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We will be a launching a Curveball merchandise store very soon and donating the proceeds to flood relief and recovery. The store will include Curveball t-shirts, LE posters and other items (including the Nalgene water bottles intended for our CurveWater program).

Fantastic generosity shown here towards a community which is hurting worse than any of us right now.

but what about those Slip Stitch & Pass vinyls

Bram Stoker's wife lived long enough to see movie adaptations of Dracula. She had a successful legal dispute over the film Nosferatu for being an unauthorised adaptation.

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Nazi Germany ordered all copies of the movie destroyed after this legal dispute. The only reason this masterpiece still exists today is thanks to piracy.

Original Poster4 points · 1 day ago

Thank you for this. Definitely the most thought out response yet.

I understand they were spread thin from flood and worried about locals first. I just feel a 40k person fest, that would brought upwards of $1million in revenue to a town that needed funding... woulda been focused on more?

Your response makes sense tho, its just a tough swallow. Do please let me know if you ever talk with the groundwater Guys.

I guess end of day, why not start planning for the worst on Tuesday when the debris hit the lake? Even if it hadn't happened before, contingency plans are crucial in events of this magnitude.

Did the water folk leave Watkins/phish in the dark until Thursday?

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No clue what the communication situation was, but I'll say this: if the health department had gone to WGI on Tuesday and said "Hey, it's never been a problem before, and we can't say for certain, but this flooding miiight end up poisoning the water by Thursday" - insurers probably would have canceled the fest then and there to avoid a huge liability.

There's always politics involved in this kind of thing. If the fest had been canceled on Tuesday and everything had turned out okay (as everyone thought it would), that's a way bigger fuck-up than waiting until contamination was verified. "We were overly cautious and canceled with no reason" actually makes people more angry than "It's last minute, but we have no choice but to cancel." A last-minute cancelation is only extra-tough on the fans; the locals don't care if they lose that $1M on Tuesday or Thursday.

Like another poster said, it's an odds game - even if they knew on Tuesday there was a 20% chance of contamination, that's not enough to throw away that $1million with an early cancelation, particularly when the wait-and-see approach doesn't cost the town any extra.

Original Poster3 points · 1 day ago

I was thinking in terms of ordering water for the site. Did not think about insurance pulling plug, but surely 48 hours was enough time to get enough water for day 1 trucked in. - he said with zero knowledge on the logistics.

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Oh, heh, no knowledge here either. I think logistically it is probably way more complex than you'd expect - especially in a remote location where many of the roads have recently been washed out. Remember also that, wooks or not, the showers have gotta be operational and safe, grounds crews need water for non-drinking purposes, etc etc...

I don't think anyone was like "Eh, fuck it, we didn't need that money anyway." Phish, WGI, local communities, everyone really wanted it to happen.

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Ashanti - Good Good has been my guilty pleasure for a long time now

Hirsche Nicht Auf Sofa is maybe not music according to many definitions, but once a year I listen to this record with the lights off.

Magma is kinda Phish-y; they're jazz-based at least and play really long songs with some improvisation. But they're really vocal-oriented, militant and aggressive.

Yeah that was a little weird he never said the word curveball.

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It's Mike. I'd be worried if he wasn't consistently weird throughout the message.

I wasn’t even talking about myself, I had a place to stay nearby. I was just thinking about all the people that spent their last dime to get to curveball thinking they’d have a place to stay for 4 nights then finding out they have nowhere to go. There wasn’t any cheap camping nearby that I was able to find at least.

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If you spend your last dime going to an expensive music festival, then my sympathy for your economic plight is pretty limited.

So what I heard was they were going to give the illusion that just that was happening by rear projecting A pre recorded set of them playing inside that thing but the curveball was going to be that they were not inside being watched but outside somewhere watching the crowd watching them. Then maybe a reveal. Looking at the stands in the back I can almost see those 4 goofballs peeking over the edge of the top of the grandstand with shit eating grins. Watching us while we thought we were watching them. That would be A very Phishy thing to do.

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Very Phishy indeed, and a curveball at that!

2 points · 4 days ago

Great comments in that Twitter thread...oof

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alt-right phish fan, yeesh

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... we are in the days of automation and in case you've been noticing we have homeless cities all along one of our coasts for a reason. They are just becoming non-people. Everyone thought it would be a huge wave of layoffs but it's really the very uneducated who are going first and becoming mentally ill and homeless. Eventually the rest of the middle class will slowly be enveloped into that group. It will turn so slowly that no one will be able to tell.

