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MrMatt808 1 point

Unless you need the optical drive spot or the hard drive space I’d say go with a Define c or meshify c instead of the Define R6. You’ll save money and it’ll be a lot lighter

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

I did consider the Meshify C, but I went with the R6 with the intention of basically never needing a new case, and money is not really an issue so I thought I might as well go with the future-proof case.

Sticky32 1 point

I'm aware that the monitor is without G-Sync

If you know it doesn't have g-sync and plan on replacing it anyway, why spend so much on a monitor? You can get a decent 24 inch 1080p monitor for less than $200 to last you until you get a proper one. Then use that extra money to buy a better one sooner.

Check the reviews and make sure that motherboard can run you RAM over 3000MHz, otherwise such a high frequency will just go to waste. Also 16GB of RAM should be enough unless you plan on regularly rendering/processing massive, multi-tracked files. And if you did get less RAM you might be able to fit a proper monitor into your budget.

Otherwise looks good.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points

Not planning on replacing it when the time comes. Currently i have a 1080p 27" 60hz Samsung Monitor which i plan to use as the secondary monitor for this build. Down the line i'll be adding a G-Sync monitor to use as the main game monitor with the other two being secondary and tertiary monitors.

And yeah, Ram is expensive as hell right now, unfortunately the 16 GB I already have is DD3 which ofc won't be compatible. Will look into the frequency thing though, thanks!

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Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/FalloutMods
Foolsheart 9 points

Sim Settlements. It's a new way to build settlements that's very immersive and gives you as much control over settlements as you want. It feels like settlers actually live in your settlements instead of just hanging around. I have played very little with it, but I love it already. There are regular updates and lots of people are building settlements and putting them up on Nexus. Be sure to check out the creators' own expansion pack Industrial Revolution, which adds tons of new buildings and gameplay (for settlements).

Check out kinggath's youtube channel for tutorials and updates and r/SimSettlements to see what people are doing with it.

Flaccid_Moose 3 points

I've cautiously eyed Sim Settlements for a while because it seems a little overwhelming to jump into, with all the other mods for it and so on, and because it seems incompatible with a lot of stuff. Is this the case or am I mistaken?

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/gaming
PM_ME_UR_KID 48 points

Not even sure if it's just what you mentioned. That team was also inexperienced as fuck. EA handed Bioware's crowning achievement over to a literal C-team dev. Thinking with dollar signs was a big issue.

Flaccid_Moose 17 points

It's embarrassing to think that the Star Wars: The Old Republic team probably would've done better, with the same resources.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Kaiserreich
Flaccid_Moose 8 points

Of course this is the week i'm stuck with my limited data 😞

Verpal 5 points

Idea: "Borrow" from your neighbor, or use public WIFI?

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

There's about 20 signals in my apartment building, all with password. Though i found that the update is only 30 mb, so i'll just have to skip reddit on my phone tonight :)

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Xcom
Flaccid_Moose 1 point

Hey, just wondering whether you add the newly updated mods at the bottom so it's easier to follow this thread /u/_robbie ?

_Robbie 1 point

I have been, in their respective sections. Updated mods are added at the bottom of the updated list, working at the bottom of working, etc.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points


Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Steam
PeterPredictable 17 points

Last thing I truly enjoyed reading, probably was the (Chris Livingston?)stories about the npc

Edit: found it

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

Most if not all Chris Livingston articles are still super interesting, but that's about it on PCG, really.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/FalloutMods
WhiskeyRiver223 13 points

I just asked in the comments of ASE why he has that warning there. Morbidly curious to see what (if any) his reasoning is.

Edit: Well that was quick. Here's his response: "It breaks mods. Since it changes such a vast amount of forms, creating conflict. Anyone with a lot of mods shouldn't use it. Take Xander's Aid for example. You can't talk to Xander to start the quest. While it doesn't do this for everyone, people have reported that removing that mod fixes their issue."

ETA: So he's basing that warning off of users of one of his other mods claiming that somehow UFO4P broke something in his other mod.

Flaccid_Moose 20 points

That's stupid. Just have it placed at the top of the load order so it overwrites vanilla but is overwritten by every other mod.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/CrackWatch
DeepUnknown 5 points

It's because you don't have ram, silly. Click here to download some. 8 GB should be enough.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points

but my gpu already has 11 gb

sjeffiesjeff 4 points

Does this work on Vista?

Flaccid_Moose 9 points

How come it isn't starting???

Specs: 7770k, GTX 1080 Ti, Windows XP

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Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Guildwars2
inclination64609 3 points

I love the fact that you can toggle it on and off easily. Some builds I prefer regular old tab targetting, other builds I prefer the action camera, and some builds I constantly switch back and forth between them. For instance, on my condi warrior I turn the action camera on while on the sword/torch. When my rotation causes me to switch to the longbow, I go back to tab targetting. It's nice to have the ability to play with what feels more comfortable for the playstyle with the press of a button.

Flaccid_Moose 11 points

TIL Guild Wars 2 has an "action camera" mode. i've been playing since beta too fml

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/CrackWatch
strangemotives 1 point

you would think, but I think a lot have a setup like mine.. SSDs (RAID0 in my case) for the OS and games you're playing, and traditional multi-TB HDD to store things like the games you cycle through on... in my experience, when installing a highly compressed game, the transfer rate doesn't come close to the max on the traditional platter drive.. suggesting it's CPU limited.. so SSD wouldn't help..

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

I would assume you would need the files on the actual SSD to take advantage of the SSD itself.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/RimWorld
danieln1212 78 points

That was amazing but I didn't get that last part, what does the "But would your tribe have picked you up" mean?

Flaccid_Moose 30 points

I understood it as "if you were closer with them they would care for you" kinda.

[deleted] 8 points


Flaccid_Moose 13 points

Well the colonists are the player, i usually rescue pawns from friendly factions.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
fantoski 13 points

But what if they go 10 men roster ?

Flaccid_Moose 9 points

You can still only bring 1 substitute to international tournaments, so it wouldn't make a difference.

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