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Might as well just relocate the White House to Moscow.

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I'm betting this second meeting is in hopes that trump can iron out his escape plan to Russian homeland.

It was untanked before? That seems hard to believe.

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It did erase any doubt that trump has loyalties to Russia. It was painfully obvious trump is compromised by the kremlin.

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The consistency of Trumps statements has been reduced from weeks to days to a day. I'm not even sure the man could keep track of reality if he tried.

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trump is showing signs of boxing himself inside his own reality, a symptom of his narcissism. To put it lightly, the eventual dealing with actual-reality for trump will be bad for trump's brain. Who knows what he will justify in his reality to not have actual-reality smack him in the face. Martial law is an option and trump's mush brain might do it. And the bootstraps might go along with it.

My second non-utility nightmare to find while digging. First is dead body. A few winters ago I went from a possible gas leak to utility co confirming a definite gas leak to ventilate this building ASAP we have to cut the line and vent the gas. Urgency and caution were involved. Still not as much of a problem (my opinion) as finding a buried firearm or dead body.

-this isn't real. -deplorables are chickenshits and still deplorable. -turns out sane people can also arm up.

Every day I am more convinced that the GOP is compromised. Not only the Russia money through the NRA (plus other places, I bet), but they were probably also hacked and have a bunch of kompromat hanging over their heads.

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The GOP IS compromised.

Guys, just an observation from the other side of pond.

You haven't impeached him when he was putting children in cages and transporting them across the country in the middle of night. As a matter of fact, it seems like you guys have already forgotten about those children! Your country has a collective attention span of a newt. You won't impeach him. You'll just screen treason until next big fuck up, get outraged and scream "Treason!" again.

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Just wait. The final straw is when he taxes the tea. Then we go guerrilla on the traitors. Nah, just kidding, you are probably right. Too much stupidity and complacency in the US populace. I'm still sad.

You haven't been British for over 200 years. You don't care about tea.

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yeah I know. I must have dropped the /s.

16.6k points · 21 hours agoGilded1

Reminder that inside 48 hours of this being revealed, a new measure was passed making it so the NRA doesn't have to reveal its donor list.

Tell me that isn't the shadiest thing you've ever seen.

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Could you use your top spot to link to twitter @spicyfiles - looks like Butina might be on suicide watch. They got ahold of a court doc indicating mental health official needed for Butina.

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The real question is what Putin has on every other motherfucking Republican who aid and abet this. Not a single one has actually managed to find the most minimal bit of courage. The most significant thing the cowards are doing is resigning, running like traitors.

This keeps dogging me. Can someone explain to me why the GOP wouldn't dump Trump and install Pence if they weren't compromised?

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They are compromised. A faction appears to have sold out years ago; this seems like it's years in the making.

8.7k points · 1 day agoGilded3 · edited 1 day ago

Holy shit. Read this immensely important thread by a former Ambassador.

To allow Americans, especially those seen as Putin's enemies, to be questioned by Russia (who routinely kills Putin's enemies) would be treason. Full stop.

McFaul and Browder (UK citizen, but still) actually care about American leadership and Putin's human rights abuses.

This is an outrageous statement.


**This post kinda blew up. I'm sorry, but I never meant for it to be a comprehensive list for all Congressmen/Senators. I haven't checked all their Twitter accounts.

But here are some new additions.**

From Anonymous Diplomat:

“Either he’s compromised by Putin or he’s a pussy, in which case he should grab himself.”

From Samantha Power (Former Ambassador to UN):

Let’s recall why Putin began making outrageous, false accusations against @McFaul: Mike stood up for human rights and against Russian oppression. That terrified Putin. The fact that @realDonaldTrump won’t stand up for an American patriot is a travesty

From FBI Director Wray via Jim Sciutto

“That’s probably even lower on our list” says FBI Director Wray of Putin request to interview former US Ambassador @McFaul which WH says Trump is considering.

From Walter Shaub (Former Dir of Office of Gov Ethics)

This is stunning, outrageous and very very dangerous. The thought that the president would commit to even considering turning a former US Ambassador over to Russia — in connection with his federal service, no less — is amazing even for this administration. Where is Congress?!

From Garry Kasparov:

Trump has already refused to defend US intelligence and institutions against Putin. I hope he has the decency to protect American citizens. Putin already abuses Interpol to "export" his repressive practices.

From Ron Neumann (former ambassador and Pres. of American Academy of Diplomacy) via Spencer Ackerman

"If the United States would make a former diplomat available for questioning by a foreign government without evidence of wrongdoing, then that would be quite horrifying," former amb. Ron Neumann, the president of the American Academy of Diplomacy, says about @McFaul.

From Ian Bremmer:

WH needs to reject Putin request to interrogate @McFaul in strongest possible terms. Sanders “No Comment” does not cut it.

