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3 points · 9 days ago

Get the axe and dump levels into vit, end, and str.

It's a good plan for your first playthrough, and if you like the game enough you can get fancy on your second

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Sound advice. You can easily complete the entire game with just the starter axe. It has a great moveset and is one of the better defensive weapons with its reach.

Oh God yeah. It was one of the first evolutions in hack n slash combat with it's chaining system. Also had one of the most memorable video game soundtracks. I love that opening theme.

For someone coming into the Diablo franchise blind, you'll have a blast. Blizzard is the Godfather of the looting rpg and very few can match their experience and polish. I played Diablo for a solid year, Diablo 2 for 2-3 years, and Diablo 3 for about a year. It should last you a long time.

None of them. Turning a hobby into a job usually kills the passion, and work/life balance is notoriously bad in the game development industry.

really bad. technically. 30 fps on a racing game is just bad

and the game is like a slightly reskinned crew 1.

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It's not even a reskinned Crew 1. They removed staple features from the game that made it fun. I loved Crew 1. Crew 2 isn't just a disappointment. It's a downgrade.

TC1 had a revolutionary gps routing system that allowed you to follow a route while keeping your eyes on the road. It's been replaced with a run of the mill useless mini map route.

TC1 gave you an incentive to discover the vast map with car parts that could be combined to make new cars, monuments that rewarded you money, and skills that rewarded you car upgrades. Taking roadtrips provided meaningful incentives chock full of activities. Not only that, but the world map was undiscovered, requiring you to unlock the map. There was no fast traveling until you discovered those locations.

Now there's no point in driving the open road. You want to get somewhere? Just fast travel.

The design decisions made to TC2 are utterly baffling. The designers sucked the life right out of this series.


I'm a big fan of The Crew, but the new one ditched all the medal challenges on the roads, and that's just baffling to me, so I'm not buying it.

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Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

There are no challenges or mini-events at all in the open world (jumps, climbs, precision, speed, etc.)? If not, that's a bummer! They made driving around the US worth it. Aside from seeing the sights, what's the point of driving around the open map?

I see -- there's always a tendency for that when you know those bigger, more powerful moves are fairly readily available.

And yeah, I was hooked on HZD for about a week but I picked it up a bit later and got the 'sigh another one of these guys to take down with the same combo of tripcaster freezebomb/arrow?' feeling and thusly stopped playing it -- my interest in the game abandoned me all at once.

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Get ready for downvotes. You can't mention any distaste for certain games that /r/PS4 holds in high regards. I'm with you...I got about 8-10 hours into HZD, found it incredibly repetitive and boring, and never played again. It's a pretty game with a unique setting, but that's where it ends. Gameplay wasn't there for me.

HZD and witcher 3 are the same game basically, way to much shit to do, an admittedly dense and polished amount of content but both a fucking drag if you don't want to do the exact same thing over and over.

also HZD bugged me because they had all the cool combat stuff but made it so hard to use unless you basically forced yourself to play in a certain style, otherwise you end up just doing the same combos against the same enemies. also the story was like B movie good, and the all the extra "worldbuilding" is provided via audio logs that are so fucking common that you have you literally have to stand around waiting for the 1st to finish before you can listen to the 2nd you found

I gave up on Witcher 3 out of sheer boredom and beat HZD since it's much less game to play and I'd call both of them a solid 7 or 8 out 10

and since im here already dragging on the best games ever, bloodbourne isn't a hard game, or a challenging game, it's Simon Says with a 3D gothic horror presentation. But you only ever lose if you forget the pattern. I beat Bloodbourne, would not recommend unless you just really like hard games

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I agree with you on The Witcher 3. It was just way too long, as repetitive as it was. And I don't mind repetition as long as there's something engaging and fun about the game. But the combat and story was just average, aside from the memorable Baron questline.

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10 points · 23 days ago

It looks okay. Nothing store-worthy from what I saw. Honestly, when you turn into a ball of light, it looked a little harsh with what constitutes collecting one of the orbs of light.

Otherwise, this gif gave me no incentive to even investigate the game. It's like showing a gif of Crash Bandicoot collecting some peaches.

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I've yet to see any incentive whatsoever for a "consumer" to buy Dreams. Yeah, someone can make a game rather quickly by combining templates, but is it a game I'd actually want to play? No.

Dreams looks like it would be more fun for someone who wants to create than someone who wants to play.

That's because you're used to mowing them down as if they're not even there, not even a threat

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Yeah, I can't even bring myself to play Diablo-esque games anymore (which I loved to pieces back in the 90's and early '00s). I get nothing out of just holding down a button and watching hordes of enemies fall. The back and forth ballet of melee combat in Soulsborne though is ridiculously fun and rewarding in itself. To say that fighting standard mobs is unrewarding is just weird...that's exactly what attracts people to the series. It's almost as if Nash never gave the series a go and is just speculating based on videos he's seen.

And FWIW, I started with DS3 also. Then BB, DS2, Nioh, and finally DS1. You don't need to start with the first to understand what the series is about. I've plat'd them all and and still regularly play through them just for the fun of its combat.

I'm honestly of the mind that From software hides behind the difficulty of their games to let them get away with less than great game design at times. I think they do a great job at designing boss fights but that's really the only place they excel.

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Well, there's also of course the revolutionary combat system. Ya know, gameplay mechanics that other major studios are copying.

790 points · 29 days ago

Nagrand in BC

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Came here looking for this comment. This was my immediate thought too.

Nioh, Nier, God of War, Uncharted collection, Uncharted 4, and Until Dawn. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend Until Dawn over Detroit: Become Human. The story is much more engaging and entertaining imo.

