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Fraa_Jack commented on a post in r/travel
RobSwanDive 87 points

Go eat a ‘nasty biscuit’ at Hominy Grill.

You’re welcome.

Fraa_Jack 1 point

Expect an hour wait for a table though

food-music-circus 1 point

Make a reservation, please and thank you from everyone in the industry

Fraa_Jack 1 point

Lol I’m in the industry too you dick. They don’t take reservations, clearly you’ve never been there.

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Fraa_Jack commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Fraa_Jack 800 points

6’ 4” here

Wasn’t on top of a fridge but in a really high cabinet in the kitchen of some random house party I went to. It was a bottle of wine with rolled up paper inside. I asked the guy who lived there about it, and he said he found it while at the beach full of written notes to dead loved ones. Pretty creepy thing to keep in your house lol.

Edit: Grammar, to clarify that he did not write the notes himself.

redpillthroway 53 points

I need some clarification. Written to people he knew? Or found it full of stuff other people had written to their dead loved ones?

Fraa_Jack 64 points

Written by many different people to their loved ones. He found it on the beach by chance, so he didn’t know any of the writers.

MR_CoolFreak 1 point

What episode?

Fraa_Jack 2 points


Bakeville -33 points

really bro did it really make you lol bro like are you totally serious and telling the truth bro you laughed out loud at work bro then did you like show your coworkers too after they heard you laughing bro then did they all bust out laughing too bro like did they bust out laughing bro at that sick story bro then did you boss totally give you 100 dollars and the office hottie like blew you in your cube bro is that how it all totally went down bro

Fraa_Jack 23 points

Woah, you really got me there

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muffledtiger 12 points

This is honestly me whenever my parents visit me at college

Fraa_Jack 9 points

I guarantee it will continue past college as well

InsertDownvotes 61 points

Fiancée and I are financially stable and independent, but literally any time my parents invite us somewhere we drop what we're doing and go. Free $50+ meals when we were gonna reheat leftovers 👌

Fraa_Jack 25 points

I love knowing when other people are pretty much in the exact same position as me. I’m about to see my parents in a week and counting down the days. I’m stoked to see them, but the second best thing is the food lol

alexthebiologist 2 points

I feel this 100% tonight :(

Fraa_Jack 2 points

I’m sorry. I hope things get better, and you find someone that 100% reciprocates the feelings you show towards them.

Swagmaster_Kyle 4 points

The most addicting drug in existence is having a short interaction with a girl and falsely believing she's "the one"

Fraa_Jack 3 points

It’s so hard to get out of your head. I’m a victim to this all the time.

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BigBuski 10 points

Why does miss.Puff look so happy given Spongebobs driving history

Fraa_Jack 2 points

I was thinking the same thing earlier. I don’t know what’s happening in the episode, but it’s confusing for sure lol

MayorOfRedwood 31 points

I’m the annoying person

Fraa_Jack 20 points

I apologize if I’ve offended you

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