From Spencer Ackerman:

To say U.S. diplomats are angry over this White House/McFaul business is a supreme understatement. Story forthcoming – with what is unquestionably the most profane quote I have ever received from a U.S. diplomat.

From Matt Tait:

The NSC won't look at the request. Because it's not meant to be looked at. It's an intentionally absurd request. What's outrageous is this wasn't obvious to SHS at the podium, and she lied to deflect that she didn't know/wasn't confident enough that the answer is "hell no"

Updated from State Dept Spokesperson via Olivier Knox (CNN)

Meanwhile, a vastly different answer from State Department's @statedeptspox who calls the Russian accusations absolutely absurd.

Updated statement from Ambassador McFaul:

I hope the White House corrects the record and denounces in categorical terms this ridiculous request from Putin. Not doing so creates moral equivalency between a legitimacy US indictment of Russian intelligence officers and a crazy, completely fabricated story invented by Putin

From Bill Browder:

POTUS doesn’t have jurisdiction over me bc I’m a British citizen.He’d have to discuss that w/ TheresaMay & I don’t think she’d be too happy about turning me over to Putin

More Browder:

"The people that surround the president have the absolute clear eyes on what's going on in Russia -but this nonsense of going up and flattering Vladimir Putin and then saying it's an incredible idea to hand over a bunch of anti-Putin activists, is just appalling."

From Tom Nichols:

The instant answer should have been: “The President told Putin that he cannot deflect from his own corruption and abuses of his people by threatening US citizens, and that we will consider any further mention of @mcfaul as a threat to the safety of an American diplomat.”

From Natasha Bertrand:

Undoing the Magnitsky Act sanctions is among Putin’s top priorities. It explains the Trump Tower meeting, the dinner where he & Trump discussed “adoptions” (sanctions) and the public remarks re: Browder. Seems like it’s all been leading up to this moment.

From Rick Wilson:

Watch Fox tonight try to turn @mcfaul and @Billbrowder into monsters tonight. It's inevitable.

From Susan Rice:

Beyond outrageous. Amb. McFaul served our country honorably and with full diplomatic immunity. If the White House cannot defend and protect our diplomats, like our service members, they are serving a hostile foreign power not the American people.

From David Sanger (NYT):

For those keeping score at home, this means Putin asked the President to let him get his hands on a former US ambassador to Russia, @McFaul, and man who successfully lobbied for one of the primary sanctions against Russia. And the WH can’t say how POTUS responded. Remarkable.


From Representative Eric Swalwell (House Intel Committee) (D):

Take this to the bank, @realDonaldTrump: you turn over former U.S. Ambassador @McFaul to Putin, you can count on me and millions others to swiftly make you an ex-president.

From Senator Ron Wyden (D)

For @realDonaldTrump to help Putin harass and endanger @McFaul, an American ambassador, would meet my definition of providing aid and comfort to an enemy.

From Rep Bill Pascrell Jr. (D):

This is chilling. If Trump discussed handing over for "questioning" @Billbrowder & @McFaul to some Putin kangaroo court, we are entering dangerous new territory. Who knows what else he talked about w/the Russian dictator. This is why we must hear from the interpreter in the room.

From Sen Mark Warner (D)

We’re not turning @McFaul or any other American public servant over to Russia to be prosecuted for non-existent crimes. The White House should make that clear immediately.

From Rep Adam Schiff (D):

No "consultation" is needed to make clear that U.S. will never cooperate in Putin's crusade against Bill Browder or former U.S. officials, like Ambassador McFaul.

@McFaul served his country honorably. His freedom is not up for negotiation or to be offered up as a gift to Putin.

From Rep. David Cicilline (D):

If @realDonaldTrump can turn over @McFaul, a former US ambassador, to Putin, then he can do it to any of us. What the White House is saying is terrifying, and it should be getting a lot more coverage than it is.

From Rep. Ted Lieu (D):

Dear @SecPompeo: THIS IS BATSHIT CRAZY. You need to put a stop to this notion immediately regarding giving @McFaul over to Russian operatives. American diplomats should never fear the US will hand them over to a foreign power.

From Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D):

America’s diplomats deserve to know our president supports their work & won’t serve them up in a deeply misguided attempt to gain the approval of hostile foreign leaders. @realDonaldTrump must refuse Putin’s request.

From Sen. Bob Corker (R):

Our committee looks forward to hearing from @SecPompeo next Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. ET. You can watch live at .

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So, at this point, would I still get banned for guillotine whispers??! I'm not stating outright anything, I'm just curious where the line is - when does the Russian president #45 become a threat to the US populace and US Constitution?

Trump was just asked whether Russia was "still targeting the U.S.," and he responded, "Thank you very much, no." He's reversed his position again and is back siding with Russian intel.

