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That looked more frustrating than fun.

Nope. It's a great unique experience, and there are plans for DLC, but the gameplay would get pretty repetitive long term.

It never works. They just get away with it.

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If they got away with it, it worked.

CEJ has a good arm, but he cannot pitch under pressure. He's so frustrating to watch.

I mean, you are sitting far way from a television... that's now how you play games in a competitive manner.

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Why the downvotes? He's right. I've always had to sit up close to the TV to play competitive shooters. I don't stand a chance if I'm sitting 10 feet away, because, just like you said, you need to have a micro view of your surroundings.

The production of the game is amazing, but the combat controls are on the extreme side of a button-masher.

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The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War are all great games. And as of right now, in my opinion, no it’s not really worth it. It needs a bit more time to go before it’s fully developed and ready for mainstream usage

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I agree with the games and VR assessment. I purchased PSV4 a year and half ago and after the 2-week novelty wore off, I never touched it again. It just collects dust. There are probably some excellent new games on it, but I'd much rather sit back in my recliner and fire up a good old fashioned video game rather than strap into VR. It's not worth the cost IMO.

I’m playing in the beta now and it’s fun, engagement pacing is more similar to older BF games, gunplay is responsive and you can’t just hose people down with SMGs like in BF1. Tanks feel powerful and can hold areas down, fortifications are also useful but not an overbearing new feature.

Operations has not really blown me away yet but conquest is nice and feels like classic BF.

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Elaborate on the strength of tanks please. As a long time BF player, tanks are fun, but they're ticking time bombs as they attract assault players like flies on shit.

Married with kids. I play on my PS4 almost everyday for around 4 hours, more on weekend.

My wife and kid sleep at around 11-12 pm so I get to play games around that time until 4-5 am (I get up at 8 am to get to work). Yesterday I played until almost 6 am, damn, dead cell is so addicting. I couldn’t stop! So yes, it’s my main hobby. I also watch comedy and horror movies when I’m tired from work.

I know it isn’t healthy to sleep this little but I’m happy, tbh; I have no friends to hang out with and I’m lonely. If I don’t have gaming I don’t know how to spend my time, except playing with my kid.

If you truly love video games you will find the time for it. I sacrifice my sleep time for it, while still being a responsible dad for my family and stay employed.

see more shocking. How do you function on 3-4 hours of sleep a day? Is that normal routine?

You gotta feel for this guy. All we can hope for now is he gives it the time he needs, rather than trying to press to get back. With no pressure to return quickly, hopefully he can make a full recovery and be the guy we thought we were signing next year.

Get well Yu, we want your best next year.

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-11 points · 1 month ago

That severe joint problem can create life-long osteoarthritis. Time doesn't always mend an injury. He might feel OK during normal every-day activity, but that issue may always exist and only flare up when he does something to aggravate throw 90 mile an hour fast balls.

To say he's going to come back better than ever... to be blunt, is delusional. People don't perform better after severe injuries. They just don't.

It just makes you realize the sacrifice that a person makes to be a professional athlete.

This sub is full of armchair physicians. He has an injury to his bone (not ligament) which is a precursor to a stress fracture. It required rest and he didn't get it because the first MRI didn't detect it because no one listened to him and instead he was getting accusations about faking an injury.

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-11 points · 1 month ago

I speak from experience of someone who's had multiple joint injuries and compressed nerves that have not healed over years of time. As I've said before, MRI's, of which I've had many, do not always diagnose problems, and doctors don't always have an answer. The idea that any injury can be fixed, and that he'll be back better than ever is incredible naive.

There is a reason he's injury prone.

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The timing of all of this with the A-Rod comments seems odd to me as well. There was seemingly no news until he spoke on national television.

The other thing that gets me is he starts, what, 8 games, gets booed at home for pitching poorly and then it comes out he believes the fans don't like him. I'm iffy on this narrative because my wife was having our baby around this time. Then he starts having "pain" which doesn't show up on the ol' MRI.

I don't think he's faking due to lack of competitive edge, but is it at least possible?

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MRI's can be useless. I've had several joint problems and have seen highly qualified orthopedics and for one of my joints, has literally given up and recommended I see someone for another opinion. Point is, MRI's don't always show what the problem is. And some problems can't be fixed.

No, I HIGHLY doubt he's faking anything. That's absolute nonsense.


I saw a product page for Spiderman (physical copy) a few weeks ago and signed up for the email alert when it's available again for pre-order. The page seems to have disappeared though. Is Amazon not offering Spiderman as a pre-order?


There is something going on here. Even in Canada, we can't pre-order any Sony published games. It's been like this for a couple of months. I read an article that Sony and Amazon might have a spat. But that's just speculation. But now I just pre-ordered all my games from bestbuy. They have some good offers.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Is Best Buy reliable for same-day delivery pre-orders?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I contacted them just to see what they would say. First, they said the physical version is unavailable and then offered the digital version. When I said I'd pre-order the physical copy through another company, they asked me to hold for a better option (lol). Then they said the item is back in their inventory and on back-order, which I don't believe. Probably just said that to cover his own ass from losing a little business.

