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NukeDolphin 1 point

Okay, I see. Now, if you could humor me for one last question. Your personal opinion, did you need water cooling or did you just want it? Is it effective? And is it costly via having to maintain it?

Yes, I could google this but I'd really like your opinion on it as I've got more or less the same build but I'm on the fence about watercooling.

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

It depends on overclocking. At stock speeds/voltages the air cooling is actually more effective, though IMO water cooling is better at keeping the temperature steady under load/overclocking, which is suppose is more important.

My initial choice was due to aesthetics, but I've been pleasantly surprised by how silent and effective the X62 is, as well as how much nicer it is to set up compared to e.g. a hyper 212 heatsink.

I'd say go for it if your budget allows it and you plan on overclocking. Be sure to have a case that supports a 280mm heatsink as well, it's quite large!

NukeDolphin 1 point

Thanks so much, man! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and help me out on your post.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points

No problem! I'm just glad you're not one of the people telling me what to buy and what i've bought is wrong haha :)

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Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/steelseries
Flaccid_Moose 1 point

My Rival 600 has randomly stopped working ONLY on mousepads just today too, so I don't have the same issue as you, although I also suspect my issue is due to the firmware update as well.

Noldorian 1 point

not sure how to fix it. I hope if uninstall steel series software and reinstall the mouse without the drivers it will work good... kinda annoying, its happened with 2 mouses. Surprised others haven't complained. Aint the PC or the mouse, its the driver. Has to be.

But while i can use my rival 700 and works fine i really want the lighter mouse. I dont wanna have to say i bought a paperweight.... I hope it works raw drivers without the updated broken ass drivers from steel series.

I like steel series and before without other software never had a major problem. Have an arctis 7 and while they cant seem to fix this red light bug theres no other big major problems just the battery indicator is always red... but yet it still beeps when its low like it should. Have had SS keyboards also worked fine. And other mouses rival 300,700. Rival works flawless, just a big heavy.

Not sure why they have this problem with rival 600 drivers and IF IT WILL EVER BE FIXED.

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

Have you tried contacting Steelseries support? It's usually really good compared to most tech companies, they might have an answer.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Rainmeter
PitchDarkGhost 28 points

I did right click on the taskbar and hid Cortana, task view, after that make sure the "lock taskbar" is unchecked (by right clicking it and choosing). Right click again on it and go to "Toolbars> hit Links" then drag "Links" all the way to left where your icons are until they appear on the right side of the taskbar, drag them to the center. Right click again and disable "Show text" and "Show title" then lock the taskbar again. If you want to reposition the icons just unlock the task and move it and lock when you are done. Hope this works for you!

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

How does that work when you open programs that aren't pinned to the taskbar? Do they stack up on the right?

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/marvelstudios
DrStalker 146 points

She casually no-sells an attack from a hammer capable of punching through an entire planet before destroying it with no effort. She's much tougher than Thor, who already outclasses regular Asgardians by far.

Flaccid_Moose 37 points

Weren't she able to do that because she was the original bearer? I'm probably wrong, but isn't she holding Mjolnir on the murals in the throne room?

MrMatt808 1 point

Unless you need the optical drive spot or the hard drive space I’d say go with a Define c or meshify c instead of the Define R6. You’ll save money and it’ll be a lot lighter

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

I did consider the Meshify C, but I went with the R6 with the intention of basically never needing a new case, and money is not really an issue so I thought I might as well go with the future-proof case.

Sticky32 1 point

I'm aware that the monitor is without G-Sync

If you know it doesn't have g-sync and plan on replacing it anyway, why spend so much on a monitor? You can get a decent 24 inch 1080p monitor for less than $200 to last you until you get a proper one. Then use that extra money to buy a better one sooner.

Check the reviews and make sure that motherboard can run you RAM over 3000MHz, otherwise such a high frequency will just go to waste. Also 16GB of RAM should be enough unless you plan on regularly rendering/processing massive, multi-tracked files. And if you did get less RAM you might be able to fit a proper monitor into your budget.

Otherwise looks good.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points

Not planning on replacing it when the time comes. Currently i have a 1080p 27" 60hz Samsung Monitor which i plan to use as the secondary monitor for this build. Down the line i'll be adding a G-Sync monitor to use as the main game monitor with the other two being secondary and tertiary monitors.

And yeah, Ram is expensive as hell right now, unfortunately the 16 GB I already have is DD3 which ofc won't be compatible. Will look into the frequency thing though, thanks!

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Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/FalloutMods
Foolsheart 10 points

Sim Settlements. It's a new way to build settlements that's very immersive and gives you as much control over settlements as you want. It feels like settlers actually live in your settlements instead of just hanging around. I have played very little with it, but I love it already. There are regular updates and lots of people are building settlements and putting them up on Nexus. Be sure to check out the creators' own expansion pack Industrial Revolution, which adds tons of new buildings and gameplay (for settlements).

Check out kinggath's youtube channel for tutorials and updates and r/SimSettlements to see what people are doing with it.

Flaccid_Moose 3 points

I've cautiously eyed Sim Settlements for a while because it seems a little overwhelming to jump into, with all the other mods for it and so on, and because it seems incompatible with a lot of stuff. Is this the case or am I mistaken?

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/gaming
PM_ME_UR_KID 53 points

Not even sure if it's just what you mentioned. That team was also inexperienced as fuck. EA handed Bioware's crowning achievement over to a literal C-team dev. Thinking with dollar signs was a big issue.

Flaccid_Moose 17 points

It's embarrassing to think that the Star Wars: The Old Republic team probably would've done better, with the same resources.

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Kaiserreich
Flaccid_Moose 7 points

Of course this is the week i'm stuck with my limited data 😞

Verpal 4 points

Idea: "Borrow" from your neighbor, or use public WIFI?

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

There's about 20 signals in my apartment building, all with password. Though i found that the update is only 30 mb, so i'll just have to skip reddit on my phone tonight :)

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Xcom
_Robbie 1 point

I have been, in their respective sections. Updated mods are added at the bottom of the updated list, working at the bottom of working, etc.

Flaccid_Moose 2 points


Flaccid_Moose 1 point

Hey, just wondering whether you add the newly updated mods at the bottom so it's easier to follow this thread /u/_robbie ?

Flaccid_Moose commented on a post in r/Steam
PeterPredictable 14 points

Last thing I truly enjoyed reading, probably was the (Chris Livingston?)stories about the npc

Edit: found it

Flaccid_Moose 1 point

Most if not all Chris Livingston articles are still super interesting, but that's about it on PCG, really.

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