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Ffs... r/walkaway is an active Russian online psychological warfare operation... along with r/greatawakening and the obvious t_derps. This country needs to wake the fuck up or we are all seriously fucked. And I don't mean 'awe I owe more taxes' or 'I just broke my leg...' fucked. The GOP is deep in treason too. They all need outing or the democratic republic is fucked.


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Yes. Him and the rest of his GOP co-conspirators need to pay the price for treason. Live on TV sentencing too. Fuck I'd chip in a buck or two to watch PPV.

8.3k points · 1 day ago

Wake up Republicans, he's compromised.

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Yo- so is the GOP... That's why they are not acting.

Did - did it work? Wha?

The country is already burning.

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Yeah but with real fire, maybe...?

As a reminder, this is 52 people and entities from Russia. Not all of an industry. Not people above a certain income level. 52 people who plundered the Russian government's holdings for themselves, then siphoned money away from the state, and then were fully committed to murder and torture to ensure that the world would not know what they'd done. It's not just like some stupid Trump-like tit-for-tat sanctions on a whim, these are really terrible people who are super pissed that Browder uncovered the corruption and really want their corrupt money. Most are childhood friends of Putin, essentially holding the money until he needs it.

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This is a very important bit from that shitshow. That and 'the ball is now in your court.' Kompromat drumpf is so goddamn apparent.

Original Poster53 points · 2 days ago

"The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is ready for practical implementation of the agreements reached between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump in the sphere of international security achieved at the Helsinki summit," Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, a Russian military spokesman, said in a statement Tuesday.

Am I crazy, or does this seem like Russia is dictating our military strategy?

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trump doesn't give two shits about that kind of stuff. He gave it to putin. The Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, god knows what else.

-17 points · 2 days ago

No No No No No.

Rand Paul and his father are libertarian constitutionalists.

Which is a very specific set of values focused on the constituion. They also are not subject to lobbyists nor do they answer to the CIA. This does not mean they answer to Russia.

There are people on the left like Tulsi Gabbard who are quite different in domestic policy, but also share the same foreign policy views.

These views center around restricting U.S. militarism and interventionism. (Because they firmly believe in the War Powers act and that ONLY CONGRESS can decide war... see strict constitutionalist)

They see U.S. war hegemony as a reflection of the imperialism that the U.S. fought to be free against (George Washington) and a gigantic waste of taxpayer money (they kind of see EVERYTHING as a huge waste in tax payer money)

To give you an analogy on the other side.

Rand Paul / Ron Paul

are like the right wing version of

Bernie Sanders / Gabbard / Ocasio-Cortez

Now what does that mean?

Well while Bernie Sanders / Gabbard / Ocasio-Cortez believe in the government spending money on social services....Rand Paul / Ron Paul are totally against this.

So domestically they are inverse, but foreign policy they are the same.

No wars, no militarism, advocates of diplomacy and the war powers act.

Don't believe me. Rand Paul completely backed sanders in the War Powers debate.

So when Trump meets with Putin Rand Paul sees it as positive because war / conflict to him is wasteful spending. He doesn't care about looking tough for allies or any of that. He sees military war as way out of control (and vastly out of the of the constitution)

You will see this time and time again where Rand Paul sponsors bills against selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the war in Yemen, etc. etc.

So if it is Pro diplomacy anti conflict/war Rand Paul Will support it.

For example when Trump attacked Syria. Rand Paul said it was unconstiutional and spent the whole time rambling about congress and war powers.

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Rand is just a weasel who blows in the wind like a rancid wind sock.

4 points · 2 days ago

But as he pledged support for his intelligence officials, the lights in the Cabinet Room went down, darkening his face before the cameras. “Must be the intelligence agencies,” he said, folding his arms. “That was strange,” he added. “But that’s O.K.” Soon, he returned to his notes, with a message to himself in the margin. “THERE WAS NO COLUSION,” he scribbled, appearing to forget an “L."

I wonder who told him to over saturate us with "No Collusion" that he says every time he can.

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trump's brain is mush.

Which Trump is he defending?

  • Yesterday's version
  • Today's version
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Whichever way putin's people pay him to hump.

We were warned. We are dumb.

She won the popular vote...

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The electoral college proved that it's only service is for the GOP. It's all borked and now a Russian kompromat and his family of Russian stooges and congress traitors sit in control.

Spineless Wonderboy will still do nothing. The GOP sold its soul for pieces of silver.

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for bowls of borsch*

46 points · 3 days ago

We're entering a period of a multi-polar world, with the rapid development and industrialisation of the 3rd world this was inevitable, the only thing people didn't foresee was the influence of the USA being this badly damaged at this point in time.

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It's being done deliberately. Global corporations understand resource availability. They've been working for decades to infiltrate government bodies to derail democratic nations.

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