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It's depressing how the concept of "Computers and robots will do all the labor for us" is a really bad thing. This is the stuff sci-fi is made of. If everyone was able to share in the wealth generated by automation, we would be headed towards a post-scarcity utopia.

As it is, we're headed towards neo-feudalism. Shit sucks.

Uptopia’s are fantasy that have literally never existed successfully. And the only utopia’s you even see depicted in movies, shows, books ect. only became that way through malevolent means such as exterminating or ostracizing entire groups of people.

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Thank you for that cogent analysis, Slut_Slayer9000

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8 points · 4 days ago

It’s really not. All living birds are direct descendants of theropod dinosaurs.

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They are a surviving branch of theropods. They share a common ancestor with other theropod dinosaurs. To say that birds "evolved from" dinosaurs is like saying raccoons "evolved from carnivorans." Dinosaurs didn't turn into birds. The fact that "dinosaur" isn't the best-defined term only further muddies the water, so at best it's an unclear and misleading statement. At worst it's outright false - it's not like birds are a descendant of T Rex or something.

All that said - there's a reason I stated that I was being very pedantic. As a lay statement "birds evolved from dinosaurs" is no big deal, but sadly it misleads a lot of people into thinking totally-untrue things about birds and evolution in general.

2 points · 3 days ago

I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you were implying that they weren't dinosaurs. Sorry, was really tired when I read this comment thread last night.

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No worries my dude, it happens! We're all correct.

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14 points · 4 days ago

Diaries of a Madman is a MLP:FiM fanfic that is currently sitting at 2.5M words. And still going.

Note: the story is rated M so you may have to toggle 'show mature stories' on in settings on the site. Obviously a needed default due to the broad age range for MLP content.

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There may come a day when I read an adults-only My Little Pony fanfic.

But today is not that day.

-15 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

I don't think so. That looks to me like a series of heads and tails that a human came up with to look random. Also, there's the fact it is so much easier to just fake the trials to get the point across. I wouldn't expect a rigorous experiment to be carried out for a reddit post.

Edit: Here's a website that evaluates sequences of H/T flips and analyses them in an attempt to spot fakes.

OPs chain gets 0.65 (1 is almost certainly fake, 0 almost certainly random ... so whilst its not flagged as fake, it certainly looks to be heading that way).

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Uhhh I am pretty sure you can get banned from reddit for lying in a comment. Why would anyone risk that?

Now we just need a phish gameboy game with these sprites

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Here's a screenshot from the bootleg SNES cartridge they were selling at shows, I think in Fall 93. Funny how most people don't realize how far back they've been referencing Chilling Thrilling Sounds.

Its a good point. I appreciate the perspective.

It would seem that there is an underlying sense of of sensationalism, and things being over/under-played with what you've mentionned. The news outlets are giving "them" what they want by adhering to the lowest common denominator, and keeping it there. I now have more understanding that's just the way their business operates, but it would seem to do society more benefit if that was tweaked for the better. Would you agree?

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I don't know what "tweaked for the better" means so it's hard to agree with such a vague statement.

These news outlets are providing a "service" - they are giving people something that the people want. The will of the people, if you like. I think that businesses which provide a service should, generally, be allowed to continue providing that service.

I think that this service, however, is genuinely bad for people and for the country. I think that products or services which have an ill effect should, ideally, be limited.

The same can be said of tobacco or soda. They are a product which people want - but they are bad for people. Should we "tweak" the soda industry so that such an unhealthy product is not available to consumers? I'm not so sure that would be a good idea.

Maybe education is the answer. Instead of banning high-fructose sodas, educate people about why it's important to limit intake and balance them with healthy stuff. The problem with applying this logic to news outlets is that the news is inherently political. It is very hard to trust any political party that sets out to educate people about how to consume the news.

Low-quality/sensationalist news is a problem which is very hard to solve. It is also a self-perpetuating problem; sensationalist news gets the most money, which in turn allows them to expand their reach and further implant themselves. This problem is inherent in a for-profit news economy; it isn't quality which gets rewarded, it's the ability to generate advertising revenue. It is very hard to fix that problem while also our "news as an industry/business" economic model.