First Ragnaros kill in WoW. I played that game for 10 years, mostly to raid, and no gaming achievement for me will ever top the first kill of the first real raid boss. Ventrilo erupted with the screams and cheers of 60+ people all at once (the 40 who were selected for the raid and the other 20+ listening). What an incredible moment...

The lag really depends on you, not the service itself.

If you have a high quality internet connection with next to zero latency (either between servers or between your console and router) then you're in for a great time. I beat a big portion of DMC3 with Playstation Now without any real issue.

Might catch some heat for this, but the 360 version is better than any version on PlayStation, and the X1X (if you have that) runs the game at native 4k.

Overall, PSNow is an amazing idea that they really just charge too much for. Most peoples cheap routers/bad local ISPs keep them from enjoying it.

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This. If you have a nice connection, you'll have no noticeable lag. I played thru RDR on PSNOW over a year ago and it ran into 1 or 2 lag spikes throughout the entire game that lasted no more than 10 seconds. My gaming buddy also played thru it without issue.

I had a blast and you will too if your connection will support it.

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WHHHAAAATTT?!? You have never heard of Kid 'n Play? You have never heard of their movies "House Party 1 through 3?" Damn. I feel so old (*sob sob sob*)!!

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Can't forget about Class Act.


Does pyro practically 2-3 shot most players in pvp like it does in DS3? How does sorcery compare?


Of fucking course the trailer is scripted. Every single trailer is. It's a short video crammed with what COULD actually happen in-game, but not in that short amount of time.

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Why the downvotes? My sentiments exactly.

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

It's very nice of you to jump to conclusions and assume everything.

If 30fps keeps you from playing a video game, find a new hobby.

Nowhere did I say it has ever stopped me from playing a game.

I beat DS3 when it came out. Bought the Fire Fades edition recently since it was on sale and haven't done the DLC yet. I recently beat DS2 SotFS to prepare for DS1. And to kill time I started DS3. Going from 60fps to 30fps immediately from one game to the next is very noticeable and takes some time getting used to.

If you were to play SotFS right now and then DS3 a year later the jump in frame rate wouldn't be very noticeable but switching from one game to the other right away is.

60fps makes the game much smoother, not sure how you can argue that. Smoother gameplay is just better than not.

This whole 30/60 fps battle is over-dramatic nonsense

I'm not dramatizing anything. I'm stating a fact. 60fps makes gameplay better than 30. But I never said 30fps games are unplayable which you seem to think I did.

In fact, Bloodborne at 30 fps is my favorite game of the franchise. But 60 fps still makes games more enjoyable than not.

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If you think Dark Souls 2 is a smoother game than 3, you are outside of your mind. The only way a framerate argument can even exist in this series is if there are 2 versions of the very same game with a 30/60 fps difference. The greatly updated engine and combat mechanics between DS2 and DS3/BB makes any framerate argument a moot point. You're saying you care more about extra frames than you do about a refined game engine. That's literally what you're saying. And you like both games. So by your logic, you value framerate higher than gameplay. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds now?

And yes, you are absolutely dramatizing framerate when you say it's very hard for you to play Dark Souls 3 after having played 2...because of the framerate. If that's very hard for you, you've got it pretty easy.

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

But I don't believe DS3 is a better game than 2, even with the updated combat engine. I don't think there's anything wrong with the DS2 engine. I just did a run with no shield, high agility and just dodge roll everything like DS3 and Bloodborne and it works just fine.

If you think Dark Souls 2 is a smoother game than 3, you are outside of your mind

That's literally what higher FPS does. It makes the gameplay smoother. Just because DS3 is faster doesn't mean it's smoother.

You're saying you care more about extra frames than you do about a refined game engine

If I don't believe the refined engine is a huge improvement then yes. Like I said, Bloodborne is my favorite because that engine is completely different and much better. DS3 is like a mix of both games and inferior to Bloodborne.

You keep acting like I'm hating on 30fps or demonizing it when I told you that my favorite game of the series is Bloodborne, which is 30fps. So you're argument that I value FPS over gameplay holds no weight. Otherwise DS2 would be favorite game of the franchise, which it isn't. I just like more than 3.

The DS3 engine isn't superior enough to DS2 for me to rather have it over 60fps. If it had the same engine as Bloodborne then I would take that engine over 60fps.

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I'll make one final point. Look at the karma of your original comment. It was downvoted to the point of being hidden by your peers.

You're wrong. Plain and simple.

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Thank you. Other than the ingame tutorial, should I read anything else or just go in blind?

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2 things.

  1. Pick the default map. It has by far the most farm real estate to work with.

  2. Make it a priority to gather the community materials every season. I didn't discover the benefits until later on and had to wait until the next year rolled around to work on some of them.

I played Dark Souls 3 two times, once as the usual fighter/pyromancer, second as a glass cannon wizard (much easier). I would have a third play in front of me where I would try a Faith build, which seems to be the most difficult one.

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Use the sellswords/lightning blade combo with your faith build. I have a 60 faith, 40/40 sellsword build and it's by far my most powerful melee character. L1 will be your main attack.

Diablo 3. Why have anyone's mentioned Diablo 3 yet?

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Dark souls is the new Diablo. I used to be able to play Diablo for hours on end without getting bored, but it's impossible to go back after having experienced the souls formula. I can't bring myself to play button mashing aRPGs anymore.

158 points · 2 months ago

You overestimate my capabilities.

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...for I am the mighty douchepickle69

Dark Souls 3 would be a perfect introduction to video games. 😉

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How dare you.

Insidious... shouldve ended with the 1st one

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I thoroughly enjoyed all 4.

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