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FowelBallz commented on a post in r/politics
Mikee336 4 points

In all seriousness. I fully believe that her focus being Cyber Bullying seems like the biggest troll they’ve pulled off yet in plain site.

FowelBallz [score hidden]

She's about to move on. She will soon unveil her new campaign -- to protect and promote marital fidelity.

Hoxha-Posadist 6 points

You dropped this OP u

And then they put it back.

Also, what fucking slimy pieces of shit!

Edit: corrected.

FowelBallz 3 points

When I posted the article, the paper had dropped the u. As the rule of the subreddit reads, the headline must be an exact copy and pasta of the article, I just let it go. I would greatly appreciate a mod changing the title.

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