicle.

FML that’s terrifying.

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t have someone in the bed trying to hold it up. Seems like it would fit.

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as a bonus, if a person in the bed were to fail, he'll have a chance at landing on something soft.

A stupid cow also rips asphalt tar off the road to eat. Source: me. I saw it while driving an old highway years back

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They gotta get their tar intake somehow when they aren't being allowed to smoke.

I don't understand what yellow was doing. She just stood there and let it smack her in the face. At least blue tried to do something even though it failed.

Ferro_Giconi commented on

This is a good way to find out if the area is safe or not. If you do this and everyone just stands there and looks at you funny then you know the area is probably not that bad.

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And if it's bad enough, they'll give you a reason to run.

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I watch mostly videos on my phone though, haven't dwelled deeper into mobile adblocks, is there any?

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There are plenty of mobile adblockers that work by blocking URLs.

If you are on Android, Adblock Plus is a decent option. You don't need a special browser or special youtube app or anything like that, this runs on the phone looking at URLs that try to load and blocks ones that are ads, just like a browser extension does, except this app works in more than the browser. I haven't used an android ad blocker in years so I don't know for sure, but it will probably block youtube ads.

If your phone isn't rooted you'll need to set up proxy settings, but that's not too hard and the page I liked has a link with instructions for that.

Lol "clicked on this random Fortnite video" nice try

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It's a totally valid excuse though, have you never ever clicked the random garbage that shows up in the youtube recommended videos to the right of your current video? Clickbait like this is exactly the kind of junk youtube likes to spam that sidebar with.

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Wow there is literally nothing I could charge people for.

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Charge people for you using reddit by browsing reddit while at work. You will be indirectly charging everyone who buys a product made by whatever company you work at.

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