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They have free pocket ashtrays they give out every year. (At least the last two I’ve gone) They recommend you should fill it, recycle it, and get a fresh one but they always run out so just keep it for the entire festival and empty your butts into a trash can.

Thats pretty good. My 6 yr old's jokes go like this:

6: Knock, Knock

Me: Who's there?

6: scans room uhhh Cup!

Me: Cup who?

6: Hey! I'm a cup! Let me in will ya?

Then proceeds to lose his shit laughing

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Old roommates 5 year old nephews joke:

How did the airplane cross the road?

It drove a quad.

IMO seasons 1-3 were the peak

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Couldn’t agree more. Went wayyyyy downhill once Netflix started beating that horse. Still Some laughs but not as casual as 1-3

If only every country could agree on this

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Shambhala in Canada has had a drug testing tent that they openly get donations towards. Last year they were able to test for fentynal. Not the fent analogies sadly, but it’s a step.


A friend and I have been ripping through coop since the game came out and this is the first time my summon sign hasn’t appeared for him. I’m about 30 lvls higher than him but we’re using a password so it shouldn’t matter right? He is human while waiting for my sign to appear and it’s been like 10 minutes and nothing is happening. Are there any other factors that would contribute to him not seeing my sign. Any advice would be a huge help.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

His boss is still alive and our password is number based. We moved to the dlc snd it works there so it’s not like there’s any summon range affecting it. Just doesn’t seem to work in the grand archives.

Dropping out of college and moving back home to get away from my meth use/ general drug abuse. I had moved in with a childhood friend who had become my dealer and both of us were ordering copious amounts of drugs from the Silk Road. I would go to class fucked up or just get fucked yo and not even go. The last month I was there I started getting into meth. Thankfully I realized where my life was going and decided to move back home which was also around the time the SR got seized. Never even tried the second one or the other darkweb markets out there now.


Like the title says, I’m stuck in a freighter unable to take off because it’s in the middle of a space battle. Anyone have any ideas other than reloading a game. It’s been over 10 min and it doesn’t seem like there’s any progress


Just restart the game

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Fuck. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that. Do npcs not deal damage to each other?

That guy moves like a wet spaghetto.

Working out while high is amazing. Highly recommend. Will get high and lift again. A++++

Being on the treadmill at the gym and just watching your reflection in the window trying to keep your head and shoulders perfectly still.

Also, try walking on the treadmill at normal speed, close your eyes, and grab the front rail (so that you don't fly off the back).

Walking with your eyes closed while high is a seriously meditative experience.

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I just discovered this. After so many years of being a lazy shit while stoned, I’ve started doing yoga after a smoke. I’m able to enjoy the pain of working out new muscles and makes the high so much better. Easily my new favourite thing to do while high.

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I, for two, don’t get it either.

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Is that lettuce mixed with mashed potatoes? The holes are working in your favor. The more that falls out, the more of that shit you don't have to eat.

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It looks like a leftovers salad

Americans do have kinder eggs, the chocolate just doesn't cover the whole egg.

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I thought they were illegal cause it’s considered a choking hazard or something.

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No, it has nothing to do wirh anyone. I'm just always anxious all the time, a panic disorder if you will.

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Sometimes it’s ok to let the bad thoughts come in. It’s healthy to realize what’s causing these thoughts and to make yourself think if you really need them. Try practicing yoga. And not just one 10 minute session, I mean really practice, for like a week straight. An hour a day is easy (you don’t even need to do the whole hour at once) and it will help become more aware of what your body is doing rather than what your thoughts are doing.

I’d rather date a tall chick than fat chick

Under $300. VV boutique yo.

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