I see brewers win the NLC, i upvote

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Cubs fan checking in. I have no ill will towards you guys. You could certainly do it this year with the new lineup, especially considering the uncertainty of our pitching. May the best team win!


I beat the game on Survivor, but I want to do an easy+ run for fun and upgrades. If I do easy+, can I do survivor+ afterward for the trophy?

If so, which save files do I keep? Can I keep overwriting the same save file, or do I need to keep a copy of the survivor run, and/or a copy of the easy+ run?

I don't understand how the upgrades transfer from one playthrough to another. Do I have to keep save files and create new save files, or can I overwrite the same file for each of my runs?


Man i love this game but i got stuck at a boss fight later and, because of work, spent 2 months without playing so now i am completely stuck

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Which boss are you stuck on?

The 3 dudes where one throws fire. After the forest

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Yep, that's one of the tougher bosses in the main campaign, and a pure dodgefest. Take out the mage first, since's he's harder to keep track of as you're dodging around. I would suggest going back to an earlier area to relearn the game before you attempt them again.

However, if you're at your wit's end and just want to progress past that boss, DM me and I'll help you kill them.

Do the longest games last. I'd say to the Nathan Drake Collection but between each game try and do another one as well. Resident Evil 7 for example, pretty short game and minimal on story. Perfect for playing in combination. Save Bloodborne and Horizon as last.

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I'd agree to save Bloodborne as the final game. It has a steep learning curve and the first area will absolutely kick his ass, which could be a turnoff if he plays that game early on. That said, Bloodborne also offers, by far, the best gameplay of the bunch.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I finished all the Dark Souls games so I expect it to take a while to get the hang of. I also expect to die, a lot😵 I died a record amount of time trying to beat the Nameless King.

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Oh, you'll be fine then. There are only 2-3 bosses in Bloodborne as hard as Nameless King, and they're all in the chalice dungeons at the end of the game.

The first area in BB though is still the most punishing of any souls game imo. The mob density is very high and you don't get to level up until you attempt the first optional boss.

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They obviously haven’t shown all the logic that you can use to make different gameplay elements, but even if it was just the tools from LBP you would be able to make rpg mechanics. And yeah LBP was limited by the fact that you had to use sackboy as a character so a lot things would remind you that you’re playing LBP, but in Dreams you can sculpt, rig, animate and program your characters from scratch. Also LBP did have levels that didn’t look like the rest, people made 2D sprite based games that looked like Shovel Knight, and i remember someone even made a Windows simulation.

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So you have no evidence of AAA gameplay in Dreams whatsoever. That's the difference between you and I. I base my analysis on facts whereas you base them on hope.

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

What i’m telling you is pretty much guaranteed, but if you want all the “facts” layed out infront of your face then you’ll just have to wait until next year.

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"pretty much" is not a guarantee. Why can't you produce any footage of this astounding gameplay? Have you seen any?

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Officer: Alright! break it up, break it up...ok ...who do these go on?

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I just tried the PS4 demo for Minecraft, and the camera feels wonky whenever I try to move it diagonally... is this just in the demo or is the full game like that too?

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I don't know of any wonkiness, camera or otherwise, and I've probably put a thousand hours into it. Best $20 I ever spent on a video game.

How does it compare to the PC version (if you've ever played). Used to love it back in the day and been considering getting it for my new PS4!

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I've never played the PC version, but I know it's leaps and bounds ahead of the PS4 version, considering the official content and available mods. Minecraft released their final "legacy console" update (barring the PS4 version) a few weeks ago. They're going to drop support for the legacy console version and continue updating the Java version (PC/Xbone/Switch), and the PS4 version. I believe they'll put most of their effort into the Java version and over time, the PS4 version will lag further and further behind.

That said, I absolutely love Minecraft on the PS4 and have spent more time in that game than any other I own. Part of the reason I prefer playing on the PS4 is because I've spent 95% of my time playing Minecraft with my gaming buddy, and I just love the comfort of a recliner over a computer chair. Relaxation and company is hard to beat.

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I just finished a survivor run of this a few days ago. I hadn't played it in years and was still in awe at how great the game looked for being last gen.


My gaming buddy and I are big Minecraft fans and have been playing the PS4 version for years. Lately, we've been contemplating picking up an Xbone for a some of the exclusives, as well as Minecraft. It seems that Sony isn't allowing the PS4 version to get the updates that every other version is privy too.

Is the "new" (Better Together) version a big improvement over the regular console version? We're most interested in the shaders as a fresh coat of paint.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

What's the community's assessment of the better together update? I know there was backlash at the beginning, that it was buggy and less intuitive. Is that still the case or have most people moved over to the new version?

Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, GTA:O, Soulsborne games, Minecraft, Terraria

3 points · 2 months ago

Get the axe and dump levels into vit, end, and str.

It's a good plan for your first playthrough, and if you like the game enough you can get fancy on your second

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Sound advice. You can easily complete the entire game with just the starter axe. It has a great moveset and is one of the better defensive weapons with its reach.

Oh God yeah. It was one of the first evolutions in hack n slash combat with it's chaining system. Also had one of the most memorable video game soundtracks. I love that opening theme.

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