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Flycomes commented on a post in r/travisscott
snt92 12 points

Search on Spotify - Young Thugga & Travis - Drunk

Flycomes 3 points

I don't find anything tho

CameronMad 3 points

search young thugga and it’s the first song that shows up

Flycomes 1 point

young thugga

Thanks <3

pitatoide 148 points

The point that these 'new kids' are not transfering skill but instead they always played CSGO had never occured to me and it makes a lot of sense...

I'm a huge NIP/VP fan since i started watching and playing CS after the KATO14 Major but i gotta admit it is way more exciting watching some of the new players rather than the old ones we're used to :/

Flycomes 1 point


baby_durantula 96 points

I feel like something similar is happening with the casting tbh.

Flycomes 86 points

Yeah probably but i still put HenryG and Sado infront of everyone

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