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producermaddy 3 points

We just moved across country with two cats and a rabbit. I posted on Reddit for advice and someone mentioned micro chipping. Fortunately my cats didn’t escape but not a bad idea. Buy a big carrier. One of the cats had a smaller carrier and she was a lot more uncomfortable. Next buy these things on amazon: a food dish that attaches to the carrier (we put ice in there for the cats to stay hydrated and it was less messy), pads in case your cat has an accident and a spray that relaxes cats. I also bought treats that were suppose to relax the cats but my cats didn’t like them. When driving, put a towel or blanket over the carrier. For the first hour, the cats would not stop crying but as soon as my husband covered them they were fine. Good luck

Flunk21 2 points

Thank you. This will be very helpful!

Fakereplica 247 points

The money order from Moneygram is a negotiable instrument that has stale date fees/penalties. In other words, even if the LL gave you back the original money order, you would have to pay a fee to cash it... I don't know how much that would be, but it doesn't matter. You would not recover your original deposit even if the LL gave you back the original money order.

The escrow rules for deposits, etc. that landlords must follow are there to ensure that the money does not go missing, lose value, become subject to compulsory fees, become commingled with operating cash, spent, etc.

I think that this is definitely the LL's problem, not yours, and it would be the LL's problem even if the original money order could be produced.

Keeping a money order instead of depositing it is a bad business practice on the part of the LL. You shouldn't be put in the position to do anything to correct this bad practice. If I were you, I would tell the landlord to provide a check for the deposit amount within the 30 days as required by IL law. He's going to make some leap of logic that its your problem because he never deposited the funds, so therefore he never got the money that you want him to write you a check for. Tell him that it's his bad practice, and his problem, not yours. If the situation goes beyond that, talk to an attorney in IL who is familiar with this area of the law.

Good luck!

Flunk21 24 points

Thank you.

WarpedPerspectiv 8 points

Even if he did deposit it, he'd still owe you that amount anyway. NAL.

Flunk21 3 points

That's exactly what I told the LL but she disagreed.

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Flunk21 1 point

I know for sure Community colleges don't have an issue with accepting those with GEDs. Usually when you go to take your GED the community colleges have classes for you to study. Also, have you looked into night school?

SuspiciousZucchinl 1 point

No I haven't looked into night school, I've never been entirely sure what it was really. I've always assumed it was just when you took classes at a later time, so I've never had a reason to look into it either. Do you mind explaining a little? I'll still look into it on my own time.

And I'm kinda 50/50 on going to Community College because I'm not sure if I'll still qualify for the perks of financial aid, like the grant I talked about in my post. And if I do I'm not entirely sure it'll be worth it. I was hoping a four year because I think I'd have a lot more opportunities while there, but I am not completely disregarding CC either. I guess I just haven't looked into it enough yet.

Flunk21 1 point

Night school will be exactly that but depending where you live you might be in a classroom full of adults. You would have to ask your school about the programs they offer. My school had a flex program where everything was on the computer and kids graduated early by working on it at home.

Community College will save you thousands if you get your associates and then transfer to a 4 year. Trust me, in the career field no one cares what colleges you went to. But that's all up to you.

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Flunk21 1 point

It is normal for cats to act this way when they feel threatened or frighten. Many cats do this when they are introduced to another animal (mostly other cats).

When cats are like this it is normal for them to be very defensive.

Also, bites from insects is something to look for.

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Flunk21 1 point

Assuming you are in the US. If you do choose the military do research on the state benefits for the national guard or reserves. In Illinois I get free tuition and the gi bill for being in the national guard but reserve in Illinois doesn't get the free tuition through the state itself but through the schools that accept it. The army websites will give you the correct information for your state.

Team_Muff_N_Stuff 1 point

Where do you live/are you looking to live?

Flunk21 1 point

Somewhere between Naperville and Dekalb.

SeeYaPimp 2 points

What's your budget range?

Flunk21 1 point

$1200 and below.

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Phate1989 11 points

Does that work if you don't itemize? I don't see many college students having more then the standard deduction.

Flunk21 1 point

If the link doesn't work you can look up IRS publication 970 for education related tax benefits.

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Flunk21 1 point

To make his day special too, I would have to say have sex with him. If you aren't waiting then it's a perfect day for him to take you out and you to pleasure him or pleasure each other afterwards.

Most guys like chocolate too! Even flowers depending on the individual.

My Valentines with my fiancé starts with making breakfast together, sex, then Italian restaurant for dinner.

(no lunch because we always make too many pancakes)

gooberfaced 1 point

You need to be really careful where you locate yourself- the lowest cost apartments are usually in the highest crime areas.
Start hanging out in /r/Atlanta and learn about the area.

Flunk21 1 point

Thanks I'll check it out.

[deleted] 1 point


Flunk21 3 points

I tried to look up the average salary there but it is about a thousand less than where I'm from.

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chemousey 2 points

Leased cars are great if you need/want new things every couple years. If you seem to change cars every year or every other year then you should lease. A leased car will always be new, a lot of the maintanence that comes with owned cars (especially later in their life) is negated, you are still responsible for returning the car in good condition though.

Cons are easy, your paying for a rental - no equity at all. I’m fact at the end of a lease if you don’t lease a new car from the dealer they will charge you an additional fee... (if you lease then you should be looking to lease before the first lease ends, a new dealer will buy you out of your first lease to get you in a new car - do this when you approach your miles limit or near the end of your leasing term).

Buying is a bit more satisfying in my opinion, if you can keep a car running 6+ years without getting bored then buying is for you. Payments are higher than leasing but at the end of it you actually have something that has some value unlike a lease. And if you drive the car for a few years after it’s paid off you’ll wind up having more money (in the long run) than a person who is leasing over the same time frame. I purchased my vehicle, it’s been paid off for a bit over a year now and having no car payments is a wonderful thing. However my car just rolled over 60k miles, so very soon I am going to have to spend a couple grand replacing shocks and some other misc. maintenance.

My wife leases, I buy. My car is now paid off so no payments but I do have general maint. She gets to change vehicles every other year and always has the nices new bells and whistles on whatever she wants to drive.

Good luck in your car hunt!

Flunk21 1 point

Thank you! That actually made a lot of sense to me! Lol my parents just tell me that I will be bankrupt if I lease.

legalbyebye 1 point

It's low income housing where our rent is based off our income.

This is almost certainly actually housing assistance; the government or a grant makes up the difference between what you pay and market rate rent.

Flunk21 1 point

Oh i was unaware. So this would add to my assets? So the longer I live here the more I would pay?

legalbyebye 2 points

I'm sorry that I can't help more, but I am not entirely sure what calculations they use or how they classify your grant. It doesn't seem to me that you would pay more the longer you stay unless your assets increase as well, but you would be well advised to talk to someone who is familiar with both the housing process and your grant.

Flunk21 1 point

Thank you.

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[deleted] 4 points

Based off your income? Are you in subsidized housing?

Flunk21 2 points

We are in low income housing. I'm not too sure tbh. Sorry I never heard of this complex being subsidized.

SynfulVisions 5 points

Low income housing is subsidized in some way, otherwise it would just be housing.

Flunk21 1 point

I'm learning a lot today lol

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Flunk21 3 points

Idk I took an Uber to Chicago from my house for $92. 2 weeks later took a cab back home from Chicago and it was $275.

I asked the cab driver to give me an estimate of how much it would cost and he told me it wouldn't be much because he would give me a deal since I was in my military uniform.

From now on I'll take lyft or Uber.

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