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I swear pompeo plays for team russia and not team USA.

I keep saying this. The GOP is full of deplorables.

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Um, that sounds like attempted murder.


As a result of the pill the child died and Jane Doe herself was "hospitalized for two days, the abortion pill possibly reacting with potential street drugs in her system at the time she drank the Smoothie."

Why is he not being charged with murder of the child and attempted murder of the mother?

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Because GOP. He'll get a medal. god fuck these shitbags.

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A time period of many unqualified electricians.

Sagonnabe dope

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Are You here?

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No, but I'd like to be. In spirit though. There's plenty to rage about.

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That's why I hate the fact I can't just pop a new battery in anymore

Idgaf if the phone is 3mm thinner, make it 5mm Thicker and let me swap batteries without having to be an engineer or watch 20 min YouTube videos that caution you about jacking up your screen.

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Right To Repair - contact your congresspeople. We all deserve the right to repair items rather than be forced to but a new one when something goes bust on the older model.

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The IOS software is constantly updated for new hardware If you had the same IOS as when you bought the phone and same app versions it would probably run fine.

But the software and apps are updated to take advantage of new hardware but are considered backward compatible

Where as with the ps3 games and software are designed for the hardware and the hardware isn’t changing

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Also, the iPhones prior to ios7.x or 8 had the programmed option to go inside the phone with commercially available software and delete the temporary folders and screenshot folders. Apple purposely did away with this and locked those files so the a user cannot access or delete them, thus taking up more space and slowing the phone down. It's the main reason why I still run a 4 on a low ios7x release, I can still delete stuff and make it function OK. Granted it's slow as fuck anyway and it has shit emergency options, so it's probably not worth it. But dammit I'll buy a gorilla phone when Motorola eventually makes one that can withstand a bulldozer.

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Mueller keeps finding enough threads to make a terrible Christmas sweater.

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That'll be the size of a football field.

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“I barely know my son. He was only my son for a very short time.”

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This is probably truer than it is false. donny moscow had a shitass father. And he's the same shitass father to his sons/daughters. Ffs he wants to fuck ivanka... if he didn't already... I don't doubt he will try to deny his interactions with his kin to save his own ass. Also donny moscow's dementia and narcissistic personality disorder will contribute greatly to this eventuality.

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This guy's looking worse as the months drag on

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He looks twice my age and I'm older than him. Evil is rotten.

I think there’s something to this. Dude looks like a walking photo of an SS guard.

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There were nazi sympathizers in the US. The whole operation Paperclip helped move the scientists over to US companies under new aliases. It's a big reason why the US policy at that time was to appease hitler/nazi imperialism. Those same beliefs were/are held by these neofascist types. And they still want their fatherland of übermensch.

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You remember Katrina right? We basically lost an entire US city and the GOP didn't pay attention nor did they care.

The Iraq war DID NOT need to happen. We lost more than 3000 people there. It was worse than 911... That and far more casualties (arms lost, legs lost, etc).

The GOP is a FAR FAR FAR worse danger to the US than Al Queda. If you add up their incompetence it's far worse than our enemies could have done.

And the GOP won't look at themselves in the mirror. When confronted with their crimes they invent conspiracy theories and claim the Democrats are just as bad if not worse.

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And it's important to know that the GOP through their control of government at the time basically created al qaeda when the first supported the tali rebels against Russia then pulled out support as left them to die when Russia stopped invading Afghanistan. The GOP are the enemy of the United States. They have been the enemy for decades.

Proof in the public domain, bots using private API.

from u/MNgrrl 62 x gilded for the explanation. Fucking crazy shit.

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I'm gonna use your top comment spot to say that the comment falsifying Barack Obama's opinion is on that FFC board.

Isn't this not true anymore? When Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, Fox News was split off and remains with NewsCorp

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I'm convinced that Murdoch got insider info that faux news is complicit in trumpco's conspiracy against the United States. I'm guessing that's why he sold it a year or two ago.

Maybe just a little bit.

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You must have missed the on air segment where he volunteered to be water boarded when he was defending the practice as not so bad. He chickenshitted right outta that one. That's why that other guy said it to begin with.

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Shout out to those fighting for our right to repair our own stuff.

This affects everyone, not just farmers.

As everything becomes more complicated in our world, monied interests will argue that the only safe repair is done by a licensed technician.

I can't disagree enough.

I've spent too long on tech support for what I can do myself already.

We must unite as fixers, stand up to the man. Hack the plan.

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I'm irritated that your comment is at the bottom (currently). Right to repair is something people across industries are fighting for. It's a big deal, among all the other big deal stuff we have going on. We should probably reunite the families and children who the US separated first though.

Fucking mormons... don't they know that tinder is for porking and not sock snorkeling... Also fuck religion in general, opiate of the masses and all. Free your goddamn minds.

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Deplorable. Hillary wasn't wrong. It's goddamn disgusting. Fuck these shitstains, may they stand to see trail and sentencing.

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This isn't real, right?

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Yep, he actually did said that

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JFc, I guess at this point I really shouldn't be surprised.

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Goldwater rule.

Edit: The Goldwater rule is the informal name given to Section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics, which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures whom they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public statements.It is named after presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

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Don't you mean Goldshower Rule?

He claims to be drug and alcohol free. The fact that he claims that brings it into question.

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Diet pills are amphetamine-like. Take enough of them and bam you get trump meth, like fuzzy math but way way stupider.

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As much as I hate Sessions, if Trump dumps him, his sucessor will be some yes man who will try to go after Mueller and Rosenstein.

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Not 'try' but 'will'

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