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Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/darksouls3
ThingkingWithPortals 9 points

I love me my carthus rouged hollowed warden twinblades. Its so very rare for me to get a bleed off on someone but nothing is more satisfying.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

I’m rocking that build right now. I’m loving it so far but I’m still trying to figure out a longer weapon to use in my second slot for the bleed resistant.

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
dartravius 160 points

Horizon: Zero Dawn. I feel like this game released and then went off the radar besides occasional screenshots in r/gaming, while games like The Witcher III have gone viral. If you own a PS4, I absolutely recommend this game. The map is giant, the gameplay is unique and engaging and the story is great.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

I absolutely loved the game when I first played it. I had so much fun playing through the story and going on Aloys journey. But that was it. After the story I just lost interest. I had already killed all the machines, and getting 100% on everything didn’t appeal to me as I had already beat it. That doesn’t change how much I fun I had the first time and I definitely recommend it to people to play.

Forrest_dweller94 2 points

Kingdom come: deliverance. Although there are still quite a few bugs to work out, already it’s a fantastic rpg. Easily as good as oblivion and Skyrim. It’s an interesting change of pace being set in a historically accurate world as opposed to fighting dragons and learning magic.

(Spoilers) one quest had me interview refugees to figure out what kind of work I should give them. Another had me go collect some lost birds where I needed to listen for a specific call to know where to set traps

If you decide to play don’t expect a very exciting countryside, or awe inspiring castles. It’s a very modest game. From what I know it is extremely historically accurate to what life was like in 1405 and the devs did a great job portraying that.

But like I said there are still quite a few bugs it seems that still need working on. It’s still fantastically playable and I’m sure more patches will be released soon. Definitely worth it though.

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/kingdomcome
Stye88 44 points

Herbalism - jesus leveling this thing will be slow af. Crack my back on every stupid plant and its not even super clear which ones are pickable.

After getting it leveled up, yeah lets pick every herb in the garden with 1 click. Herbalism's AoE is so good I'm shocked it doesn't pickpocket herbs from nearby people too.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

I very much enjoy that it’s hard to distinguish pickavble from non pickable. It makes it so I actually have to learn what plant is what and not pick it because it looks pickable. On top of that, warhorse really needs to fix the hitboxes on herbs.

c1nderh3lm 1 point

ill fight some if you put on a password

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

Sorry mate, just signed off. Gotta be up early.

c1nderh3lm 1 point

aww rip. let me know if you ever want to tho. ill always be up for it :)

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

Sounds good man. I’m away from work for the week so I’ll be on LOTS (Give or take a few hours to spend with the SO).

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Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/darksouls3
Forrest_dweller94 5 points

Join an invasion covenant and go nuts man. I’m on PS4 so I can’t spare you any but you get an ember every time you defeat a host as an invader. Watchdogs of farron should be good for where you are.

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/darksouls3
Florela 1 point

You can still match with 120s at sl 140 (not at 141 tho).

Anyway. It's just my subjective feeling, but i feel that more people actually move down to 85-100 so they can invade noobs playing through the game.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

How do you move down in SL? Just use a different character?

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ahsasahsasahsas 5,710 points

I don’t understand people who make blanket statements like “I don’t like fruit.” Like, all fruit? Citrus? Berries? Melons? Surely you can’t outright dislike all fruit? They’re all so different. It genuinely infuriates me.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

Fruit is nature’s candy.

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
Silver_Smurfer 454 points

The same still applies. Otherwise every criminal would just keep a diary saying they were forced.

On a side note, if you were actually forced your are innocent of any wrong doing if you can prove it.

Edit because some people are obtuse: There are numerous conditions surrounding coercion and intimidation as a defense that are beyond the scope of this sub. I am aware, thanks.

Forrest_dweller94 1 point

What if there’s a big “CLASSIFIED” label on the front of the diary?

Forrest_dweller94 commented on a post in r/WTF
Sidius303 124 points

I have seen this before. They definitely feel that this is in the best interest of the child. They claim it doesn't hurt and that this loosens up their tendons and joints making them stronger. The father-son thing is intended to increase the bond. And them being naked is also meant to toughen them up be making them less susceptible to cold temperatures. When I saw this originally they said the children are not in pain... which I find hard to believe.

Forrest_dweller94 -6 points

There’s a good chance that the grandfathers did this with the fathers when they were that young too. Not saying it’s right, but if this is the case it can’t be that bad.

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