I mentioned the vague question to find some common ground

Again, the "will of the people" is an adherence to the lowest common denominator. Not exactly pushing the envelope but then agsin, they dont have the motive to as you described.

The example of Soda; lets say for discussion purposes that fructose sugar has a higher probability of causing cancer than a more naturally derived sweetener. Would it be a bad idea to change policy to ensure that industries selling these drinks make their product more healthy for the public in a place like Canada, where the public pays for healthcare? Or tobacco using less redioclactive pesticides etc.

I agree that education is largely the solution, deffinitly. However its important to create policy to divert bad things from happeneing. Ex; People took out loans theu couldnt pay back and created the US financial crisis in 2008; its largely the public's fault; but why not moderate the industry to try & make things better - especially when the tradjectory is = a dumbed down population that for the most part cant control their own impulses.

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Yes, I generally think it is a bad idea for the government to prevent people from getting what they want on the grounds that it is harmful. It is a gray area when it comes to luxury products like tobacco or soda - I support the ideas of strong health codes and taxation to reduce consumption. It is harder for me to support the idea of the government using any kind of measure to control what news we consume.

I also agree that it is important to create policy to prevent bad things from happening - in fact, I think that should be the majority of the government's job. However, since the news is very influential in how people vote, there is an obvious conflict of interest if an elected government is "helping" us determine what news to consume. There is not a politician alive - including those I support - who I would trust not to exploit that. The same goes for any attempts to "moderate the industry." There will be a lot of pressure to have that moderation include "don't spread ideas we don't like."

I think indirect action is much safer, and getting the money out of news is an important step. Use progressive corporate taxation to make these giant news corps less financially dominate. More federal grants for small/local news outlets. Perhaps go even further and limit the amount of advertising space a channel may sell (but that's hard to define/control).

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What state are you in? That's pretty great

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Don't know about parent, but I'm in Massachusetts and this is pretty much what we have. MassHealth is a pretty great system, it absolutely got me through some rough patches of unemployment.

I had no plans to attend, but given the trajectory of the summer I was super-excited to watch some shows, read about the fun on reddit, see pictures, find out what weird shit was planned. After 5 days without any shows I was ready to get back into my couch tour groove.

I got home from work around 6 and sat down for dinner with the babies. Immediately I turned on the Bunny, hoping to hear some sweet soundcheck jam. It was regular music, so I hopped on reddit to see if I'd missed soundcheck. Then I saw the cancellation threads.

Even though I had no plans to attend, it was some of the most disappointing news I've had in a while. I can't imagine how attendees are feeling right now. If any of yall are headed home on 95 and want to make a pit stop in Western MA, I'll buy you unlimited beers.

117 points · 4 days ago

Anonymous doesn't exist. Everyone who talks about them as a group betrays their total ignorance of the concept and of 4chan at large.

Anonymous is literally anyone who wants to be Anonymous. You could pick up a gun and shoot up your local supermarket in the name of Anonymous. It would have exactly the same credibility and authority as all these other people claiming to be a part of it.

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Just like "antifa." Alt-righters talk about "antifa" like it's an organization. It's not.

Heh, I was just thinking "it'd be sweet if they played Cornelius's 'Mic Check' just before soundcheck." And they just played it!

There’s one or two unmarked sedans as well. Police are in uniform, however.

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I mean... some of the police are in uniform.

7 points · 5 days ago


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Am I being detained? Am I being detained?

Man, I hope Curveball's water is either locally purified, or they get the word out very soon and very loud.

Port-a-potties are bad enough without having to handle tens of thousands of people with E. coli.

He even said that he'll be at Curveball this weekend. First one to spot him on the grounds wins $1.28

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Why the specific $1.28??

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The joke is that HQ promises a $5,000 prize to anyone who wins their twice-daily trivia game by answering 12 questions correctly.

However, that $5,000 is split between everyone who answers 12 questions correctly, so winners usually get a dollar and change.

Does this take into account widespread right-wing voter fraud and disenfranchisement campaigns?

Sooo this is the secret set location?

How about a PSA warning people not to try it on before you get to the venue! Fuck man I didnt know they locked and Ive been wearing it for 4 days now goddammit lol. I work on a lathe too so work has been sketchy

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r/OSHA would like a word...

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